Watch this BL3 hero overview NOW

Really enjoyed watching this:

Pretty good video. I don’t agree with everything he said, for instance when he said that Moze was bad for co-op, which doesn’t make much sense to me since she has 5 co-op focused skills that give her Mech a turret that teammates can use, give her Mech a Bubble Shield that teammates can hide inside, instantly start shield regen for all teammates when she enters her mech with increased shield regen speed, give her teammates 15% bonus fire damage for 5 seconds after every time she reloads, and give her teammates +20% gun damage per stack (+60% gun damage at max 3 stacks) for 15 seconds after her kills. She seems like one of the best co-op characters to me if you are using Shield of Retribution, the perfect character to tank enemy damage, buff her teammates, and revive squishier damage focused teammates who are in fight for your life.

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I just wanted to post something similar after seeing the video. He (RyanCentral) also seems to have misconceptions about some skills and skill trees. Amara’s “Fist of the Elements” tree is not about augmenting kinetic weapons with an element. It can do that, but much more does it improve elemental weaponry just all-around.
Still, overall, this video is a good tool for those that have not deep-dived into the Vault Hunters of Borderlands 3, which should be the majority of players.

I was also pleasantly surprised by how viable Green Tree Zane and Blue Tree Moze looked in that video. We’ve seen previous gameplay videos where those trees looked underwhelming thanks to poor gear loadouts for those trees, but it seems like if you have the right weapon (a good Cryo weapon for green tree Zane and a good torgue for Blue Tree Moze) the trees will be much better. I feel like if we can find a Cryo gun with a bayonet green tree Zane will be particularly good, since frozen enemies take 3x melee damage in Borderlands 3, and the Bayonet will be boosting your melee damage further. It’s just a shame that Zane has no melee boosting skills in that tree, a skill that increased movement speed by 20% and melee damage by 50% at 5 points would have been perfect I think.

Very good points. I’m starting with Amara no matter what anyone says but he did give her some very positive scores.

Starting with Amara and can’t wait to test those skills.

Like I said it’s an overall very good overview of the 4 Vault Hunter’s with some, mostly minor, mistakes. The video does show enough that you could probably get a feeling for every character and would most likely know whom to pick. Mission accomplished.

Videos like that are very important and help some people immensely to decide. And this one goes pretty deep, so yeah, good stuff.

Also, this video shows pretty well that Iron Bear absolutely got a buff since the GamesCom gameplay. Perfect!

Yeah, agreed on the Iron Bear buff. Those explosive shot miniguns seem to be doing some wicked damage now. Hopefully some of the weaker weapons either got damage buffs or fuel drain buffs, such as the Salamander and Fist.

He did mention the turret, and said it’s not very strong. As for the bubble shield, are you sure it isn’t just misleading wording? Never saw anything teammates can hide in in the footage so far, I think it’s just a simple shield for Iron Bear.

@narfkeks yes, fist of the elements is great for elemental guns, but remember that an interesting aspect of infusion, a tier 1 skill, is that it’s actually better to avoid it unless you use kinetic, (maybe cryo or radiation) guns, or put only 1 point in it. With a kinetic gun it’s very very good. But yeah, this is just one skill.

I remember seeing it in a gameplay video awhile back. It’s not a big shield, certainly not as big as Zane’s bubble shield augment, and it will break from damage fairly quickly since it only has 20% of Iron Bear’s max armor in health, but it is just big enough for a teammate to stand inside of it if you’re staying still, so it should last long enough for a teammate to hide while they wait on shield regen.

I agree that the turret needs a damage buff though, sad to hear that they haven’t buffed it yet, especially after all the complaints about it’s low damage output after the Gamescom demos. Sure it’s only a 1 point skill, but it does take a teammate out of the fight, so it should be dealing roughly as much damage as that teammate would be doing if they weren’t using the turret. Maybe base the turret DPS on the average DPS of the teammates weapons that is using the turret?