"Way of the Hunter" Borderlands art series by Klopotinsha

Im so glad youve joined us here with your beautiful art, Klopotinsha. :heart:


Just found this.

Absolutely crazy stuff, it’s amazing. Thanks for sharing here :slight_smile:

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This is just awesome! Looking forward to see more :slight_smile:

@Klopotinsha- I posted on your thread on the old forums this morning, but I just found this today and I think it’s stunning. Really beautiful work. I passed it on to the guys and it looks like @Jeffybug tweeted it out today too, so hopefully more people will get to see it!

Again, really great work. Thanks for sharing!

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That is awesome! Well deserved in my opinion.

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It is an honor to share with you my emotions, amigos!

@Ryoushinteki Of course, I don’t mind : )
Only if you add link so people be able to see all other arts if they will be interested.

@joekgbx Thank you! thank you very very much !! awww this is so cool : D
but a little late, I have already made a new art stuff! But actually you can’t be late to make me so happy :slight_smile:

So happy … again … damn it! I’m was going to talk about pain and suffering! Would you kindly make a serious faces for a few minutes! lol

Before I start yelling loudly and annoyingly about ideas of BL3 conception, big shiny doors into other dimensions, new possible characters and locations, and why the universe may collapse if to create in BL setting an ordinary mirror, i need to finish letting go all these feathered worries and feelings.

Wam Bam vacation series does not allowed me to reflect all accumulated anger.

Only beasts are above deceit.

[soundtrack for this art] <-click!

Actually it is the soundtrack for the awesome movie in my head, and the art which I’ve done is just pathetic illustration for a brief moment before the ending,
when elegant stealth action from the beginning become hard to recall.
When all cages were broken and the beasts ate all guards.
The great ancient Rakk Hives rose from underground,
and the rifle got lost under the body of Sythid mount who heroically died…
That very moment to bring the righteous anger to Hyperion butts.


I love that you have stories and little poems and whatnot to go with your art. You have talent, Klopotinsha. You have lots of it. The way you express everything in your art. I wish the absolute best in your art journey and I’ll forever share it on my profile. Thank you so much for the entertainment and joy


■■■■■■■ love this Karina. Fav’d on Deviantart. Great job.

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That was EXACTLY what I had expected from the last part of Borderlands 2 story.

Well, I was wondering where I can just get a bunch of new guns to start the game from the beginning again…

And you should cooperate with John Shirley and Mikey Neumann.

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This is AMAZING! Cant wait to see your Pre-Sequel stuff :). Keep up the awesome work :).

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Your artwork works is amazing, I love it!!

You know, GBX are hiring for BL3…maybe you could apply for some art there :slight_smile:

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Continuing the discussion from Fan arts by Klopotinsha:

In the Angel’s sake, my friend, was the Pre-Sequel story so immemorial that she’d like to make artwork of it?

{Yeah, the view from space was great, picturesque. The continuous smut humor was great? And Mister Torgue’s and Tiny Tina’s role in the story was great too? Eternals, those gray statues who among other things were sirens, leveling goliaths and suicide psychos, were original and funny idea?

I ended up to thought the whole game was just a joke about what it represented.
Personally, I like more “black humor” (BL 1&2) than “obscene” and “sh*t-on-a-plate” humor (BL P-S).}

Anyway; when talking about beautiful stories: back to Pandora (without Handsome Jack)… I could imagine our Klopotinsha did this Wam Bam island masterpiece to end the BL 2 story otherwise than “shooting and looting”. In a warm way, not in an FPS way.

Hey! You just want to salt my wounds, or you really think that there is a chance for poor student from Russia? I heard that this is only about badass game devs… Of course, this is my dream job! But i’m not enough badass yet. It is a real suffer. I have so many ideas to offer, but I still have not enough skills and experience to perform them… sorry, i need to depart for a moment to cry into my pillow.

Here i am! Seems my crying didn’t happen, I just fell asleep… Okay, maybe I can afford it weekly : )

@ErikH, @Exotek, Well, I dunno what can I say here. In Borderlands storyline in addition to all i see a lot of allusions to Greek mythology. TPS personified the evil and ignorance that has fallen upon mankind after the opening of Pandora’s box. Of course, moral values do not allow me to enjoy this mockery, but it plays an important role for the whole setting, as well as BL2 - the story about hard consequences… It was important to go through this mess, to experience more feelings to all things so dear to the heart. What is left at the bottom of the box? The legend says there remains hope. Glad to see how Tales restores spiritual harmony in this world.

I have to draw a graphic novel about the things i consider important (the script is already written)

I also have a playable character concept for BL3 waiting for release. I do not know how long it takes, but i feel the sacred duty to do them so well that everyone could believe that they are alive and has the right to be a canon in history.
If I’ve mentioned it, I’ll finish it in any case. I promise you.

But the fact that i put such global goals that require a lot of labor and time, does not mean that I will not regularly appear here with new art stuff and whatnot.

