Was it necessary to sneak automatic pop-up ads for BL3 in The Handsome collection with the HD texture pack update?

Been playing The Pre-sequel all afternoon, I log out to take care of some stuff and when I sign back in I’m greeted by this automatic pop-up ad for Borderlands 3. Along with a new menu option to preorder and a damn banner stuck on the top of the title screen.

I loaded up Borderlands 2 and the same advert automatically opens with the same menu clutter.

I get that you want people to buy the game but come on, sneaking in a Trojan horse advertisement hiding inside of the “free ultra HD update” into your older games wasn’t called for. Pretty much any of us who are still playing these games are already hyped beyond belief and ready to hand over our paychecks.

I mean, I’m not even that bothered that they did it. A subtle menu option to remind new players that there’s a new game on the horizon isn’t that bad but why go with the trifecta? A pop-up, a banner and a menu item?

I’m already about to joypuke from all the hype, you don’t need to shove it down my throat.

I am not having this issue on PC not sure if they are doing this exclusive on consoles but from testing the free texture pack have not once seen something like this.

I’ve been playing the Handsome collection all week and this is the first time its appeared, wonder if its a console only thing?

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It could be, I work with Microsoft so tomorrow will be able to confirm if this is happening on Xbox in mass of just some users.

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Well considering most players on PC are using steam to play the games currently we probably aren’t getting pop up ads because you have to use a different platform to pre-order it or play it on launch.

Yeah, I had thought that might be the case. Would only “salt the wound” as it were to advertise a preorder on another store.

It’s on the title screen, where the other ad messages are (note the bottom left). This screen is still pre-game menu material for me, so I don’t care if they put a second advertisement on there.

The most annoying part is the automatic pop up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it in game, or just this screen? Heck, I think it would even be funny if the actual in-game pop up ads (from Motherlessboard or The Nexus) were reskinned to advertise BL3. :laughing:


This would’ve been an amazing way to do it, hopefully someone at gearbox is having this idea too.

That would have actually been pretty funny.

That banner should be removed ASAP, title screen looks absolutely horrendous now.


I just started playing again for the new DLC, and it kinda bugged me but since I play as Gaige, it wasn’t a big deal since she’s so short, but then I switched to Zero and noticed you can’t even see his head which is just plain obnoxious. I’m curious if I pre-order it, will it go away? Why not just put the pop-up in the bottom left of the screen or something?

Digital pre order should make it go away.
I don’t believe in digital merchandise though so I got a physical pre order and have to look at that ad forever now

It’s only on the menu screen , so I don’t mind or care.
as @1sirus2 says if you click and order through that banner it may go away

It disappeared on my ps4 game once I pre ordered. I didn’t go through the game, I ordered direct from the ps4 store.

They should have made the ads pop up in game during actual play to annoy you. Just like the spam pop ups in TPS during the claptrap DLC :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: