Way of the Hunter: Borderlands art series by Klopotinsha

Must be difficult to separate Tina from Krieg and over-girlish Gaige…
But you didn’t design her as a playable character, I think?

I have been looking at your art for over an hour now. So inspiring! You are truly amazing!! I :heart: all of it

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Your art has been shared on Borderlands’s Facebook and Twitter :smile:

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Hey i love you guys who pays attention here! Really thank you so much <3

How could i not underselling myself if i’m still not badass as i should be? I’m just pathetic!
Anyway I want to be useful for BL3, i really love and care about this setting! And i sent my message to Randy…er… almost five weeks ago… hehe … felt myself like Mordecai who talked to the mountain, L0L :Щ
But the mountain is still not answered. Just imagine how many letters he receives from around the world. Reading them can take a long time… Hope I do not get old, and Randy don’t marked my email as spam… well, @joekgbx kinda promised that he will keep an eye on it, isn’t it? :3

In contrast to BL2 that looks like action movie, original BL is like a book, unobtrusive manner of narration calls for more imagination and it’s good for me. I like how it keeps me interested even in simply walking admiring and sinking into thoughts about something beautiful. You can call me old fashioned, but i prefer when BL was more delicate and cozy science fiction satire, than when it became cynical laughing stock about modern culture : о

These words mean that the whole Borderlands is insipid… Punch-in-a-face the one who told you that! Why do people think that something is cool just because someone told that just for lulz as the test? It’s a bit frightening how so many fans gathered around faceless impersonation of idiocy, immorality and ignorance. Jack is not even the antagonist. It’s just a silly cartoonish parody to Steve ■■■■■■■ Haines with elements of Zachary Comstock’s storyline about power grab with using magical daughter (these two ■■■■■■■■ are antagonists in other two moral educational games under Take2) and Handsome Jack itself is nothing but lie and provocation. It’s empty. Just a monster to defeat. The Destroyer compared with this Jackhole seems like a very intelligent person!

This fake Jack starts to looks more or less pertinent only in TellTale’s Tales as a visual aid how Rhys may look like in very bad version of the universe, but it does not make him more valuable.

BL2 was a necessary evil lesson to make us appreciate things that are really important, to make us stronger and wiser, and make it clear that the killing Rakk Hives is not damn funny and we should be ashamed for what we’ve done. So it goes.

It’s not too late to keep the world from dying…

Just a spit in the face, disgusting and not even close to the game! I would not pay attention if it did not try to create prevocational misleading information about the story and dishonors the characters. Please don’t read this. It will be very bad if someone will judge about the game by reading this horrible comic. Does Neumann know that someone mentioned his name on… something that does not meet the quality standards?

I’m making my own graphic novel with blackjack and hookers to restore the good name of the characters who are dear to me!

aww… that’s cute =^_^=

By the way,
back to my suggestions and ideas for Borderlands 3
remember how i said about

Well, this definition is not quite correct… there might be an arm… kinda… normal sometimes… better hide it… most likely he just remembered that he forgot something very important many years ago…
Anyway weirdness that could happen can serve as a key for the great storyline! hell yeah…
I often wonder why we(characters in the universe with realistic visual style) have dreams and hallucinations in cartoonish graphics… maybe characters from universe with comic book art style could find touchable sci-fi explanation even more awesome than just human psychology… he he : )

song for this picture


-> the song for the next two images

You may disagree with my suggestions about BL3 but one thing I know undeniably - we need more water on Pandora! And it should be interactive and physical. The next game most likely will based on UE4, so imagine how beautiful it would be if even the air looks thick like water on this engine!


