Wasted Combination of Gear Possible?

I mean 3 Broken gears which would even out their positive and negative aspects to even out at Zero?

That could be used to go easy on people in PvP and prevent one from Saying " I won’t use any gear" but activate it so the pop up goes away…

Reload speed, recharge rate, recharge delay on Boldur, & Thorn

Heal power, reload speed, recoil on shielded melees

Why even out at zero when you can give Ghalt 20 shield and make his reload slower than my dead granma.

:joy: Sorry this is only funny if you were there


I accidently took 3 items with -reload on Reyna once. It was terrible. Would reccomend if you are going easy lol.

I took 2 and -shield

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Most gear stats work multiplicatively, meaning a +7% and a -7% come out to -0.49% (1.07*0.93). Those that don’t don’t have overlapping ranges (-health goes up to -210, but +health only goes down to 240). The only way to have a truly null loadout is to either have no loadouts at all, or to have a loadout with positives you can’t benefit from (heal power, recoil, etc).

That’s why I just went with useless stats