Was Gali's Damage Hit Too Hard?

I believe someone said it’s more noticeable with blight town but besides that… I agree, it’s pretty worthless


Both pull and corruption are sad now. If those were fixed I think she would be ok but as is she feels weak


Now that I’ve achieved my 1000 plus matches with my Gali Gal I believe I shall hang her up for a while.

Gali, it’s been a long, strange, awesome trip!


You mean like Montana’s “Mansformation” or other skills with DR? Hmm… Nah.


Dunno. I’ll give her a go this week and let ya know.

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No I mean like ISIC’s reflective wards. They’re completely immune to Toby’s shots.


I was wondering if you meant that. I’d still say no, because it’s cancelled ouy by his eaay-to-hit crit-box, which Toby shreds.

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Why don’t you try posting something relevant and helpful for once, Short Stuff?


I’m doing that right now and getting trolled for it in the montana thread. relevant and helpful stuff hurts to post.



Perhaps, perhaps…


I guess. Though at level 8 he can get 6 seconds added to wards so that ends up being like 14 seconds of damage immunity against Toby.


…Yup, I miss her old Pull the most, greatly depended on it for Story and Bots.


I would recommend her max stacks of Corruption be increased dramatically - I’d be fine with doubling it. That way managing Corruption, block strength, and health becomes a constant contest, and that eventually Gali wins any 1v1, assuming Sentinel Stance is active. It would also add a nice kick to her level 10 helix.

I also wouldn’t be opposed to Abyssal Form giving you a fair stack of Corruption charges and maintaining them during ult, say a third or so. As it stands, it’s pathetic.

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Like, unless you are almost pressed up against someone, the pull will have virtually NO EFFECT.

Certainly no more pulling people down from the Window in Ovrgrowth, the stairway tops leading to the jump-over points in Monuments, or out of the Spawn zone cliff in Outback (that last one is probably for the best).

I do understand removing her Silence on Desecrate so people don’t feel like they have wasted an Ultimate or an ability (I had not realized just how fully I had come to rely on that move until they took it away), but why make the Pull itself essentially non functional until her level 8 Mutation?

Especially since she is a Territorial Brawler who needs to have people standing within her Desecrate field (or at least in range of her sword) to be fully effective?

I find one of my main roles as Gali now (aside from wave clearing and stunning / finishing targets of opprtunity) is simply moving around with my Shield up tanking damage for our Minion / Thrall waves or covering ally retreats while my ranged companions send rounds down range.

She does this very well still, at least.

And, now that she is so much less effective at taking Thralls, I cannot even be a fully effective Buildables / Support Gali anymore.

In what has truly become Gearbox’s defining balancing style, they have hit Gali too hard and too fast with the Nerf hammer.

She WAS outperforming before (but not as crazily as people made it seem), but now she underperforms.

EDIT: @vagrantsun I concur!


Not really, you just need to adapt your playstyle, no longer is she able to stop whole teams dead in her tracks, She Now needs a team to back her up. You seem to be overreliant on the pull, she does not really need it, though it could use a buff according to most people

I still agree however, that corruption needs more umph



My friend, you know I respect your opinion, and do not doubt your knowledge!

However (a fancy way of saying “but” lol!), I have played more than 100 matches with Gali since the update (finally brought her up over 1000 matches), and, in many ways, she is but a Shadow of her former Wraith self.

I have been adjusting.

I was never a “Gali verses whole team” sort of player.

As I’ve mentioned, I prefer Buildables / Thrall Garhering / Wave clear Gali.

Plesse believe me when I say that she had been hit too hard in a few different ways.

Admittedly, in a couple ways, she has been made slightly more effective, but, overall, too far!


Do you guys think we’ll see Gali snd Alani get strengthened back up some in Hotfixes over the coming weeks / month?


It doesn’t reflect core discharge, which devastates ISIC with his crit spot. I have literally yelled “reflect THIS” while using core discharge on ISIC. 'Member, @viraforti?

I haven’t played her pre nerf, but even after her nerf, she’s one of the only ones to give my Pendels build a challenge, so in my book, I think she’s still pretty good.

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God, I hope not.

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