About the moral component of the next and final Borderlands game. I see it close in spirit to the moral of story of Peter Gabriel’s OVO.
If Gearbox believe that the target audience is not ready yet, they can make of BL3 another prank like TPS, and i will wait for BL4 where after dispelling the ashes of fallen Babylon must to come the new era of awareness and incredible discoveries.

just listen


I’m totally prepared to enjoy the upcoming great battle with whatever the hell wants to cross the borders and use the energy of purple dimension! I think they may have a lot of names in various universes… We must go on a journey to the green side of Pandora to unravel the mysteries which Gearbox seems have come up with a very long time ago… Sprites will guide us! Or Eridians if it’s not the same thing…

But of course when people hear that they must unite they are doing exactly the opposite. Next BL co-op RPG should contain not less variants of choices than in Telltale’s quests.

I propose to make some sort of factions to follow, based on logical evolution of archetypes of legendary Vault Hunters of the past. It turns a bit like Affinities in new Sid Meier’s CivBE, and i think it should be AWESOME for future Borderlands. As you remember, once i have already suggested the idea to add real time strategy elements to an already incredibly interesting genre of Borderlands on example of Mordecai and herd of beasts.
Factions could offer to players not only the point of view in the story, but also additional quests, tactical battle npc companions, special abilities, equipment upgrades, weapons, exclusive vehicles or even teach how to tame mounts… not bad, huh? ; )

>turn on the music< before watching the pictures

Crimson Raiders led by Lilith the Firehawk are trying to restore order, unite mercenaries all across Pandora and ensure safety for the residents of Sanctuary.

Slabs under the aegis of Brick keeps it gangsta.
For new players at first acquaintance they may appear as frightful barbarians even as serious antagonist, but it is a world where can’t exist univocal antagonist and these guys a really cool if to know them better. King Brick not frivolous like before and he feels responsible for every thug under his roof not allowing to random rascals kill his people even for fun. It’s like a big family.

These strange times raises a lot of hard choices, and even the best friends can stand on opposite sides. Brick may disagree with opinions of Crimson Raiders to respect the interests of his Slabs. Each side can be understood, but even so begins intrigues, distrust and argues as it always happens with creatures who are capable of emotions.

In the thick of events appears the third side with strange news from far away.
Someone could say that he’s weirdo, someone could think that he has replaced alcohol to psychedelics, but i think he clearly knows what he’s doing.

Mordecai the Adept of Living Force and friend of wild creatures , is badass hombre who knows this planet more than anyone else and respects the laws of nature. Circumstances of BL2 gave him a painful lesson that forced him to realise his faults, become wiser and reborn to embody the ancient legendary archetype who will show to people really important things and mysteries they don’t even think about.

He also have some connections with Truxican cartels, but that’s another story… : )


And here is a teaser kinda! :Щ

Listen here another one theme from OVO and go to sleep!

Pretty soon I will introduce to your attention a bunch of drawings with full visual design, storyline and gameplay conception of the protagonist which i’d like to play in Borderlands 3. I haven’t decided what is best - one class with npc support, or make them as separate classes, but I’m sure that these two who i call The Quantum Breaker would be perfect protagonist for future Borderlands! I already want to play as them. I’m trying to study ZBrush in fast mode to be able to create the models. Now I know what “uncanny valley” is…
So it goes.

p.s. This does not mean that I do not want to have playable my hombre Mordecai, but he has become too headstrong and independent so he may permit to look through his eyes only after some episodes of probable future game, he could have awesome personal campaign until appears in the main co-op story… hmm… maybe is a good idea to make a personal entry storyline campaigns for each playable character like it meant in BLbeta? just think about it : )


Howdy K… My “quote” about H-Jack… Everything I meant was, when I started playing BL2 (my first BL), I noticed BL series can offer very interesting enemies, like Handsome Jack. But it was unnecessary to make a disc-format game for him, not to mention its “add-ons” and all that Pants-off Celebration Party For H-Jack.
For me the Pre-Sequel!!! is not ‘the new Borderlands game’. I wan’t to forget it and skip it and I don’t even want to visit GBX site seeing anything 'bout it.

(Tales I didn’t play very long. I lost my interest when seeing some museum about Pirate’s Booty.
Sorry I still get back to this: BL 1 was rugged; simple in a good way. And I didn’t feel too lonely when psychos and marauders even pointed and spoke to me, warning me staying away from them.)

