Was really looking forward to this, was

After watching the Dev preview video the impression I got is much different than from what I got last year.
This looks all in-your-face with 1/3 of the screen taken up by, stuff, and it looks a lot like PreSeq.
Am I wrong? Just calm down and wait for it?

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It plays nothing like the Presequel. Yes…the screen gets a little busy in frantic combat, but I quite like that.

Yeah I really don’t see the connection between this and Presequel.

will admit it looks busy but i think it looks like it plays smoothly and yeah… calm down im sure itll be great haha :smiley:

borderlands has always been about busy explosive environments and i think this pays a nice homage to that aspect of the franchise. i also enjoy it

And take the public beta for a spin. I wasn’t able to participate in the closed technical test, but I fully intend to hit the beta just so I can get a feel for the game for myself. I’m really glad that this is going to be a thing!

By virtue of being partly an FPS some of the first-person view will always be occupied by stuff (weapons, hands, horns, a silly HUD with a dancing penguin). Some offer a more open field of view than others.

I definitely wouldn’t compare the gameplay experience to the PreSequel. Best bet is to jump in to the upcoming Open Beta and really get a feel for it yourself.

Open beta starts in little over a week. Maybe try playing it for yourself before coming to any conclusions.

I’m a retired Msft coder, coming to conclusions is in my blood by now. :slight_smile: