Was in game and got booted to tiltle screen. Tired of this

Felt pretty good I was able to log into the game and was looking at different characters. Then got booted to title screen.

Now cant log in. Get message “…must have active connection to Playstation Netwrok”. My PS4 is on internet and every other internet app on the system works including Playstation store.

I am so fed up. Every time I try to play this game it either will not let me log in due to inventory issue, or this crap.

We are getting into Class action lawsuit territory as I am seeing all over the internet people with same issue on PS4 and no one is addressing.

This is a widespread issue right now, I really hope that they respond.

As @mylivingeulogy says: Its a widespread issue. People started posting about it before you joined half an hour ago, so the issue is adressed. Alot.

As far as I understand its PS4 mainly, so either its fixed by Sony (hopefully soon) or GBX/2K will jump in asap.
The Devs read the forums daily, so it won´t be ignored.

(If its a Sony/PSN sided error Sony as to fix it though, nothing GBX could do there.)