Was duke nukem ever in the original bulletstorm game?

Was duke nukem ever in the original bullstorm game or is he just in the full clip edition?

He wasn’t in the original as far as I can remember.

Nope, he’d be much better implemented if he was.


As said above, Duke had no part in the original Bulletstorm.
Bulletstorm was created by People Can Fly, produced by Epic and published by EA. While Duke was owned and developed by 3DRealms and Gearbox (in order of time).

Duke being added into this re-release of Bulletstorm is a small bonus add on due to Gearbox publishing People Can Fly’s re-release of the title. As GBX own the Duke IP, it makes it a small addition to throw into the game.

Specially, since when Bulletstorm released in 2011, several people (players, reviewers and so on) made multiple comments on how the game felt as if it was the type of game Duke would be a part of.