You really want to end BL’s story? I feel sad when I see those charact- our friends getting old. I really didn’t learn enough about them - but maybe it’s time for this. Better to quit on top. Your ideas are just that “top”, so I hope they’ll find their way to the future game.
I think I disliked TPS also because the “sky” was depressingly black. And I remember a moment in BL2 when I stepped to Highlands and saw a text “Get to your friends”, Sanctuary in the sky, Opportunity in the horizon, and the grass. Environment is not meaningless.
What we know about a time when those ships and anchors didn’t hang from mountainsides? Pandora doesn’t have too many those watered landscapes you’ve described.
Good luck with catching Randy!

I want to trust Borderlands’s future. I know the people who are telling the Borderlands’ story haven’t revealed all the secrets yet, and there will be great adventures. Or may be…
Who is Moxxi’s third child? What happened during “The Rancid War”?


I love how pretty much all of these have Mordecai in them hes one of my favorite characters since playing him and being really good with him in the original. Hes my favorite of all the sniper characters though.

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Exactly! BL series can offer a lots of amazing enemies! But Fake Jack is definitely not one of them. It’s just a cowardly helpless creature not able to do anything by its own hands, and if to take away the qualities that it appropriated from Haines and Comstock it becomes just boring and faceless…
Nah, there is no sports interest for The Hunter.

Wellp, I thought the Pre-sequel was initially positioned as a big add-on for Borderlands2, fan content in the same format like Bioshock 2. And that it costs 1.5K rubles and available in individual packing is a part of trolling :}

I had runthrough only the main plot of TPS. Then in my canon Mordecai got bored listening this sick story and went on his own quest with The Mountain.

Actually i planned a few badass arts about pre-sequel stuff before release (some meat mash in New Haven), but after beating the game i canceled them. Because i was a bit (understatement) disappointed in playable characters (i mean two of them, which at first seemed more stylish). I expected from Wilhelm evil genius with psychedelic ambiance in Dominique Pinon style… but Wilhelm appeared simply imbecile.
And my decision to play as Nisha was totally fail… who knows, maybe it could be better if we were playing as Athena-Out and Сlaptrap…But in fact the worst way became an interesting experience. Don’t recall that i ever been so disagreed with playable character… whole game i calmed myself with the fact that Zer0 will shot that stupid biatch IN A FACE in BL2 :Ъ
I am very glad that Fiona from Tales could provide me all the positive emotions that I expected but not received from Nisha The Jackassholekisser.

But I don’t think that TPS was useless. It brings nihilistic line of BL2 to the point of absurdity and helps to get rid of all doubts.
Become clear that in the story of fake Jack were no drama, he was soulless from the beginning and behaves like annoying bunny from Looney Tunes, and even a storyline about its daughter was purposely mentioned only as Easter egg and something absolutely trifling.

In TPS have shown that the difference between Vault Hunters and Jackholes is simple and clear as between S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA (Marvel Cinematic Universe). And I want so everyone have learned that degenerates, who believes that mercy and compassion are weakness, will never win.

But in fact in this game, except all crap and provocations, were a lot of really amazing positive moments.

The game have a lot of really interesting details to stare at and listen!! I want to draw your attention to animation, the work of sculptors, color schemes and lighting, artistic design(except comic pictures in the introduction cutscene, these are disgusting but explainable in story as fact that Athena simply have very poor imagination), and stunning soundtrack ambience and all sounds in general are very cool! For example sounds of moon lockers are very interesting indeed! Style of the whole game perfectly conveys the moon mood. The story also has some pleasant surprises.

