Way of the Hunter: Borderlands art series by Klopotinsha

Fantastic work.

That size of adventure on just a one mapsheet? And how bright ideas; I can’t stand to wait for more.

Yeah, there was e.g. that “Wanted: Dead!” mission in the Secret armory of Gen. Knoxx: “Survive Hera’s/Minerva’s/Ceresia’s/Helicon’s squad”. And personally I just swept those “Omega Assassins” off, forgetting them.
But in Borderlands games, you seldom know, “is this an important part of the story” or “are they making fun of me again”. I wondered, was this some Atlas’ naming policy and was it important?
First I didn’t like BL1 'cause it was so apathetic. But at least it was honest! Nowadays, when playing “e.g.” that Pre-Sequel! you see guys named “Napykins Lunestalker” and “Timber Logwood”, and you know straight away that those characters won’t play a big role in the Borderlands story. But there is always a place for those “Splinter Groups” (BL2) and “Gouda Ramsays” (Ravenous Wattle Gobbler).
That’s why you’re good future designer for Borderlands. You don’t try to turn everything into a joke. You’re style is more at home with those BL comics and even books, which means that… liquidation is the main thing but there is an appropriate dose of corny jokes. I love it.

And when thinking those Hyperius, Vermivorous, Dexiduous, Voracidous the Invincibles, you’re right, they really sound like monster creatures from Pandora’s box… Now I’m thinking the whole game in a different way.

@ErikH,Many thanks!(I hope you mean only Origins comics, because “Fail of Fyrestone” is offensive for me!)
About Greek stuff: well actually I did not want to draw your attention to the names and small details, I meant only the obvious allusion to myth of Pandora in global storyline of Borderlands… but I find your observations is also very interesting…

LOLWHAT?! WHYYYYY!!? I thought you’re my homie… modest and not annoying doesn’t mean apathetic!!
This brilliant work of art is much deeper than you can imagine! storylines in BL and BL2 are like weapons in BL and BL2. In the original game, I can use a second-hand handcrafted Jakobs soaked with sweat and blood of genius masters. In the sequel all guns 3d printed for hundred times. Yes, they are new, beautiful and shiny, but made of plastic… someones to figure it out had to go through fear and loathing in the sequel, then look back and so much realize for themselves… and so many ones do not understands anything at all…
But I was prepared to understand from the very beginning, I love the original BL from the first minutes as very same game that I began to dream about when I was just 7 years old… Well, the truth that’s what I dreamed in childhood was seemed more like BL alpha version 2008 for real hardcore aesthetic perverts, but in comic plating it came out even more original :Ъ
The entire series cool, but first game is MINE!

Oh… wow O_O seriously?

Great Scott!! What should i write to him ?? everything happens so fast! I planned to do an inception when my precious… The Quantum Breaker character class concept for BL3 will be finished… Now I’m in panic!!!
Well… actually i’m not. I ain’t panic since I have dislocated my arm in the elbow and saw it bends in the opposite direction :Щ
So i’ll write to Randy tonight(msk). But that should I write to him?
“Hey, Randy! I’m unknown fan girl from butt of the world, who wants to fight to death for restoration of spiritual harmony in Borderlands setting!” …?
…I have to seriously think about what exactly I should write. Somebody give me advice while I go crazy! : D


And as the tradition.

I have no rights to come to my own art thread without something!
so I took some photos of the sculpture that I made in terracotta few months ago.
Mordecai made of brick, lol :slight_smile:

it started when I made this 3d sketch just wanted to see the other sides of the last picture from Wam Bam series…

Next appeared this one, after which I decided to make the big thing

Work in progress - just bragging. Recently decided to sculpt another charming truxican wrestler! He tells gangsta tales to clay birds on my shelf while waiting when I finish him and cast in brass :3

So it goes : )


Wow…I dont even have any other words.

Randy is going to take one look at this, open his wallet and ask, “cash or credit”? Imma going to tweet big man randy to see if he notices!

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I bring to your attention the first reflections about possible future design for my favorite characters.
Actually, I’m most passionate about inventing locations right now… but I drew this because my actions have no logic as always!

@Kitty_Jo, Would you kindly, Find a few words now. Please?
Any feedback is very important to make them better. let’s discuss every little detail!

Teen Tina - the same badass as Tiny Tina, but a bit older. She must wear Roland’s beret from BL1, and Mordecai could give her his old waistcoat (certainly not because he don’t mind, this thing just became a bit tight for him). Brick could find for her what some cool bandit bag for pyrotechnics, which I’ll draw next time. And Lilith gives nothing because she rips all her clothes all the time : D

As for my hombre Mordecai,
I’m still not entirely happy with what I got here, but some of the details seems interesting to develop,
I decided to continue the idea of a hairstyle that accidentally happened in Wam Bam series… it needs hell of a lot PhysX :Щ
Also we need a lot of PhysX on a rag on his shoulder that… !spoiler! … hides the lack of his right arm … WHAT? How could this happen ?! :'O

(maybe I overdone with the colors here…but maybe not… I want locations where it would be considered as camouflage! And don’t forget that he is colorblind)

variant with eridian artifact -

No time to explain!!!


