Was given full 70 skill points

No, my reading skills are just fine thanks. And yes, it is cheating as you are manipulating something you aren’t supposed to.

“you arent supposed to do” is a wide term, the game has no server sided save, no anti cheat and the developer themseves said “we made sure you can play the game you want”.

so explain to me where the issue is to revert your modded save with mods? if you enjoy the game the legit way then go on and revert the mods there is no harm to it.

Screenshot or didn’t happen…

FYI…It might not be a game modding thing. You earn extra XPs and bonus drops when you are offline. It could be that the host player booted his game offline and didn’t apply patches when going online. Then, invited players to his game. As long as the host doesn’t apply patches or exit to main menu all members of the party earn XP and loot drops from before the nerf.

NVM…I just noticed you said “skill points”. I was thinking “guardian points”. If you have an old save backed up anywhere, you could just reload an old save file.