Was DLC 3 short or just me?

I recently finished Bounty of Blood and it seemed way shorter than the previous 2 including doing all side missions? The theme was cool as hell but it seemed much shorter.

Yeah it was shorter it felt kinda low effort too tbh I wonder if the gearbox staff that said they were quitting over pay disputes left mid dlc production

Yes it felt a bit like BL2 Hammerlock’s DLC3 - shorter than others.

I’m glad it doesn’t have Hammerlock’s side quests tho, that dlc was one of the most tedious experiences in all Borderlands and I completed it on all characters one after the other.
That week if somebody said the word “eggs” I would freak out!



LMAO … Oh the memories!!!

I remember the first time I ever saw a Rough Rider shield from the Hammerlock DLC and thought to myself " who in the NYC would ever use this crappy shield" … then I found myself farming for one after I realized I could run at super speeds with Maya when I had a Breakneck Banshee COM equiped. LOL

But back on topic;

The DLC did seem a bit short but what I liked about it was the amount of farmable bosses, awesome new weapons and the return of the Unkempt Harold.


I wonder how it might have been without COVID-19 around. Could they have kept up the escape side mission quest line which appeared in DLC1 and 2? They kept their deadline but I’m sure there must have been delays to certain things, perhaps an entire area cut out.

I’ve been wondering about that too. There’s a number of areas that had me thinking “I wonder if there was supposed to be a side quest here?”


I feel its lacking :confused:

Bosses can be melted at m10 fast.

Alot of good superb weapons more than any other dlc. alot Of them can melt the gaurdian takedown even if u had no talents using ase spams.
Huge power creep.

Great narrator though!

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if you rush and do just the main quest it is shorter. If you do everything it has to offer the content is respectable.


Nope I did all the side quests all the exploring for secrets I could it’s shorter

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Yeah, it was pretty short. I also feel like it has less overall solid sidequests by comparison, like it doesn’t have a single proper side quest chain like Do it for Digby in the Jackpot or Cold Case in GLT.

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It felt cut short given how big some of the areas were

The Blastplains feels like total filler - you have to drive across it on the new crappy hoverbikes just to pad the playtime between proper maps (I do like Ashfall and the forest). It also clearly was intended to have more side quests - there’s just 2 I think?

Tbh all the content seems to have that, there was that giant ‘hub’ map in the GLT dlc as well. It’s like they thought “we have to have a big empty map in the middle like the Dust from BL2” even if it’s pointless.

If you take out all the waiting around for npcs to finish talking before giving you a map marker, straight up standing your way and cutscenes I reckon it’s less than 3 hours gameplay.

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The main quest definitely felt short to me. The end came pretty abruptly.

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Yeah it was fun the guns will eventually get nerfed but not that good tbh

I left out commenting on the guns for that reason - we’ve seen it happen with DLC 1 and 2 and all the events.

Dear GB, it really is possible to make new shiny awesome weapons and gear with new released content without having to nerf to crap the base game and previously released stuff. It also doesn’t have to be super OP. The pimpernel and sandhawk were undoubtedly great and were top tier with some builds in BL2 but you could still rock with the Lyuda and Harold or a damn good purple weapon.

We know you can do it, just have a little subtlety.

Yeah but the pimpernel took skill to use aim for a headshot and it seemed just meh aim at the right spot and boom omg op sniper

Well they had better gun design and balance then too imo. Look at the OPQ as a prime example - there’s no special trick to it, it just had humongous base damage and added splash. Same with flipper and beacon and gargoyle - add damage, add splash, add projectiles and call it a day. Kaoson and yellowcake were the same too.

There aren’t all that many guns in this game that operate in a genuinely interesting or unique way - I can think of monarch/dictator, lead sprinkler, wedding invitation, brainstormer/reflux off the top of my head.

Edit - oh and things that shoot saw blades

yeah seems they bought in more guns but that made it hard to make them truly unique

There is actually a lot of variety, but many of these guns are not used because they are not viable in higher Mayhem levels.