Moment with The Eye was my favorite! Awww…So sweet nostalgia about our good old buddy Pit Worm and so wonderful occasion to forgive Moxxi! It was like Christmas for me! :'D

And ERIDIANS! Hell of a lot of ERIDIANS!! It was so lonely without this fantastically beautiful alien stuff! This was revealed exactly how I dreamed since the original Borderlands! AWWWW!!!
And it was so awful to defile these sacred magnificent things, playing as soulless ignorant perverts. Teeth clenched i was pressing the buttons moving her disgusting dirty rough hands only to know how this mess will end.

But how Lilith just punched that annoying Bugs Bunny in a face was awesome! I’ve been waiting for this moment : D

And the final scene (when Athena finished narration and Lilith has decided to shut her up too) which generated so much cognitive dissonances in the community, wasn’t care me at all… My mind was busy with Eridian stuff so i missed the action :slight_smile:
I don’t understand how people still discussing such boring things when the appearance of that magical hombre who said “naughty” in the beginning was so freaking incredibly cool!!

All’s well that ends well.

Now we have full understanding of the difference between high science fiction satire and flat cynical comedy. We had to feel anger and disgust from BL2 to realize the value of things that we were taken for granted in the original game. With time pain passed and remained strength and wisdom.

Thanks GBX for the great experience!

It is a great joy that even in the dark era of BL2, hope remains, giving birth to characters like Tiny Tina, Shade, Mr. Torgue and his grandma Flexington. Because friendship is F* awesome!
But I think it would be right to sue Mr. Burch for cruelty to animals :Щ
Anyway his function finished.

And I agree that GBX site looks unpresentable with all these golden masks and TPS tinsel :0

And you know what? I will not discuss anything with you until you will play Telltale’s Tales properly ;]
BECAUSE it is the best… well, actually it can’t be better than the first game because the first game is the best till the end of times, so I’ll tell you that Tales is the most important game of series at this moment.
It returns the series to healthy and harmonious way, completes BL2 story making it all sensible.
I am still a bit shocked by the opening of second episode, right after realizing in my own painted adventures with Rakk Hives… to hear this song this way…

Back to my vision of BL3.

No, i don’t want to end BL’s story. I mean, yes, i want to end the Borderlands story to bring the setting beyond the borders, opening multiverse and stirring layers of reality.
This can’t happen soon. This should happen only after the whole BL3, its 4 or more DLCs, and maybe 2 big addons available in individual packing, and of course some seasons of Telltale’s, and Neill Blomkamp’s movie, and…
Hell, I’m start talking like I could make an inception… hehehe… Well, maybe I could if you believe in me. An idea is like a virus…
Just kidding, I’m just a little girl and nobody will listen to me.

Why everyone notices that my neo Mordecai is old like he is older than he should be?
Anyway inside it is still like a child. I do not know why his dreadlocks have become almost white in my hands … it happened accidentally maybe I was unconsciously impressed by his change between BL1 and BL2 and instinctively made a logical extension. The new colors may symbolize his evolution from wicked to wise.
You should not worry about age of characters.
Art is a multidimensional universe inhabited by spirits and archetypes which have no horizons of past and future.

How about Wam Bam Island? It’s a magical place…
And Opportunity you mentioned is placed on the water, and many other locations are surrounded by water, as well as most of all locations makes it clear that once it had been deep under water, and the tops of the highest mountains were islands.
Just look around. What about giant fish skeletons scattered everywhere? They are on the surface just at the whim of the artists, or is it possible to explain by sandstorms that bares them… or they died just cycle back after the recent reflux? And at the season of high tide their eggs will hatch under the sand and we get some new raid bosses!

We know that Pandora is not what it seems at first glance.
First colonists and archaeologists thought that the whole planet is extinct, they didn’t expect to meet there alive and hungry things like skags and rakks that woke up after hibernation when temperature began to rise. Almost all known stories of BL beta turns around it. The time in which takes place BL1 story may be called the early thaw, and BL2 turns as a season of spring when all crap turns out on the surface, but soon it will overgrown with grass and the summer season will begin, so we be able to see all magnificence of this magical planet.
If you walk through the first game more carefully and listen Patricia Tannis’ research works you could learn a lot about the cycles.

