Was given full 70 skill points

Hello any and all how read this,

Last night I joined a few public circle of slaughter games cause caring is sharing and what not. After doing a few slaughters somebody asked if anybody wanted to group up and go kill a few bosses for fun and I figured sure why not. So he sent me an invite and for about an hour we ran around killing a few bosses and everything seemed cool.

Then after a little while I started to notice when we weren’t killing just the bosses but normal mobs they all seemed to drop legendary’s all the time 2 or 3 a kill. Know I’m not a game modder and I don’t edit my files but I asked him about that cause I didn’t want my game to be messed up or be banned for doing some kind of game modding. He told me it was just a lobby thing and it won’t save after I leave, so I figured whatever then. So we killed a few more things and then he randomly told me I should spend my extra skill points he gave me. Which puts me at 70 skill points at this point and I thought that was nice of him and if its not a permanent thing I guess I’ll use them for now and everything will be find once I leave this lobby. He said just respec before you leave and they won’t save…so I did and then I left his lobby.

But…After I went to play this afternoon I noticed I still have the 70 skill points and I don’t know how to get read of them?

So my question at this point is, Is this something I can get banned for even though I didn’t do anything but I’m now stuck with a skill tree with 70 points to spend?

Is there anything I can do without considering deleting my Fl4k and starting over?

I’d really like to not be banned for something like this if that is possible.

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Why do you refer to it as “full 70”? The maximum in this game is meant to be 48. 48 would qualify as “full”.

Having 70 skill points is a “problem” I’d love to have.


Don’t think you get banned for that. It’s not a competetive game.
I doubt your story a little bit, since I don’t think that other people can modify your skillpoints just because you’re in their hosted game. But it doesn’t matter I guess.

You can solve this for now by just spending 48 skillpoints.

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I guess I didn’t think about that part. Just kind of typed in full and left it?

Long story short I have access to 70 skill points now. Instead of just 48 skill points like you said.

Respec your character.
Do not spend any points
Quit to main menu
Load game again.
Problem solved

Just send me your 22 extra skill points. I’ll be sure to make good use of them.
I wish these were the only kinda problems I had playing this game.

That is why i never join randoms

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Game is not even 2 months old and players already that bored where they have to break it?
I understand there is still no DLC’s but that is an amazing record.
I guess whatever makes them have fun.
In case you are very worried just try send a ticket to gearbox and see if they can help you.

Some people delight in breaking or moding games so much that they start trying the moment they load the game for the first time.

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Indeed. That’s the only thing I miss about PC gaming .

I dont know rick…

Thanks for the information. I guess I should stop joining random games. It hurts, but hell…

Lesson learned. You won’t be banned for it. Might I suggest you backup your saves before playing with randoms online?

DLC will increase the level cap, which will mean more skill points, just as it was in prior Borderlands. Level 50 is the current cap, but the actual final level cap after all DLC has been dropped might already be coded, in which case, there might be a way to fiddle with that to gain all those extra skill points before we’re supposed to have them.

It’s just a theory, but that would be my guess on how he was able to do that.

Other people can mod your game. This happened to me in bl2 and ruined the character for me lol. It was fun for a few hours but got boring really fast. It still boggles my mind how people are able to do that.

do you really believe it took 2 months? little surprise, many people broke it already 1h after release (infinite health, resources, keys, skillpoints etc) if a game is not protected its extremely easy to get into the right values.

if you are on pc you can revert those mods really easily with cheatengine takes 1minute.

What if they don’t want to? Are you condoning cheating?

you maybe want to work on your reading skills. the word “revert” is the key here.

its not cheating if you revert something its cheating if you get a advantage to others.