Was this guys game modded?

so i entered a game and it was just the 2 of us the whole time. everything seemed extremely easy killing things id normally have troible on bar off. also when i would use the vendor to sell something in my inventory all i could see was my equipped items. or if i picked up a green or white item and go to the vendor to sell it those items would be on the top of the sell list. also i couldnt deposit or withdraw anything from the bank. what was the deal here?

1- what are you playing on (XBox, PS or PC)? This could make a difference…
2- what mode- normal, TVHM, UVHM/OP1-8?
3- what was your character level compared to his and what characters were you using? Was he killing raid bosses in 1 shot or what?
4- not sure about the selling thing as I’ve been able to sell modded gear that was dropped in my game- it could be another issues entirely (but it might still have something to do with his game being modded…)

im on xb360. we were just going through the campaign. did a train to catch and wildlife exploit. it was on uvhm. we were both 72. no modded gear for me. just i was killing things extremely easily. i was axton he was zero. also he didnt have the creature slaughter dome. my turrets destrroyed bloodwing extremely quick he wasnt slagged or kunaid.but he was 72. the vendor/stash thing was what caught my attention. kuz my stash was empty wen i know i have gear in there. selling items to vendor i could not see my inventory everything was empty except whites/greens i picked up and my equipped gear. this wasnt a game on mm i just joined him on my friendlist kuz he added me. has manners thats y i played with him. was just weird.

I’d check your character in your own game. Weird things occasionally do happen when you join someone else’s game, so I’d make sure you still have everything you thought you should. It is extremely difficult to run a modded game on 360 because it requires console hacks and can get the GT/console banned. That said, there are folks out there distributing items modded on PC and transferred back to 360 that have odd effects. I’m not sure about this case, though.