Was the insane damage output in the OPs Ninja Fixed?

The second OP felt a lot easier, but since I hated the fact the you could screw yourself out of your 100 OPs point finish I got back to the Thrall Rebellion.

And Aria… seems a lot less one Hit Kill to me. Her Damage is high, but reasonable. If I die fighting her its more “Should have retreated earlier” Rather than “WHAT? 4800 Damage with one Attack? F*******CK!”

On a side note, her behaviour seems to be different now, since she did the 4 Swords attack not any more, only the one when she starts whirling the swords over her head.

No more shocking -> (Aria) "You dare to attack me? NOW YOU DIE -> Insta 4 Swords -> 4800 Damage

It didn’t happen to me anymore (yay). Also… its been a while since I saw her teleporting (maybe that was taking out to avoid that Glitch where she lands outside the map and Kills herself?).

So all around it’s way more fun for me, since now if I die I at least can say it was my fault and not just super insane Damage / One Hit Kill.


It doesn’t seem like it to me, though i’ve never had much of a problem with them (except using melee against the four elite bots). Were you playing solo, because they’re WAY easier solo.

Or perhaps you’ve just gotten better at memorizing and preparing for what happens, or at the game in general.


I only played them alone, or with one friend, still I die a lot less compared to before and not because I pick a Pendles and hide in a corner… thats totally not whats happening :sweat_smile:

To be serious, I had a few runs as Ghalt on the Thrall Rebellion… and had even a Glitch in my Favor :joy:

“Kill the Bulwark with a Skill”… I killed him with a crit (like in the second OP) but the game gave me the Points anyway.

I even Tested the lvl 3 More Pellets and lvl 7 Double Round Shot Helixes, just to make sure that It’s still not worth it for me, compared to more Surviveability and Faster Attacking. And even though I hated that run, I didn’t even die once.

It was a lot easier, it might be a Placebo, but its hard for me to believe I got so much better :hushed:

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Hey, Placebo is the best medicine there is, because it’s 100% natural and free.


More good timing and luck. It must’ve been his passive, which counts as a skill