Wasted Golden Keys

Man…getting SHiFt codes is great…but when the chests are filled with junk, what good is it? Three times in a row now! WTF? Anyone else getting this???

Its been reported yeah, golden chest is complete random trash. I ve got like 20 keys by now and I cant even bother to use them. The regular red chests and Vault chests giving me mostly vendor trash is enough already

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What rarity items are you actually getting from the chest?

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I think I’ve used 4 keys, and yeah, often nothing I wanted. Did pick up a really nice shield, that was good.

Though the same thing happens in BL2 (and after the remaster in BL1). I rarely find anything useful (for me), I just open the chest for the purple achievement and to get some cash.
I have never considered the golden chest to be particularly useful, but once in a while, and that’s fine.

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i got a really good com, but everything thing else has been complete garbo.,

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I always got 5 purple items, but not sure how useful they were (probably not much). Only used a few keys, though, less than 10.

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I completely disagree and LOVE the golden chest. I’ve gotten some really nice items from that baby.


That’s pretty much how it is in the other games (as @RavenOfArisia mentioned). Which is why seeing a legendary in the chest in BL1 Remaster had me convinced I’d gone colour blind or something…

The Golden Chest has always been more useful for first characters or levelling characters in all the game though - you’ll always be able to find something better once you hit end-game and start farming.

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I use the golden key chest while leveling characters. When I’m in need of a new artifact or shield, it almost always provides something decent (usually purple).


Here are some notable golden chest items…


The golden chest is a great source for purple relics/granades/class mods. It’s often legendary aswell.

That’s why I only bothered looking for key codes once. After the 1st 2 openings I was good.

New to Borderlands? Greatest purpose of the golden key chest is getting low level purples while you are leveling up. Makes a big difference. That being said i have gotten some really good legendaries like a level 23 flood and unforgiven in the same chest. They have never been a source of super rare items. Do not understand the surprise

Well Lucky You!!! lol…since posting this, I have (finally) recieved a Legendary. One in about 9 Keys used. Purples CAN definitely be decent, and sometimes just as good or better IF you get the right ones. It’s all luck of the draw I guess. But that ratio needs to get bumped up. I’m getting Bunches of Legendary’s just banging around and grinding. Seems to make ‘Golden Keys’ almost

As I mentioned below, I have finally found one Legendary after abour 9 keys used. And this was after the last Hot Fix. I have been getting tons of them out there just grinding and farming. It just feels as if the Golden Keys are a gimmick more than anything. I’ve been a fan and playing since Borderlands 1 on The 360. But honestly never started messing with keys until BL 2. So, it is what it is I guess. Now I’ve got bigger fish to fry–just blew a little over $2 Million for more bank space from Marcus. Never showed up in my bank. So, I made a support ticket and I’ll patiently wait for no replies. And this happened after the big Hot Fix. $2 Mill is nothing to sneeze at when all you had was a little over $4 Million! Not a great morning! lol

Empty rows don’t show on the display. You should see the total update in the X/Y above the display. As soon as you transfer an item from inventory to bank so it’s the first item in a row, that row will be visible when you switch back to displaying the bank contents.

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Firstly, thanks very much for taking the time to help me out. Much appreciated. I have bought bank space prior to this and the empty slots were always visible as soon as I went to the bank afterwards. This time, not one empty space. I just stopped playing so I could have some lunch, so let’s see what’s what when I start back up. I’m playing through the game for my 2nd time on TVHM…doubt that would make any difference though.

I can farm more good gear from Graveward in 10 minutes than you’ll get from 30 Gold Keys. It takes longer to look up Shift Codes, copy them and then enter them into the game than it does to farm more gear and better gear from the game bosses. MAYBE if the chest was dropping things like Annointed Lyudas or Reoccuring Hex grenade mods on a regular basis it might be worth the effort, but as it is now, it’s a waste of time.

I used my very first gold key when I got to Sanctuary on release day, and I scored a level 11 Transformer which helped immensely when facing Killavolt right afterwards. I thought the change was really cool on Gearbox’s part, since it wasn’t possible to get legendaries out of the gold chest in BL2. But 2 months and a lot of keys later, I’ve not seen another legendary since. I just get purple trash with an occasional white mixed in as well. I mean - I assume it’s still possible to get them, but have to wonder if the drop rate has been turned way down since the early days.

I guess it’s all luck based then? I have received one Legendary (finally) after using about 10 Golden Keys. And the past few keys have given me nothing but grenade mods and shields. But I’ve recieved tons of Legendary’s from farming. I’m guessing keys are more gimmick than gold…