Ok. You made me tear up, and for two reasons. Those sculptures hold so much emotion in them, they really do. Really.
And you’re underselling yourself. If you don’t want to do anything for BL3, then don’t, but if you possibly think you do then please don’t undercut what ability you have.


Don’t write him anything, just send him this :smiley:


It’s great that talent like you is with Borderlands.

Sorry I didn’t want to “waste” the space of this forum to my own opinions, but better to do so. I have to admit, I started my life with Borderlands accidentally from BL2… That’s why BL1 seemed to me quite lonely after playing BL2. And most of the few people (in BL1) were hiding their faces under goggles and scarves - they were almost “faceless”. When playing its add-ons, I cursed when there were no fast traveling stations, so e.g. in Secret Armory if I didn’t have time to complete some mission, I had to walk through the Atlas roadblocks again and again, and travel all the way to map’s end. Even though the game said “your progress has been saved”.
But when I first time completed BL2, I made a decision I don’t play any of its add-ons before I’ve “experienced” everything what had been before it. (-> BL1) Then story went finally to New Robot Revolution, which was even relaxing game, and it ended up cleanly to a place where everything had started.
Only annoyance of New Robot R. were recycled opponents (Steele-bot! Knoxx-robot! Ned-o-bot!). (Now I either wasn’t happy to see Little Destroyers in this Holodome Onslaught.)

I don’t have brains to create new ideas for Borderlands, but I hope the best for it, 'cos I just love Borderlands. For me, the story is always more important than just playing FPS. I recently completed BL1 with second playthrough, mainly to get enough levels to finally defeat Crawmerax the Invincible “in easier way” (I didn’t know he still got few levels higher than me). Of course it took work, time and pain, but I had to know if there would be any information I’d get after completing that mission. And in Wam Bam, first vault hunters told they had killed Crawmerax, so I couldn’t let it undone.

You know… I’ve been making a big crazy list about all of the BL characters (over 500 names). There The Pre-Sequel! is only one row between twenty other parts of the story. From three BL books, Mordecai, Bloodwing, Roland and Brick, and BL1 world, have become more and more familiar to me.

Have to remember that Handsome Jack is as good as Borderlands - but Borderlands cannot be built around Handsome Jack.

Perhaps I understand what you mean with that new Fyrestone comic. Okay, I had expected they would finally tell how Pre-Sequel’s crew ruined New Haven and Fyrestone, but maybe it would’ve been too brutal. But yeah, there was something weird in this whole comic.


Names were just an example; maybe not so many times in BL1, but 2 & Pre-S. had even whole missions based on some comics or fairy tales. Like, would this Greek stuff be a joke again? (It wasn’t.) Never know when you have to think ironically.

But now I shut up, 'cos the show is yours.

Awesome work! I could definitely see you going far if the path that you take in life is art. I was looking at the scene with them all around the campfire (my favourite) and for a second I was like, “where’s Roland?” ;(

Always loved your art, glad to see here! c:

Some of those are really, really cool. Those sculptures are powerful.

Love your art, thread subscribed.
Edit: You really should apply for a job at Gearbox, don’t sell yourself short, this is fantastic work.

Must be difficult to separate Tina from Krieg and over-girlish Gaige…
But you didn’t design her as a playable character, I think?

I have been looking at your art for over an hour now. So inspiring! You are truly amazing!! I :heart: all of it

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Your art has been shared on Borderlands’s Facebook and Twitter :smile:

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Hey i love you guys who pays attention here! Really thank you so much <3

How could i not underselling myself if i’m still not badass as i should be? I’m just pathetic!
Anyway I want to be useful for BL3, i really love and care about this setting! And i sent my message to Randy…er… almost five weeks ago… hehe … felt myself like Mordecai who talked to the mountain, L0L :Щ
But the mountain is still not answered. Just imagine how many letters he receives from around the world. Reading them can take a long time… Hope I do not get old, and Randy don’t marked my email as spam… well, @joekgbx kinda promised that he will keep an eye on it, isn’t it? :3

In contrast to BL2 that looks like action movie, original BL is like a book, unobtrusive manner of narration calls for more imagination and it’s good for me. I like how it keeps me interested even in simply walking admiring and sinking into thoughts about something beautiful. You can call me old fashioned, but i prefer when BL was more delicate and cozy science fiction satire, than when it became cynical laughing stock about modern culture : о

These words mean that the whole Borderlands is insipid… Punch-in-a-face the one who told you that! Why do people think that something is cool just because someone told that just for lulz as the test? It’s a bit frightening how so many fans gathered around faceless impersonation of idiocy, immorality and ignorance. Jack is not even the antagonist. It’s just a silly cartoonish parody to Steve ■■■■■■■ Haines with elements of Zachary Comstock’s storyline about power grab with using magical daughter (these two ■■■■■■■■ are antagonists in other two moral educational games under Take2) and Handsome Jack itself is nothing but lie and provocation. It’s empty. Just a monster to defeat. The Destroyer compared with this Jackhole seems like a very intelligent person!

This fake Jack starts to looks more or less pertinent only in TellTale’s Tales as a visual aid how Rhys may look like in very bad version of the universe, but it does not make him more valuable.

