Way of the Hunter: Borderlands art series by Klopotinsha

Good time of day dearest Lords and Ladies!

I wanted to use Mordecai’s personal quote to head this thread, but when he found out that there is so awesome thread dedicated to his marvelous adventures he felt embarrassed and crawled under the cupboard.

So I narrate and illustrate here things from face of his True Guardian Angel.
We have seen and felt so many things sad people wouldn’t believe! Keep moving to be stable, free to wander, free to roam, he traveled through lands where no man has gone before, salt and sand scratched his goggles and larvae of funny creatures stuck in his dreadlocks, he watched change of cycles on Pandora and otherworldly glitter around Eridian gates. With our friends we have been through good times of carefree joy, and through bad times of pain and insulting disappointments, and even came to good and most interesting times after bad times. All those moments will not be lost in time, because BADASSES NEVER DIE!

Here is already published quite a lot of details of these stories and OVER 100 QUALITATIVE ILLUSTRATIONS made by ME, so I decided to make a table of contents here to make it easier to navigate and check for fresh stuff:

I. Good Times

  • The report about happy childhood (scroll below)
  • Amigos
    legends never die

II. Saudade

III. Way of the Hunter

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Btw, there are many links to music. Just imagine that I share with you headphones of my player like in real life! Soundtrack is important part of storytelling! I really think a lot about the compatibility and try to choose soundtrack so “I think this musicians wouldn’t mind if I tell that I imagined one or few of my pictures and stories under rhythms of these awesome songs”; so I haven’t used here few themes by King Crimson, because Fripp most likely would mind if I do…

The first two stages were originally published on the old forums in thread “Fan art by Klopotinsha” (this forum is not working anymore, but you can turn archived pages by adding “&page=n” to URL)
Sigh …yeah, I liked the old forums very much, it was so cozy!
All my posts from there have been moved here to the new forum, and starting from the third stage the thread has been renamed into “Way of the hunter”, because it turned into serious independent story, not contradicting with the common canon and even supporting and spreading it, awesomely revealing it from point of view of true protagonist, but may be no taken into account by official version of story (most likely because agents of Cthulhu want to control the situation) …so turns out that Way of the Hunter relates to Borderlands just like Opposing force relates to Half-Life :grin:

Actually I did not reread my first post for a long time after I posted it… that’s funny. I remember how I envied the people who got to “the miracle” when it was just released and could enjoy it much longer, not knowing about vile provocations and loathing came with completely nerfed game numbered 2…

[First post] January 14th, 2014, 03:17 AM

(shortly after I enjoyed the first game and made my very first BL art)

I want to do a confession of love here if you don’t mind!!!

Recent times i felt that I sorely missed from games those unforgettable emotions I experienced when I was just a little girl had been playing the first Unreal at the end of the last century.

I thought that Borderlands can give me exactly what I need, but I got a real miracle!
Amazing atmosphere, unique graphic style, soundtrack that turns on goosebumps on back, hardcore dynamic of combat, constant feeling of greed to loot just like in good old classic isometric RPGs… but I’m quit! How did you force me again?? and most importantly, the powerful storyline, great sense of humor, so much parody and allusions to things that I love, very charismatic characters and shiny positive mood. On the other side the dark mystique of Pandora that was founded in pre-release version strikes even harder under the bright comic book skin.
Game makes me to believe that it was made in far 90s by its entire ambience. But there the paradox turns! How a game made in far cozy 90s can be so modern and technologically developed? IT’S A MIRACLE!! Else i always can force my friends to play with me in this miracle… IT IS AWESOME!

With all cynicism, violence and madness of tales from Borderlands it tells us about the most kind and wonderful things, about true friendship and awesome adventures. This game returns harmony for so highly spiritual genre able to reveal the beauty and purpose of the protagonists, not bringing them to unnecessary pathos and heroism.

Actually, I have infinitely many things to say about awesomeness of this project but this barbarian language doesn’t giving me clearly formulate my thoughts… so I’ll just say THANK YOU Gearbox for make me feel happy like loco with a rifle!


