Watching Skyfall the bad guy uses a Bandit pistol

In opening scene the bad guy uses a machine pistol with massive bolted on magazine heh looks just like a Bandit pistol. Though it has fast rate of fire more like a vladoff.

Just thought I’d share!

ummmmm ok?

if you want to share this kind of stuff then you could always go to the general chat you know that right?

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Agreed and moved.

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At 3:05 ?

(Sorry. I only post time stamped vids when I don’t want to. :rage: )
Had to search for it. Ginormous back log on 00 :gun:
But yeah. Good find! I’d say an all Vladof Part Bandit pistol.
Or a Vladof pistol with a Bandit mag/grip.

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My love of Borderlands has caused me to keep an eye out for these things