For example i bring to your attention some of the details about Mordecai’s wild adventures mentioned in the [previous post]

Just thought what if to first-person shooter RPG add some RTS stuff

As Mordecai quit drinking, he can use a more detailed map and act effectively. The only question is with whom to leave Tiny Talon while papa fights for animal rights. Lilith badly affects on him, Brik is too clumsy… probably Tina better than anyone can handle it. Yeah! Mordecai can leave Talon with Tina only if Brick keep an eye on Tina and Lilith keep an eye on Brick :slight_smile:

You know the rules. Put on your headphones [use the ambience], get fun :Ъ

I noted on the map only the main line, side quests think up yourselves.

After making these arts I began to feel my favorite part of the game a bit differently again. Recently i played with random Lilith and Roland in BL1, they defeat the Rakk Hive and having fun jumping in his moving organs. I have done the same at my first time. It was so interesting and exciting.
But this time i was just stunned and could only stare at eyeless head of the ancient giant. such touching animation. so much pain in every movement… I felt so sorry.
it’s amazing when the game makes you to feel so weird and different on the same points.
Yeah, care so much, as a girl who has grown up on Lorne Lanning’s tales!


I would BEG YOU not to sell yourself short here, @Klopotshina. At the panel, Randy’s EXACT words were: “If you love Borderlands and feel like you could help make it better, I want to hear from you.” I think Randy needs to hear from you. You should email him: heyrandy@gearboxsoftware.com

Yes, they are giving priority, in certain ways, to game devs already in the industry, but I can tell you: having seen the concept art that goes on at GBX, I think you’d be great. Email Randy. Take it from me, you never know til you try.






Fantastic work.

That size of adventure on just a one mapsheet? And how bright ideas; I can’t stand to wait for more.

Yeah, there was e.g. that “Wanted: Dead!” mission in the Secret armory of Gen. Knoxx: “Survive Hera’s/Minerva’s/Ceresia’s/Helicon’s squad”. And personally I just swept those “Omega Assassins” off, forgetting them.
But in Borderlands games, you seldom know, “is this an important part of the story” or “are they making fun of me again”. I wondered, was this some Atlas’ naming policy and was it important?
First I didn’t like BL1 'cause it was so apathetic. But at least it was honest! Nowadays, when playing “e.g.” that Pre-Sequel! you see guys named “Napykins Lunestalker” and “Timber Logwood”, and you know straight away that those characters won’t play a big role in the Borderlands story. But there is always a place for those “Splinter Groups” (BL2) and “Gouda Ramsays” (Ravenous Wattle Gobbler).
That’s why you’re good future designer for Borderlands. You don’t try to turn everything into a joke. You’re style is more at home with those BL comics and even books, which means that… liquidation is the main thing but there is an appropriate dose of corny jokes. I love it.

And when thinking those Hyperius, Vermivorous, Dexiduous, Voracidous the Invincibles, you’re right, they really sound like monster creatures from Pandora’s box… Now I’m thinking the whole game in a different way.

@ErikH,Many thanks!(I hope you mean only Origins comics, because “Fail of Fyrestone” is offensive for me!)
About Greek stuff: well actually I did not want to draw your attention to the names and small details, I meant only the obvious allusion to myth of Pandora in global storyline of Borderlands… but I find your observations is also very interesting…

LOLWHAT?! WHYYYYY!!? I thought you’re my homie… modest and not annoying doesn’t mean apathetic!!
This brilliant work of art is much deeper than you can imagine! storylines in BL and BL2 are like weapons in BL and BL2. In the original game, I can use a second-hand handcrafted Jakobs soaked with sweat and blood of genius masters. In the sequel all guns 3d printed for hundred times. Yes, they are new, beautiful and shiny, but made of plastic… someones to figure it out had to go through fear and loathing in the sequel, then look back and so much realize for themselves… and so many ones do not understands anything at all…
But I was prepared to understand from the very beginning, I love the original BL from the first minutes as very same game that I began to dream about when I was just 7 years old… Well, the truth that’s what I dreamed in childhood was seemed more like BL alpha version 2008 for real hardcore aesthetic perverts, but in comic plating it came out even more original :Ъ
The entire series cool, but first game is MINE!

Oh… wow O_O seriously?

Great Scott!! What should i write to him ?? everything happens so fast! I planned to do an inception when my precious… The Quantum Breaker character class concept for BL3 will be finished… Now I’m in panic!!!
Well… actually i’m not. I ain’t panic since I have dislocated my arm in the elbow and saw it bends in the opposite direction :Щ
So i’ll write to Randy tonight(msk). But that should I write to him?
“Hey, Randy! I’m unknown fan girl from butt of the world, who wants to fight to death for restoration of spiritual harmony in Borderlands setting!” …?
…I have to seriously think about what exactly I should write. Somebody give me advice while I go crazy! : D


And as the tradition.

I have no rights to come to my own art thread without something!
so I took some photos of the sculpture that I made in terracotta few months ago.
Mordecai made of brick, lol :slight_smile:

it started when I made this 3d sketch just wanted to see the other sides of the last picture from Wam Bam series…

Next appeared this one, after which I decided to make the big thing

Work in progress - just bragging. Recently decided to sculpt another charming truxican wrestler! He tells gangsta tales to clay birds on my shelf while waiting when I finish him and cast in brass :3

So it goes : )


Wow…I dont even have any other words.