We have already seen this planet from space a few times. Pay attention to difference between its condition in BL1 and TPS. At the first time it was almost completely dry, and after very little time its color changes and real seas appears. Who knows maybe Border Pandora can sometimes looks green like James Cameron’s Pandora.

Of course it must not be entirely green! It must remain enough salt flats for death racing and high snowy mountains to stare at dawns. But giant swamps and jungles is also very cool!

It is important to understand that Borderlands is not a post-apocalyptic setting like Mad Max, Fallout or Nausicaa. It is social science fiction in space futuristic setting where apocalypse just not yet happened thanks to great ancient alien ones who sacrificed themselves to protect something important, but maybe has to happen… if humanity does not become wise enough to defeat its own ignorance. It is our chance to prove that humanity is able to learn from the mistakes of the past.

Won’t be surprised, if in BL3 we’ll meet ~ten years old Truxican as the consequence of our Underdome adventures :slight_smile:

What war? This General Butthole offended a little girl and Roland kicked his ass for this! And then Tina thrust some of her ladies right in his General butt, and then BOOM! And all the crap were scattered around! That’s why she mentioned this like a “buttcrap”. The end.
I’m afraid people with dirty minds can imagine the story that I just told wrong way i don’t want to know, so I’d better make an explanation:
As General Rancid’s butt in this story was a tailpipe of the mech suit, so everything was cool and badass! And bloody special effects were nice and cozy like in Tarantino’s movies!
I advise you to ALWAYS guide your imagination aside aesthetics and do not perceive the words too literally. It will make your inner world AWESOME!

Thank you for your attention!

And now I’d like to show you another stack of illustrations about my vision of Borderlands 3.
I’m not going to impose my opinion to anyone. I just inform you that I really care about the setting, about Mordecai and all he loves, humanity, animals, nature, Eridians, Race X… what?
And if I won’t like the way that official canon will chose, I always have my own alternate universe with continuation of the story. But the wind whispers that everything will be… AWESOME!

I ask you as I always do


>if something is not working try this one<

I want you to listen the music that have painted through me, while stare at the pictures and fragments of thoughts I brought here. Try to feel it integer and let it grow in your mind.

It’s said war - war never changes. Men do, through the roads they walk…

I am very glad that i underwent with Mordecai his character evolution from wicked to wise. I was expecting a lot from this setting initially when i only started my “way of the hunter”, but I could not imagine in what it will turn.
I’m really happy that in Mordecai appeared the same great ancient archetype… hehehe… in old Truxican it looks so damn funny! Possible to create the impression that he just out of his mind : D
And… Hey! He’s not old! He is awesome! And now he is clean and smells good … like unripe mango peel (who do not know, it smells almost like a pine but more fruity)
And now he will show us the way.
After all that happened, he cannot do otherwise. For the story there is the only one possible alternative option. Just kill him. But I do not recommend to do this because it is not cool. But many will try, because people do not understand and fear such power. It changes people.

"Is the blue-clad one just a hope passed down by the aboriginal Dorok religions, based on a historical person?
Or are they real people, created by the very lifeforce of our species, reaching across space and time in our moment of need…?" - Yupa The Swordsmaster (Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind 1987)

I know that many may think that I might just want to tie one to another. But I realized that this motif with the archetype has already happened before, only when it happened through me on Mordecai. It’s a magical feeling…
When something is happening in our world, it is always reflects in Art of our species.
Now in Borderlands setting becomes the moment of need of returning [set symbolic color here]-clad one.
It will be a target for savage and ignorant ones, so we have to protect it.

And it’s so awesome to chop off hands of the cutest ones!! MWAHAHAHA I come up with it here earlier than it was done in MCU!! (Luke Skywalker is not considered there is completely different ritual symbolism).

I’ve seen hundreds of miles of swamps surrounding Ruins of Helios. From height of Talon’s flight it looks like a carpet of yellow flowers.