[the second encounter] February 17th, 2014, 10:05 PM

Música! <-click!
It seems someone’s getting a treat…)

…I get some when my boyfriend needed to get away from roleplaying telling me: “afk one minute. cover me sweetheart!”
After that my smile stretches from ear to ear and I start yelling like insane trying to imitate Julio Cedillo’s accent while lavishly handing out headshots: "Whaaat?!! How’d you call me, amigo? He he he he… sweetheart! Bloodwing, did you hear that? A ha ha hah… HA HA * drooling *… SWE-E-ETHEART! ahaha…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! "
and so until he comes back… with my girlish voice it sounds so stupid :slight_smile:

You know, more I play Borderlands 2 then more I realize how deep and soulful was the first one. Gentle thrill of nostalgia just like to get from the shelf an old worn book “There and Back Again” after avidly reading all six Lords of the Rings. The second is a real epos but the first one is the beginning of beginnings, the journey to the lonely mountain in search of a mysterious treasure, adventure which changes characters’ lives forever…
Same thing observed with the parallel sci-fi project from 2K. Bioshock infinite showed for us the amazing and touching story but Columbia was a horrible place that cause in me only one desire…to destroy this air city to hell :}
Rapture opposite makes in me only positive emotions and a feeling of coziness and comfort. Yes, I’d love to stay live in Rapture, become one of splicers… ride my revolver in the baby carriage… sweeeeet :slight_smile:
with Borderlands 2 happened in general very funny thing… after TellTale’s The Walking Dead I was absolutely sure that now another game never will make me cry again… WHYYYYYYYYYYYY???
пиздец… that was so… awesome… I thought the writers can be so cruel and cynical only in graphic novels! …and now announced Tales from the Borderlands. My first thought was “R U ****** kidding me!??” and second “this is exactly what I could dream about!”


March 13th, 2014, 05:35 PM

“It is a long story… so… you want me to share huh?”

get some music for ambience …you should… 3ИJ0Y 17!!!


April 17th, 2014, 02:54 PM

Muchas gracias senoras y caballeros! Спасиба ребяты! Thanks for your feedback!
Kitty Jo, special thanks for the tip, i’ve done as you said :slight_smile:

…well, another art for my wall!

So big, so angry, so… oh no… no no no… don’t touch me… hijo de puta… come on… so… phew! So damn dead! Hell yeah!

And yeah, some music should be good for this mess :Ъ

I prefer to shoot some of Great Old Ones with a cup of morning tea… coffee… vodka! :Щ


April 25th, 2014, 09:04 AM

You know, I’ve always loved a wierd sense of unreality and fabulousness of first Borderlands especially noticeable in Dr. Ned’s zombie island and Robolution addons… err… is this delirium is actually happened, or most of it’s just a story narrated by Marcus for some kids around the campfire? If look deeper this gives so many things for philosophical discussions about question of life, the universe, and everything… whatever… Another day, another art… I’ll just leave it here…

Honest, i hate kids. They only seem cute, and always ready to attack sneakily and with impunity… really, what could be more wicked and dangerous than kids?..
Kids With Guns

P.S. I’ve drawn the picture only with a lyrical sense. This art does not claim to be a canon, and i think these characters never met each other before they get on to that smelly bus.


June 13th, 2014, 02:16 AM

Thanks a lot guys!
Honestly I do not know much about species of dogs, I wanted to portray the kind of dog which people who dunno much about species of dogs usually calls a shark-dog or a rat-dog or… whatever. I see you understood what i had in mind =)
nevertheless I am not sure that Brick could have a real earth dog. It might well be a hybrid of a reptile and opossum. One paw is not always enough for identification XD

And now unexpected free interpretation as the result of decision to colorize a small pencil sketch from my dump =)

An important detail - the main theme i listened while i was doing this art. Feel the cyan magic! :Ъ

Probably I’m just a little tired of cold mechanical and cynical Hyperion trends. So I spent the night in the flooded forest, recalling former romance of wandering through dust and Eridian ruins in searching for the legend of something like El Dorado…

Hope you enjoy it =)

This horse with no name was inspired by unused creatures from an early pre-release version of Borderlands.