BL2 was a necessary evil lesson to make us appreciate things that are really important, to make us stronger and wiser, and make it clear that the killing Rakk Hives is not damn funny and we should be ashamed for what we’ve done. So it goes.

It’s not too late to keep the world from dying…

Just a spit in the face, disgusting and not even close to the game! I would not pay attention if it did not try to create prevocational misleading information about the story and dishonors the characters. Please don’t read this. It will be very bad if someone will judge about the game by reading this horrible comic. Does Neumann know that someone mentioned his name on… something that does not meet the quality standards?

I’m making my own graphic novel with blackjack and hookers to restore the good name of the characters who are dear to me!

aww… that’s cute =^_^=

By the way,
back to my suggestions and ideas for Borderlands 3
remember how i said about

Well, this definition is not quite correct… there might be an arm… kinda… normal sometimes… better hide it… most likely he just remembered that he forgot something very important many years ago…
Anyway weirdness that could happen can serve as a key for the great storyline! hell yeah…
I often wonder why we(characters in the universe with realistic visual style) have dreams and hallucinations in cartoonish graphics… maybe characters from universe with comic book art style could find touchable sci-fi explanation even more awesome than just human psychology… he he : )

song for this picture


-> the song for the next two images

You may disagree with my suggestions about BL3 but one thing I know undeniably - we need more water on Pandora! And it should be interactive and physical. The next game most likely will based on UE4, so imagine how beautiful it would be if even the air looks thick like water on this engine!


About the moral component of the next and final Borderlands game. I see it close in spirit to the moral of story of Peter Gabriel’s OVO.
If Gearbox believe that the target audience is not ready yet, they can make of BL3 another prank like TPS, and i will wait for BL4 where after dispelling the ashes of fallen Babylon must to come the new era of awareness and incredible discoveries.

just listen


I’m totally prepared to enjoy the upcoming great battle with whatever the hell wants to cross the borders and use the energy of purple dimension! I think they may have a lot of names in various universes… We must go on a journey to the green side of Pandora to unravel the mysteries which Gearbox seems have come up with a very long time ago… Sprites will guide us! Or Eridians if it’s not the same thing…

But of course when people hear that they must unite they are doing exactly the opposite. Next BL co-op RPG should contain not less variants of choices than in Telltale’s quests.

I propose to make some sort of factions to follow, based on logical evolution of archetypes of legendary Vault Hunters of the past. It turns a bit like Affinities in new Sid Meier’s CivBE, and i think it should be AWESOME for future Borderlands. As you remember, once i have already suggested the idea to add real time strategy elements to an already incredibly interesting genre of Borderlands on example of Mordecai and herd of beasts.
Factions could offer to players not only the point of view in the story, but also additional quests, tactical battle npc companions, special abilities, equipment upgrades, weapons, exclusive vehicles or even teach how to tame mounts… not bad, huh? ; )

>turn on the music< before watching the pictures

Crimson Raiders led by Lilith the Firehawk are trying to restore order, unite mercenaries all across Pandora and ensure safety for the residents of Sanctuary.

Slabs under the aegis of Brick keeps it gangsta.
For new players at first acquaintance they may appear as frightful barbarians even as serious antagonist, but it is a world where can’t exist univocal antagonist and these guys a really cool if to know them better. King Brick not frivolous like before and he feels responsible for every thug under his roof not allowing to random rascals kill his people even for fun. It’s like a big family.

These strange times raises a lot of hard choices, and even the best friends can stand on opposite sides. Brick may disagree with opinions of Crimson Raiders to respect the interests of his Slabs. Each side can be understood, but even so begins intrigues, distrust and argues as it always happens with creatures who are capable of emotions.

In the thick of events appears the third side with strange news from far away.
Someone could say that he’s weirdo, someone could think that he has replaced alcohol to psychedelics, but i think he clearly knows what he’s doing.

Mordecai the Adept of Living Force and friend of wild creatures , is badass hombre who knows this planet more than anyone else and respects the laws of nature. Circumstances of BL2 gave him a painful lesson that forced him to realise his faults, become wiser and reborn to embody the ancient legendary archetype who will show to people really important things and mysteries they don’t even think about.

He also have some connections with Truxican cartels, but that’s another story… : )


And here is a teaser kinda! :Щ

Listen here another one theme from OVO and go to sleep!

Pretty soon I will introduce to your attention a bunch of drawings with full visual design, storyline and gameplay conception of the protagonist which i’d like to play in Borderlands 3. I haven’t decided what is best - one class with npc support, or make them as separate classes, but I’m sure that these two who i call The Quantum Breaker would be perfect protagonist for future Borderlands! I already want to play as them. I’m trying to study ZBrush in fast mode to be able to create the models. Now I know what “uncanny valley” is…
So it goes.

p.s. This does not mean that I do not want to have playable my hombre Mordecai, but he has become too headstrong and independent so he may permit to look through his eyes only after some episodes of probable future game, he could have awesome personal campaign until appears in the main co-op story… hmm… maybe is a good idea to make a personal entry storyline campaigns for each playable character like it meant in BLbeta? just think about it : )