Was Executive Access designed for destroying Sentries in Incursion?

Ein, Zwei, Die’s bonus damage penetrates shields. +100% Shield Penetration

Sadly in practice, 3 shots from Marq will practically take down anyone’s shield, especially after the detonation from Ein, Zwei, Die. So the +100% shield penetration for the detonation is largely wasted.

So all that leaves in my mind are the Sentries on Incursion that have A LOT of shield. But Shield penetration doesn’t work against Sentries.

So what’s the purpose of Executive Access? Was it originally designed to be used as a sentry killing mutation early on in Alpha/Beta and then you guys decided that Shield Pen against sentries was too strong?

I’m sad that this mutation appears to be so largely worthless. Especially since its an upgrade you have to unlock rather than being a standard Helix.

Kleese, or anybody who builds Shield gear would like a word

I’ve yet to encounter anyone who still has shields left after 3 shots and the passive detonation. Marquis’s shots hit quite hard. Body shots, mind you. 3 Crits and its even more over kill.

My Pheobe build leaves me with upwards of 700 shields and 90 shield per sec recharge rate. Marquise is strong. He not that strong.

It’s meant for high shield, low health targets.