Was Bot AI changed?

Am I crazy or was the AI of bots in general changed with the latest patch and not only the new ones added to the roster?

Finally had a few minutes to play the new patch and was interested in the changes to the Incursion sentries and started one of my 3v5 private Bot matches on Overgrowth.

I honestly was a little bit surprised by this game. Usually the bots had focused on impersonating Bob the Builder and sent elite minion after elite minion at you, but didn’t really push the objectives. If you had them on your team, you also could witness fun scenes like a confused Oscar Mike

or a very thirsty Kleese (who seems to desperately need a drink)

But today nothing like that happened and I honestly felt like the enemy team played quite a good game by staying together and pushing with the minions (instead of leaving them just before hitting my sentry to get the back thrall …) and my teammates also pushed the objective (I was so happy and proud of my Ernest on the team, when he left fighting the back thrall to defend our sentry).

Scoreboard (not impressive):

Up until now I’ve always played these sort of matches over the full time, because it basically was only me against a team with unlimited shards that pushed one wave of elite bots and thralls after another against me. They didn’t build a single one this match and I didn’t have to retreat all the time to clear the wave. Both Ernest and Rath also really were cooperative and didn’t just leave a fight to grab some tiny little shard miles away. If I had a wish: I liked being bombareded with bots, the frequency of building elites could be increased a little again to up the difficulty a little. :wink:

It was easier to win, but it was much more fun when my teammates weren’t that annoying to deal with. And I also had to look out for those Shayne, Miko, Reyna and Benedict who always were close to each other and not conga lining from spawn towards me. Kleese bot still is strange, but he also improved a bit and didn’t put his rifts down just to dive something a few seconds later, but played a little more territorial now.

Will play a few more rounds over the course of the next few days to see if the other maps also feel different now, but I honestly find this a good start to increase the value of bot matches for training.

My dream to turn private bot games into an even better area for training would be, if some day we could

  • build both teams manually in private games (I’d like to see a good teamcomp on both games),
  • give the bots gear and activation priority,
  • give them each their own AI modifiers (agressive, defensive, lone wolf, builder, backdooring scum, …),
  • unlock mutations for bots and preset a helix route for them for the match,

but these are low priority an not a must have right now.

You’re not crazy, and it was changed. The patch notes dropped for all platforms yesterday. You might want to check them out, as there are a LOT of changes to both AI, gear, characters, and a bunch of other things too.


I thought I did, but only saw that the “new” characters were added. Might have missed a thing or two …

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Do a bot match with captains draft and you can get a “semi” decent team comp

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Does that work in non 5v5?

For now I’d honestly only want to avoid things like triple support on the enemy team, my team doesn’t really matter that much (unless it’s something like Deande, El Dragon and Phoebe …).

The more important things for training really would be to tinker with AI behaviour, gear and helix on enemies and teammates, but that’s too big of a change for something that would probably only be something a tiny minority would appreciate.

I’m not sure, I did a 5v5 with bots to look at the new sparklies and tried it on a whim and it worked for that

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Will try it tomorrow after work, getting late here already and I need my beauty sleep.

Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

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