It’s the time of turning and we’d better learn to say our goodbyes

I would like if in the future game the locations will be more changing with the passage of time, as an irreversible phasing during the story and as a cyclical events from sunset to sunrise not only in visual but also in tactile gameplay interactive details like water level, behavior of nature and physical anomalies. Imagine how fun it will be co-op!
e.g. Player1 wants to lead Player2 to the beautiful place with rare mobs full of loot he had found in previous session, but when they come to the point on the map, the same place is completely different!
“WTF?!”- says Player1

With the high tide alive ones may come again… to lay down their skeletons after next reflux.

I called this location the Plains of Floating Stones because it was the usual plain but when the water rose, large stone slabs parted to pieces and left on the surface. Underneath turned the ruins of some sort of industrial quarter of ancient eridian city. Interesting place for diving.

I do not like dolls with removable heads. I propose to make a changes of characters’ image with a sense and more realistic.

After opening the Vaults on Pandora appeared many areas with a high content of toxic fumes from decay of eridium, where people and other non-adapted creatures can’t survive without special masks.

The same should be done with weapons.
Special equipment depending on zone of action.
Areas where cannot be used digistruct stuff and districts were can be used only digistruct stuff.
Under water better to use harpoons… but the player can always experiment with shock weapons, only checking that his friends were not nearby :Ъ
Or maybe try corrosive on a shaky metal construction?
Just do not try to make yourself a burning trap, lol.
Interaction with the environment is cool, isn’t it? We need to get the most out of the new engine.

By the way, the fact that people do not know in BL2 that eridium is so dangerous for them should not remain without consequences…

Scythid Giraffes - versatile creatures for any situation. They are big and dangerous. Lightning reaction makes them very badass enemies even for full party. Long necks and raptorial claws help them get you out from any fissure and tear to pieces! They becomes true epitome of survival horror… Hehehe… If you idiot enough to annoy them.

There is another side. If you will behave yourself properly like Mordecai could teach you, these creatures can show themselves majestic and beautiful like brachiosaurus from Jurassic Park.
Just, would you kindly, scroll back and look at this sketch again when the flute song starts.

Among such style and grace
Our highest hopes
None standing still
The running joke

Where goes the warm embrace
It fade without return
Appears to slip through fingertips
And burn

Just look at you now

Look at you now…

I have been thinking about why Mordecai became an alcoholic in BL2. It was kinda out of canon for lifelover, philosopher and explorer I met in the original game. He can’t become just bored for this self-destruction… I mean of course he was drinking and before and during BL1 but in reasonable limits… I mean, Truxican needs a very large dose of alcohol to become really drunk, so he was not having perceptible effect on his condition.

The first hypothesis, that developers just were trying to nerf him for the sake of the story as they were doing more than seven years. In BL2 it was important to keep him on supporting role for some controversial reasons…

Anyway I can offer you more interesting logical science fiction explanation of Mordecai’s disgusting behavior.
During his travels through Eridian ruins and other abnormal locations he was subjected by strong psionic radiation that drives people mad forcing them to scream about poop trains and meat bicycles. But he found a way out as he always does. Need to be an idiot genius to find such way.
Mordecai started drinking to slow down his brain so he could stay calm, quiet and stable.
Condition that we could observe on him in BL2 was kinda hibernation while his mind was trying to adapt for new settings, and his body was trying not to die of intoxication.
Support of friends and a few ECHOnet seasons of Downton Abbey helped him to go through this difficult period. Only Roland and Bloodwing could know what really happened to him…

When realization occurred, Mordecai heard the voice of The Mountain.
The Mountain said that he can take off the fetters of mind, because hе never been an ignorant parasite like other ones of his species and he could be useful to teach mankind a good manners.
So Mordecai quit drinking and become able to feel each living thing on Pandora: animals, humans, the ancient ones, the soul of the whole planet and himself.
And so he became what he became in this thread.

And that one shall come garbed in poncho of gold and descending upon a field of cyan…

And that one needs his original voice back!


