Was booted from game due to temporary connection loss, PS3

Okay, so while playing BL1, I lost connection to PSN, which was temporary. However, that loss caused me to get booted back to the main menu of the game. I honestly don’t recall that being an issue before, when Gamespy was handling the MP. I certainly don’t have that problem with BL2 or BL:TPS.

I had just killed Pumpkin Head and found Zombie TK in Jacobs Cove when this happened. Getting booted back to the main menu before I could save resulted in my progress being reset, and now I have to due that quest all over.

When the connection dropped, a message popped up notifying me of the droppage, the screen went black, and I got sent back to the main menu.

I’ll be posting this message on the Borderlands FB page just in case I don’t get any responses here.

Were you playing solo or co-op?

I was playing solo.

Hmmm that’s really odd.

That would suck if you were farming Craw or Armoury and it booted you before you saved a pearl or something.

My biggest worry is will this happen again. Today was the first day in a long while that I started up BL1. There were two reasons I started up BL1.

One was that i spotted the announcement on the Borderlands FB page that online co-op functionality had been restored to BL1, so I decided to get that squared away. The second was that I hadn’t played in a while, so I wanted to get in some play time.

But after that unexpected connection drop and boot, I’m a little hesitant to play, which is unfortunate. I don’t want to be in the middle of a major quest, and get booted back to the main menu because of a connection drop. Connection drops shouldn’t even be booting a player back to the main menu.

A simple way to avoid it is to play not signed into Psn. That’s how I did it so it would save properly after Gamespy died.

It’s not ideal, but it works.

Then again yours could have been a freak occurrence, since no-else has complained.

Maybe we should test it. Just play Bl1 and turn off your modem.

I don’t have a modem, I have a router, and other people in my home use the router for internet access. I’ll try signing out of PSN and play in Offline mode.

or change your game network settings to lan or less. Does that exist for bl1?

Seems like bl2 has tremendous drops too, but I am not sure if its the other person’s network. His side has issues with others, but it is much worse since the recent ps3 system update.

No you misunderstand, OP’s single player game was ended without saving because his ps3 disconnected to the internet.

There should be no reason for this to happen, and could seriously screw you over (imagine if you just found a Pearlescant and your wifi dropped out. It used to save and quit even if you were co-oping and connection dropped.

Its weird how the internet affects solo games, like gamespy shutdown made you lose the ability to save while signed in. If they are using stuff on the internet to affect stuff in the game, thats a slipperly slope to Always On DRM, and not to mention all servers get turned off eventually.

hm. b1 is too old to have much of the data mining nonsense. shift introduced it for bl2.

I’d still chaulk it up to the recent ps3 update. Psn was hammered with outtages during Feb and now 2k servers/sites been dodgy for several days. I can easily believe sony pooched something in ps3 boxes too.