These Sprinter things are so amazing and unique … even a bit frightening. I would like something similar to appear in the following parts of the game.
Аnd mounts would be very cool too! for special travels to places where vehicles shall not pass. Mechanics could be partly stolen from Red Dead Redemption for example ;D
Аnd also I want third person view could be on right in the game settings with full optimization! It even can be easily explained through the story by ECHO communication with the satellites.
And also i want Banana daiquiri with umbrella! …damn! I need urgently to finish the fanart series for the last BL2 addon :Щ


July 11th, 2014, 06:57 PM

Another trophy…

Soundtrack for this storyline

Mordecai vomits blood with pieces of his own insides and faints. Curtain falls.


July 29th, 2014, 01:02 AM

Made a small suggestion about how Vault Hunters found the most charming psycho on Pandora.

>Theme that forced me to make this picture

– uh … Roland…? Remember that midget who almost killed you jumping out of the washing machine? Better don’t hold your face so close…

– Calm down, hunter. It’s just a little girl, all alone and needs our help.

– Yeah… I understand what is it to find a helpless nestling in the wasteland, but what if it contagious or something… are you sure that’s not enough freaks gathered in New Haven? Oh shi…

– Tina … is your name, right? I read it on your jumpsuit. Awww… don’t be afraid, no one will hurt you.

– No… One… Two… Twenty three and a butt! STAB THE MEAT AND HIDING OUT!!

– Argh… My leg… That hurt like a biatch! Mordecai, don’t let her go!!

– Damn it! I TOLD YA! …Take it easy Blood! we need it alive… * breathless * I can handle… Gotcha!

– * girl’s scream *

– Menuda perra… aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAARGH!!! …She bites me! Augh!

– …you’re cute.


November 4th, 2014, 02:28 PM

Future Reflections (Epilogue to Borderlands2 by Karina aka Klopotinsha)

Good time of day my dearest Lords and Ladies!
Would you kindly read the briefing before you start gaze at the pictures.

This time I’d like to finally finish to myself on a good note that annoying story about the man who wanted us to call him Jack and his pet monster (No, I’m not about the Warrior, it’s about that poor creature which I didn’t trust since the original game. Tiny Tina damn right spoke about her in fantasy assault) Anyway this bad joke was protracting for too long. For now I don’t want to pay any attention for ■■■■■■■■! Girls Birds just want to have fun!

You know, Borderlands 2 was so butthurt to me, but also gives so much awesome things to think about. I’m really grateful for the moral experience and I can’t afford to keep such things inside.

I feel so sad that I’m not enough badass to make an animated movie. So i need you to play along with me. I have drawn some pictures, I’ll share you the song (in my opinion MGMT perfectly convey the rhythm of waves leaving a patterns on a sunlit white sand)
You should synchronize pictures and music, follow the rhythm and make the camera work in your head, imagine animation and smooth sliding frames. simple isn’t it? Catch-a-wave!

My Epilogue begins right after the final Borderlands 2 Headhunter add-on, when the new generation of Vault Hunters had killed the Invincible Son of Crawmerax the Invincible million thousands times in OP8.

I dunno where that snobbish Indian crippled poacher is missing again, but I’m sure he measures his privilege somewhere with new friends from Eden-4 Megaversity.

Meanwhile Gaige hacked the fast travel station to remove the quarantine restrictions.

Brick have printed new tuxedo t-shirt, Lilith decided that leave Tiny Tina unattended with dynamite is unsafe for Sanctuary,
Talon is growing and learning so fast and Mordecai finally quit drinking, starts to recover and seriously ponders the strategy of reconquering his rightful title of The MOST AWESOMEST BADASS on Pandora!

