Watch monitor BUG

Nothing is happening i was restarting the game couple of times, starting new game doesn’t work to. I have only heard this guy speaking, I couldn’t even see him, screen was all time like in screenshot. Can someone help?



Same here, starting good for a 60$ game :smiley:

Hope I’ve not to re-download the game…

me and a frinde have the same problem

I have the same bug and have yet to find a solution and it is becoming very annoying. Would love to hear any ideas besides reinstall. ;-;

Same bug here. Anyone have any working solutions?

EDIT: just tried a 2nd character, stared at the monitor, no difference.

Same here. Stuck to watch that monitor not even given any ■■■■…

Same here :cry:

Windows 10 Pro N 1803 (17134.1006)

Reinstalling the game didn’t work for me, great, we have to wait for an update.

Wait. I have same version of Windows. Guys with this problem, what is yours? Maybe that’s the problem.

i dont think so…
i have win 10 pro N, version 1903 (18362.356). just updated yesterday.

Same problem here guys, stuck at that stupid quest… How could they let such a bug out for the release?? I’m only level 2!

i’m trying reinstalling now. also…i just noticed that lilith is not displayed within the bus…strange…

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Is she supposed to be seated with us? :laughing:

Hi, same problem PC / Win: 10 Pro N 1903 18362.356. I’m about to try on another computer. I don’t think she’s supposed to be in the bus. :smile:

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same here :frowning: no quality control at all…

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Some may be confused. i mean like angel did. within your mind. that fuzzy like as you have a skype call with a realy bad hud and low con to your ISP.

Oh, I got that “vision” in the bus, but also the watch monitor Bug. I guess it’s not related?

i dunno. i dont think so, but for me that vision has been pure white with nothing else. 2 times.


ok i didn’t know you shoud see lilith there. my fault then it’s the same for me

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i dunno. in some LP’s from the press release she was shown.