Was weapon damage removed from class mods?

Has anyone seen a class mod with +weapon damage after the June 24th updates? I was farming VIP tower for class mods, gathered about 100 and never saw a +weapon damage modifier. I’ve seen plenty of pistol, assault rifle, sniper, etc. Am I having terrible rng or did that modifier get removed from class mods?

I guess just rng

I’ve only ever seen +(weapon type) damage :stuck_out_tongue:

I just found a Phasezerker mod two nights ago that had +weapon damage, so it is still able to be rolled.

Was farming Seein’ Deads about a week ago and I got several with weapon damage. Sadly, their other bonuses were all butt. You can still get Wep Damage. I do believe that some gear can only spawn with certain boosts and not others.

I guess the god roll seein’ dead would be what, weapon damage and skill damage? Right now I have one with pistol and AR damage.

I have two VERY good Seein’ Dead rolls:
-splash radius, splash damage, and AR damage
-weapon damage, splash radius, and damage reduction

I’d love one with splash damage, skill damage, and crit damage.

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Holy moly, I just checked lootlemon to see what it can roll with.

I think a weapon damage, skill damage, and grenade damage would be my favorite, just an all around com. But man, getting that is gonna take a good minute.

Just so you’re aware, I believe splash damage boosts grenades, rockets, novas, tediore chucks, Torgue…everything, but grenade damage ONLY boosts grenades.


See, imagine if we didn’t have a forum, this is why we have forums XD

Don’t get weapon dmg for Zane. He has Violent Momentum which guves hundreds of % weapon dmg.
Go for weapon type dmg which is a multiplier of weapon dmg.
Or manufacturer crit, or both.
So, say, you like the hellwalker, go for Jakobs crit, shotgun and … generic crit or mag size.
This will boost your dmg way higher than adding another ~ 40% wpn dmg which ends up to increase that part of the dmg formula by some 4-5%.

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I am so sick of learning about parts of how damage is equated, yet I absolutely refuse to look at the equation because I don’t WANT MATH in my GAMES!

Why would that not be INDICATED IN THE GAME? Why don’t skills tell you what is happening, why do I need to go to a player made dps calculator? (is lootlemon fan made? I think)