Wasted money on the new season pass

I can’t bring 75% of my characters over to PS5. They expect me to start at level 1 again? What kind of BS character transfer system only lets you bring one character? Are they afraid of item duping or something? Let me bring a second, third, fourth character over without the bank if the bank is the issue.

I’m done with this game now that they’ve made it impossible to play all my characters on PS5. I just wish I had known that before buying the new season pass.

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Is the 1-character transfer thing intentional or a fixable issue?

I would think it’s a bug of some sort…

Why wouldn’t cloud saves work? It’s the same game on a new platform so there’s 0 reason to limit the amount one could carry over

And this is why season passes are a bad thing you would have laughed if some one proposed this as a scenario on why season passes are bad but here we are 1 in a 100 chance just happened

*edit also sorry for your bad luck hope you get it fixed

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I’ve heard that you need to load the one character and save in game before attempting to bring the others over. I’d assume there is only one temporary save slot that gets overwritten for character transfers.

This is a known issue specific to PS5. Please use one of the existing threads in the tech support section to continue discussion - ta muchly!