Was there another loot nerf?!

I have now killed Rampager and Graveyard ten times each. I have only gotten five legendaries total from that 20 kills. And two of them were in the actual vault loot boxes. I know RNG can be a bitch… But WTF?!


The drop rates have destroyed replay value in my opinion

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Nope just rng.

i’m going back to sanctuary every 5 to 10 graveward kill to be sure loot remains good , maybe it’s a mind illusion but loot feels better this way

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That is the easy out RNG, but i have played since day one and seen the drop rates plummet all over the place. I used to get 1-2 drops from General Truant every-time. Not maybe 1 drop in 5 kills. Same goes for almost all the bosses, i seem to still have good luck with Gigamind -
or do the Shaft

After doing some tests it is definitely lower than it was. I could always expect a legendary from Graveyard. Occasionally you wouldn’t get one but usually you would get a couple. I did 100 runs and received less than 50. That’s not just rng.

Play offline…2-5 legendaries every kill…problem solved…

Yes, of course. Just a dumb decision to sneak that kind of thing into the hot fix.

Also can’t get mods offline… Which is kind of what I’m looking for atm.

…go on the trade message board and trade for it…takes 5 minutes…and you’ll probably get a great class mod…then you can go back to farming offline

Have been. Even with lots to trade, can’t get a decent Cold Warrior mod.