Was the Bloody Harvest an intentional nerf to the Twitch Mayhem anointed drop bonus?

With how diluted the anointed pool is now. it’s hard not to see this as intentional being only 2 days into the event and now finding normal anointed items is just as difficult as it was before the increased drop rate.

just to clarify, I’m looking for normal anointed items but the Terror anointments are so common, it’s literally about a 9/10 anointed drops are Terror related. It makes finding normal anointments a lot more difficult.

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i don’t get it.

you’re not finding anointed weapons?
in my lobby it seems that anointed weapons are the only thing i can loot tbh.

i think he was talking about just finding NEW anointed weapons (with the Terror mechanic).
But he would rather like to find the “nromal” anointments. Atleast thats what i understood :stuck_out_tongue:

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Excuse myself that I’m not good at English.

So to be Short, Yes it is.
I heard some that skull ghosts drops Terror anointed gears and normal enemies drops normal anointed gears. I want to believe that theory, but afraid to tell you it is not.

I’m trying to get gunner anointed It’s Piss grenade. As far I know this grenade only drop from rare monster, Sloth. And i got amara’s and importantly ‘Terror’. Of course I don’t mind other class’s anointed option. It can be happen, But the Terror anointed? …hah…

Gearbox basically shot themselves in their own foot who adds 2 events in the same week when one event completely ruins the other. I played the event and i was like cool i like it but i am going to farm outside event until twitch event ends and come back to the bloody harvest afterwards but nooo i kill graveward finally get the annointed shield i wanted only to find its has a terror anointment. Thank god Modern warfare came out since i wont be playing this until december 6.

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I am, but the vast majority are Terror related anointments. I’d rather have normal anointed items but this makes it a lot harder to do that, to the point it completely negates the increased anointment drop event.