Was Shayne's Pull changed?

Haven’t played in months, just had a match where i’m just watching Aurox pass clear through enemies to no effect…

Fetch hasn’t been changed, it’s bugged unfortunately, and has been for a while now. As you said, Aurox will pass through people instead of pulling or stunning them. It’s made Shaurox quite difficult to play, as the skill is now completely unreliable. I know that Orendi has a similar bug where her Paradigm Shift goes through people without hitting them too.


How long has this bug been present? What’s caused it?

It sucks because the pull is a really core part of the character’s toolset, and it’s basically totally unusable right now.

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Fetch has been like this since early June when the last major update dropped, and I believe that it was the update that caused some character skills to become bugged in the first place.

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Fairly certain the bug was caused by whatever changes they made to stop Aurox being destroyed during Fetch. (Same patch the bug started). They attempted to make a quality of life change and made it worse.