And there is no Claptraps! Hell yeah!

Survived protagonists of the first game are finally arriving to Wam Bam Island.

Now you’ve got 4 minutes.



And there were future reflections
On the face and the hands…

On a green colored island

On a primitive man

It was the future reflected
It felt familiar but new

A street was missing a building
The kids had something to do

There was a feeling the spirit was leaving
Red like a marker
So my tribe, with my knife
Cut the heart from a lonely life…



I saw patterns on floorboards
Deep in the dust was a leader…

Someone was walking on floorboards
Turned them from oak to cedar
He can assess the situation
I wrapped a string around my finger…

Into the forest with the young ones
I don’t expect to be a winner

But as long as you feel it
I’m a believer
My heart is phosphor!

Sea rolls and death tolls
Break the surface don’t break my bones…

Off of the trail and off of your hands and
Onto a new plan…

…Is the cost to stay lost…

…Forever in an empty skin…

…Pale and thin

If it’s good, or if it’s fortune, I can’t tell…

But pieces come together…

…for some reason just as well

Their guns couldn’t see us
There’s a sea outside my door
And one day I’ll appreciate
The rush of blood and the washed out beat of the shore…

And remember what it felt like
To be alone
Sitting in the sunlight…

In honor of Raivo.

Thanks for your attention.
Hope I was able to express not less than 25% of my emotions. As always everything was cooler in my head…
In any case, now i mentally prepared to play The Pre-Sequel! guess it’s time to get into the skin of the antagonist and kill some puppies without a thrill of conscience MWAHAHAHAHA :Ъ


This has permanently altered my headcanon of Wam Bam Island. Thanks for porting it to the new forum.

Stunned & speechless - you are obviously very talented!

Love how Mordecia looks like a wise old person.

The feels! Why are you letting my feels flood like this?:


This is epic!

May I use this photo in my profile? I’ll be sure to include that you were the creator and gave me permission?!!!

Im so glad youve joined us here with your beautiful art, Klopotinsha. :heart:


Just found this.

Absolutely crazy stuff, it’s amazing. Thanks for sharing here :slight_smile:

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This is just awesome! Looking forward to see more :slight_smile:

@Klopotinsha- I posted on your thread on the old forums this morning, but I just found this today and I think it’s stunning. Really beautiful work. I passed it on to the guys and it looks like @Jeffybug tweeted it out today too, so hopefully more people will get to see it!

Again, really great work. Thanks for sharing!

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That is awesome! Well deserved in my opinion.

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It is an honor to share with you my emotions, amigos!

@Ryoushinteki Of course, I don’t mind : )
Only if you add link so people be able to see all other arts if they will be interested.

@joekgbx Thank you! thank you very very much !! awww this is so cool : D
but a little late, I have already made a new art stuff! But actually you can’t be late to make me so happy :slight_smile:

So happy … again … damn it! I’m was going to talk about pain and suffering! Would you kindly make a serious faces for a few minutes! lol

Before I start yelling loudly and annoyingly about ideas of BL3 conception, big shiny doors into other dimensions, new possible characters and locations, and why the universe may collapse if to create in BL setting an ordinary mirror, i need to finish letting go all these feathered worries and feelings.

Wam Bam vacation series does not allowed me to reflect all accumulated anger.

Only beasts are above deceit.

[soundtrack for this art] <-click!

Actually it is the soundtrack for the awesome movie in my head, and the art which I’ve done is just pathetic illustration for a brief moment before the ending,
when elegant stealth action from the beginning become hard to recall.
When all cages were broken and the beasts ate all guards.
The great ancient Rakk Hives rose from underground,
and the rifle got lost under the body of Sythid mount who heroically died…
That very moment to bring the righteous anger to Hyperion butts.


I love that you have stories and little poems and whatnot to go with your art. You have talent, Klopotinsha. You have lots of it. The way you express everything in your art. I wish the absolute best in your art journey and I’ll forever share it on my profile. Thank you so much for the entertainment and joy