Was PS4 beta tracked by Shift account or PSN account?


I was planning on making a new PSN to play Battleborn on, but I don’t want to pass up my beta bonuses. Was the beta tracked through my PSN? Or can I change my PSN connection throug Shift and still reap my beta benefits?


(Gerard HDZ) #2

SHiFT is connected to your PSN account. You’d have to disconnect your current one and connect the new one. Not sure if you’d lose your bonuses


Well if it was through Shift, I don’t think I would because that’d be the tracker.

(Falroth) #4

Mm yeah that’s a tricky one, I mean it could even be saved to your system really. I will say that my Girlfriend does not have a shift account and it saved her preferences and progress to her PSN. So I would assume it is through PSN


Yeah, I don;t actually remember signing into PSN in beta. Oh well.