Was this game really worth it?

After buying the game and all 4 DLC’s , living with and putting up with all the persistent bugs, tolerating the seemingly endless buffing and nerfing of weapons, this game has turned into nothing but an endless Fuster Cluck that has cost me about $150.

Hotfix this, patch that, this game is so broken and that’s a fact jack, and not even a handsome one at that!

Now I can’t even play the dang thing because of some persistent fatal error that keeps popping up. I shouldn’t have to be doing any editing or deleting of files to get this rushed, unfinished game to run.

I know this won’t get any reply or do anything to get Gearbox to fix this broken game, but know this you damn skags… No more money from me… for this or any other game you come out with. Take this game and shove it up your butt stallion!


How could it cost you 150$ if the super deluxe with all dlcs already is 100$ ?


It is rather fitting that the last dlc of this beta phase of the game was called Fustercluck, because that’s what the first year life cycle of this game has been for many of us. This is where I get off this poop train and watch it wobble off into the distance forever.


I payed about 70 bucks for the game and the season pass for my ps4 lol.

How much playtime do you have? I have over 300 and it was totally worth it. I mean I HATE THE LOADING SCREENS… sorry for screaming…
There are a lot of things we can cry about but in general this game is good! I wish they would fix and change things faster ecpecially things like choosable modifiers (there is no good reason to not let us do it) but it is how it is… BL2 had similar problems with OP guns and game breaking bugs and no one complained about it.

  1. You have to beat the story 3 times to play hardest difficulty (I beat it over 20 times…)
  2. mission rewards like sand hawk in the correct element were nearly impossible to get without “cheating”
  3. Salvador… balanced compared to other vhs
  4. Slag… the thing people like most about the game
  5. Bloodwing loot is I believe still bugged on consoles (PC has the community patch)

Yesterday a guy here in the forum said “I only need rocketeer to kill everything and now im bored”.
So? BL2 has the Bee + Cenfrence Call combination for a really long time.
Evil smasher glitch was available when all DLC were out so you could easily wreck all raid bosses with a level 1 infinity (I did it a lot lol)

Its a lot of crying for sure reasons but if you really hate it then dont play it? I deleted rocket legue because I hate the community and this game dont relax me anymore.


Well… as much as I like to criticize Borderlands 3 I’d say it was worth it. I’m beyond disappointed with it but I did get enough playtime to say I’ve had my fun. I just expected so much more because I can say Borderlands 2 is one of my all-time favorites that I put thousands of hours into. I wanted this game to be a true successor that would do nothing but improve on the formula. And IMO it didn’t deliver on that premise.

Then again I got the game and all of the DLC for free so whether or not it was “worth it” to me is pretty irrelevant. I’d probably be pissed if I paid for it.


Despite all the issues and disappointments I played countless hours that were enjoyable for the most part ( I m not masochist) So yes definitely worth it, this said I am not willing to pay for more content unless it is proved to be top notch quality( meaning way higher standard in regard of bugs and innovative )

Just some observations here.

  • The BL2 story is far funnier and superior to this boring junk, so a joy to play through. I have gone through it 100’s of times, this one is an absolute chore.

  • Sand Hawk is easy to get in any element, but if you want Flying in a particular element then things get difficult, a bit like annoints don’t ya think.

  • Sal is only unbalanced using glitches and exploits. Gaige is rediculous using Buck Up glitch, so what ? The other VH’s beat the 1Life challenge fairly way before Sal.

Also the Evil Smasher was patched when Pirate Booty dropped so that is incorrect, anyway there have been tons of glitches in this game, why mention them when they are not relevant at all about value for money at all.



I played the game definetely not because of the story. BL2 story may be better but for me not even close to a great story. The last God of War and the Last of US part one had good stories but Borderlands?

You just said that BL2 has also bugs, glitches and exploits… no reason to complain on BL3

Im pretty sure that the only way I killed voracidous with it. More than once… With gaige it was just a mess. With a 350+ mag size on the level 1 infinity you could shoot on the floor in a diffrent derection and kill everything behind you.

Sand Hawk, Pimpernel… just two of the best items in game were not possible to farm in a legit way. We just accepted it… Im not a huge fan of anointments, but still i enyoy the game more than BL2 because of the movement and the gun gameplay.

Sure I dont want to say that the game is the best borderlands, but it’s also not the worst. my ranking would be:
BL2, BL3: BL1
. Both habe things they have done better and a better than the other game. For me its just how the game feels like and I just have more fun with the movement and all the new guns. I Played BL2 for more than 1000 hours and having something new is great.

And if you dislike the game so much than stop playing it for a few months or for ever… I had already two breaks from the game because I hated the small level cap raises. But I can say I would definetely enyoy them more if it would not take a hour to stay in the loading screen… god damn consoles…

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Yes, it was worth it. Even if the game got broken for me now so that I couldn’t play it, I’ve already gotten my money’s worth out of it. So if that happens in the future and I spray the forum with salty tears, someone remind me of this.

The only enjoyment I got from this game was just learning all the new mechanics, weapon strengths and weakness, fighting the new enemy types for the first time, etc. After that it was just me holding on hoping they would make them game better(Which still hasn’t happened). Aside from that, hoping on to try the dlc’s I payed for from the season pass. Then quiting again immediately upon completion or before in dlc 3’s case.

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Since the announcement, the diamond loot box, the Museum of Mayhem and actually getting to play it…it was all worth it.

Not every one comes from the same country different money values

Paid $240 (2x pre-order Deluxe) $260 after tax.

I played from start to April-ish and quit after M2.0 became so stupid and was crashing my console because nothing was ever tested. I would say out of the whole time I got maybe 3 fun steady months worth out of it until garbage was forced in my game.

Did I get my money’s worth? Maybe if I found it in the bargain bin for $5.


For a $60 purchase, yea, it’s been fun. However, I don’t see long-term fun like I’ve had with BL1 and BL2.

Three steady months of fun is only worth $5? Are you posting from 1920?

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Your time must be worth an incredible amount of money XD

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Never got what I paid for out of it. Haven’t touched half the DLC’s I paid for. I spent half the time playing a buggy game. They created bugs that made the game literally unplayable because of crashing from changes they didn’t test. They fundamentally changed the whole game months after release and had/still have no clue how to even balance it, after they ALREADY balanced it. Skills and trees are more broken from what they were a year ago. I am not sure if they even know the direction they are headed.

My fun 3 months came from endgame with balance and awesome friends who enjoyed the game state at the time as well. (Jan(mid)-Apr(mid))

I have got years under belt from BL1 and paid $10 for it. I got years from BL2 spent about $60, and got years from TPS from about $20. Hence why this garbage is worth $5 to me.


I wouldn’t bother, some of the people here just don’t understand the difference between:

Quality satisfaction of money spent, over price or cost per min/hr.

They just think that because we played it for more than a few hours we got our monies worth through time spent versus cost, not because compared to other similar products it was faulty and badly put together, which gave us a terrible experience for our overall payment.


Time IS money!~ :sunglasses:

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