Was that just a rumor going around about this game being re-released on new consoles?

That rumor alone pretty much put my friend and I’s series playthrough on hold lol. I just heard it on Youtube, during when E3 was going on that Borderlands was getting re-released on consoles (not a remaster, but an upscale to 60 FPS) this sounded so awesome that we just put our playthrough ideas on hold… E3 is over now, least the important bits and nothing lol.

So, was that all just a rumor? Is there really no plans on re-releasing this game

Seems like it, at least to me. Where the rumor/hope came from was when BL1 was recently rated(think ESRB) for Korea. The kicker is that the new ratings it’s not just for PS4/XB1, but also PC, which steam already has.

I’m no fun and skeptical, my guess is that under some technicality there needed to be a Korea-specific separate listing. I think I remember seeing some friends on steam playing “Dishonored(Russia)” while I just had normal “Dishonored”. As far as I know, they’re the same game just different… I dunno.

It’s still fairly recent news though. I’ll wait, just not going to hold my breath about it.

This got brought up a couple weeks ago, link here.

Since Billthebetta already linked to the other thread, I’m just going to go ahead and close this one to avoid duplication. Feel free to continue any discussion over there. Ta!