Was denied Acess to DLC Need suggestions on what to do

so i apologize to the mods if this isn’t allowed, but i just never had to deal with this before. iv received this today and it just put my mood all the way to the ground. is there anything that i can do? (am aware of the place am in but that was never an issue in any game)

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I honestly have no idea. I can certainly guess why the DLC has been blocked in Saudi Arabia. The problem I can foresee with any potential workarounds is that they won’t function with your existing base game and season pass due to region locking.

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iv tried reaching out to reddit/twitter/epics support. but am sure that’ll go no where. and your guess would be correct of why it is and i support the content. so this for me feels like a kick to the groin a day away from release…

You can always contact to Gearbox and submit a ticket. Seem like they’ll help you in what causing that than other various places

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i just did that, i hope it goes somewhere :\

I don’t know how this region locking work, nor how COVID-19 is currently affecting your country, but would it work to take your PC out of the country, connect to their WiFi and download it there? I doubt Gearbox will be able to circumvent the government of Saudi Arabia…

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it’s all locked down, but even if it wasn’t i can’t travel. plus they’ve removed the dlc so am assuming even if i were to move or something (highly unlikely) i can’t download it.

Dang that sounds tricky. The only thing I can think, which may work on PC, not consoles, is if Gearbox were to directly send you the actual file for the DLC which you could then download and use. Hopefully they can come up something…


I’ll understand if this reply gets removed by the mods, but I’m going to say it anyway.

You should be able to connect through a proxy server or vpn service to trick the Epic servers into thinking you are in another country. I don’t know the legality of doing that in your country, so be careful if you do this.

I understand cultural differences and why this is blocked, but I don’t have to agree with it.


Good idea. If moderators must remove this post, perhaps they can not see it until our friend manages to get the DLC.


issue is they said they removed it. if that’s the case using a vpn wont fix it sadly. since if you look at the email they state it’s removed from the account. :\

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Don’t have an answer for that. If you have the season pass it might auto add it back to your account if it sees you connecting from another country. Might have to fiddle with your Epic account country settings as well.


i do have the pass, and have enjoyed borderlands from 1 to 3 so seeing this is devastating for me. only thing i can do is wait until it loads for everyone to see if it does for me. i doubt it. but yeah. if your method works then hozah if not then yeah… :\ thank you either way though.


Makes me wonder how many other countries will block this dlc due to the wedding aspect.

Good luck. Hope you get to enjoy it with the rest of us.


@Noelle_GBX, have you seen this thread? Can anything be done?


I think contacting wherever you purchased your key might be the way forward. That, or bring down the government. I’m not sure I’m supposed to say that.

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Epic REMOVED it from the account there. You can’t trick it.
It’s the same as with Dying Light in Germany, You can’t download it there unless You do some *** things…

I’m sure everyone knows that any specific details or suggestions about certain kinds of ‘unofficial’ things would probably breach the forum rules if posted publicly. If there were a way of Privately Messaging people here then

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Sorry to hear about the problem from the author, that sucks :expressionless: