Wave of Shepherds?

Ok so with the new update to incursion, there either may be a bug or the player’s I just went against used a hack (I play on PC) and there were a whole wave of minions that were purely Shepherds. They just kept spamming overshields and our sentry took a heavy hit because of it, Was this intended, because this seems to look more like a bug to me. Anyway, here’s a picture of the incident:

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Was it only the enemy’s team that was purely shepherds or both teams? How often did it happen in this match? Has it happened again?

I highly suggest you save the match ID and report it to Gearbox with that extra information.

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From what I saw it was only the enemy team and I only saw it that one match. That leads me to believe it was either a bug or hack. More than likely a bug. I’ll send the match ID

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I’ve had that happen in a couple of games as well. One such wave lead to an immediate loss because it coincided with a couple of late game deaths we couldn’t recover from.

I had it happen in 6 different games throughout 6/15/16.

And is was only the enemy team to get them every time it happened.

From what I’ve seen so far, the Shepherds are bunching up somewhere on the map and move once the group gets too large. It’s even happened to me on a bot match so I’m assuming its a bug with the new map geography changes. I just heard from the support team and they said to send photos, match IDs and videos (if you can record that is) to them so they can find out what’s going on. I’ve only seen this happen in Overgrowth and not in Echelon, so something is wrong.

This is awesome! Ill try to record a video today of it, I only see fun in this

I’m starting to think it might be caused by owning the enemy’s side Accelerator tower and thumper turret. The slowing affect from both of those buildables and then they also stop if they see enemy minions further slowing them, this might be just enough for the shepherds to bunch up until they hit a critical point of 5 or 6 shepherds. I haven’t been able to test this theory yet though, but that would be my guess.

EDIT: No wait, that’s not 100% right because the first time it happened to me, we hadn’t even killed the first sentry to get their side of buildables.

Happened to me too way too many shepherds didnt really get a chance to make any observations as to why however. Must be a bug or they created a dam somehow.

Very odd. I’ve filed this in our bug database and we’ll jump on it first thing in the AM. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


This thread has a video:


Thanks @battleaxe0!

I’m glad someone caught this in the act because I’ve been wracking by brain trying to figure out how this happens.