Watch lanes in mp

This game’s community is starting to really piss me off. People, watch how many people are in lanes and what hero they are! I literally have to quit Reyna know because in almost every match my team is too stupid to realize that I will get wrecked if I am in a lane by myself due to her below average health and low dps! The only way Reyna survives is when there are others in the lane so she can spam overshields, and that is hard when there is no one in the lanes! Please people, all I ask is that you are attentive to the amount of people in lanes!


In my limited experience, and this may not be always true. I’m thinking it’s the whole "team deathmatch " mentality here. Everyone sees the lanes and, well assumes that they should all rush the overcrowded one to get some player kills, cause that usually is the right call. Here however yeah they are screwing you over. Personally if you were in my crew I’d instantly switch and run my butt to your lane, my Reyna buddies hammered that into my skull. Lol. Once folks get used to the MOBA parts of the game I think you will find this gets better. Least we all hope so.

First option is play with friends 2nd option is (and as a support main it hurts to say) dont play support with a bunch of random scrubs cuz they are most likely going to be trash

Yeah, I would agree that that is definitely part of it

Haha, I was imagining your message with Oscar Mike’s voice.

TBH, this post won’t be of any effect, how many people will read it you think? But I must admit, I can relate to that and also the fact that sometimes people just cannot stick together (Especially if you’re playing support, you feel so stupid, like “guys let’s go together I’ll heal/shield you” - zero attention).

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Heh, wanna feel really smart? ok, heres a excerpt from a match I had yesterday. If you can figure out what happens before I finish cookie for you.

I picked Boulder for some support shields right? obvious as we had a few glass cannons that loved to over extend. So I spot our Marquis once again pushing up. No really, he was pushing out in the open on Paradise in the left lane. No minions, with a Rath ready to jump on him and a Dragon lining up a closeline.

So I sprint over pop my rune shield and start sucking damage assuming he will be smart and go " Oh wow! Thats a help lemme scram my butt to safety while boulder covers me." Right? Guess what he did to me.

Runs around my shield and into the enemy base where he gets plastered by attikus who was just waiting. Imagine my face.IMe Rath and Even Dragon were just standing there, mid lane with our jaws on the damn floor just staring at one another silently asking the same question. " Did that really just happen? Tell me I didn;t see that sheer act of idiocy" Even Dragon hits up our chat party and he’s like " Dude, why did you even bother, shoulda let me plaster that guy"

Sadly, I had to agree.

The best part Then he hate mails me. No seriously, I get a PsN message after informing me that " I’m no talent noob who should know enough to cover him into the enemy base" Um…sorry but what? Me and my crew had a good laugh at that one but come on.

Now you owe me a cookie

I’ll assume you are being honest and figured it out @bradyfire8 so ok. Heres your digital cookie.