Was Cistern of Slaughter Difficulty at lvl 53 Got Nerfed?

So I had been playing Cistern of Slaughter Mayhem 4 prior to the Broken Hearts update with Moze. I’d been playing mostly coop with 3 to 4 people (carrying most of the time)

Today I decided to solo it at level 53 Mayhem 4 because I was bored. The difficulty felt like I was playing normal (no Mayhem modifiers). I doubled check the map and the icons and I’m pretty sure I am at Mayhem 4.

I’d been mostly running with these:

I wanna confirm that it wasn’t nerfed (or I might be just too op with this map).

You are OP for Cistern. Both the Scourge and the Protuberance are best in slot weapons for any activity and are certainly overkill for Cistern.

I find this to have a huge impact. I can run slaughter shaft on Mayhem 3 by my self just fine. When i play with a friend on Mayhem 2 it is way more intense. Especially if they die out.

Cistern i can do on Mayhem 4 by myself, but again struggle at lower Mayhem levels when playing with friends.

I would also assume that if i teamed up with someone better setup than myself, it would probably feel easier.

Don’t forget that regular player scaling increases the chances of higher tier enemies spawning in the waves.

A level 50 blue fire protuberance caps out at about 3.4k. In 3 levels it goes up about 700 pts (about 20%) that I’ve seen (I’ve seen cold up to 4.7k in blue). Enemy Health doesn’t.

It’s not a huge difference in and of itself but if you have Guardian Ranks turned on, well, my overkill damage with a blue fire Protuberance at 50 was about ‘normally’ 130k with a specific build at 50 but is now a ‘normally’ 310k at 53. that’s before I put on the 4451 per hit Fire Protuberance I got this morning.

When I finally get some Protuberances with good Anointments… Also kKeep in mind I’m actually still using my lvl 50 COM and relic so no boost from a level increase in those.

On top of that my Transformer went from 11.6k to 15.1k capacity.

All of this adds up. Its not that the Cistern got nerfed, many items are just relatively better now, especially in places like the Cistern where Fire and Corrosive are 100% reliable choices and Hearts are pumping bonuses into you.

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I’m surprised that not much people read what OP said.

The more people in game the harder the game gets. Enemies have more Health/shield/armor and there is higher chance of badass enemies to spawn.
It was like this since BL1…

It’s easy to check that on Takedown.
Try to run it on “solo/easy” mode and see how easy all gets killed, then switch to “coop/hard” and see how You’re struggle to kill those ratches at the start.

So if OP tried to play it solo instead of coop as usual then yes, game was easier.

Studgie covered the weapon selection part as per the pics posted. Smokeoff and Vault Hunter 101 then covered the lack of a team part quite adequately. The only part left to answer was about level 53 as per the thread title.

That’s 4 for 4 as far as I can tell.

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I did more runs (I’m trying to farm a specific item). It’s probably more related to the number of players than the weapon.

For testing I used this weapon to run 4 rounds in Cistern. I was able to kill most enemies without problems except those flying ones. I had to rely with my tracking grenades. I am using Blast Master com but there were multiple times I was reloading with this weapon, so most of the time I am not getting the 100% splash bonus damage.