As usual, fantastic work.

Love your art.

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I’m through.
Telltale’s version of Borderlands is full of action and charming characters. It is too entertaining, more like a movie, and movies I never got enough in BL1&2. Five hours with these two current episodes almost challenge my 1000 hours on Pandora, but finally the experience isn’t the same.

[quote=“Klopotinsha, post:52, topic:3264”]
What war? This General Butthole offended a little girl and Roland kicked his ass for this! And then Tina thrust some of her ladies right in his General butt, and then BOOM! And all the crap were scattered around! That’s why she mentioned this like a “buttcrap”. The end.
[/quote]I don’t believe that.

It was “go through forum replies” day for me, and got to wondering how you and stuff/artwork/gearbox?/etc. was doing.

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Good time of day my dearest Lords and Ladies!

I’m sorry, was unable to appear here for a long time.
Have been very busy in the last few months. Presented a graduate work in… Think in your language is correct to call it Roerich’s college, received a diploma certifying my badassitude. Then came the long month of exhausting struggle for a place in Repin Institute (aka Saint Petersburg Imperial Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture)
I chose sculpture department. The most versatile, fun and useful in technical sense IMHO
…aaaand i entered! (of course) because i’m badass!
And with the help of this magical place and my infinite labor i’ll become a highest level professional BADASS!! And keep serve through my life to the Art, working hard to RAISE THIS F* BAR!!

What mo’ can I say, I wouldn’t be here today
If da old school didn’t pave the way.

So it goes.

Sooner or later, I will answer to all private messages. I hope you understand that I need time to create stuff that I show in this thread, so I can’t spend a lot of time in internet. But I also really appreciate your attention. Even more than you think. So I highly recommend you to leave your comments right here in this thread. Don’t wait for me, discuss it with each other. I will see it and my heart will filled with the energy of your brain impulses, so i can work it harder, do it faster, better, stronger more than ever, to transmit multiplied energy back to you.
Of course positive energy a thousand times stronger, but negative is also quite edible… just curious if haters could actually explain why do they hated me, lol : D
Come on, don’t be shy! I need MOAR souls to charge my artifacts! :slight_smile:

I see in my PM many questions about “so weird”, “extremely bright”, “psychedelic” colors on my new bleached Mordecai.
Weighing all the rational and irrational reasons why I did it… i say YES he must be painted in dazzling yellow and gray… BECAUSE I SAID SO!
I really care about canon and correctness of all this things, so you have to trust me.
And do not compare his yellow with Hyperion “plastic toothbrush” yellow.
Mordecai’s yellow is hot and full of life like golden sun that breaks the dark clouds and warms the plains.
And the purpose that he must carry obliges him to be bright, lambent and visible from afar.
He will have to play a role of a bait, but too fast and cunning to be caught and killed.
He’s a keeper of the mind blowing knowledge that must be laid in human heads, but gradually and very carefully so as not to cause unnecessary initiative and unforeseen consequences… in such crazy circumstances he will have to show all of his delicate trolling skills to lure people at the right time to the right places…
Just imagined a series of quests where one tribe of savages are going to war with another tribe claiming that the Spirit of Nature is actually painted in blue and black… i mean kinda allusion on this definitely GREEN and RED dress… that’s what i called unnecessary initiative LOL : D


You know, i really like the theme of color perception. And the fact that Mordecai is colorblind is a very interesting detail. I think he’s a classical protanope. I got such a cool experience while was doing these first person view arts… but nobody even noticed… hehehe :Ъ
And also very funny that case that in BL2 Mordecai wears those very colors he actually can’t see the way others do. I think it was Lilith’s idea like “Hey, we are the Crimson Raiders, so we must wear crimson things!”
“Just hold still!”

But in BL3 Mordecai can’t belong to any human organization so he just chooses colors maximally perceptible for his own eyes. And maybe he actually looks as he sees himself, and the others just see excess colors

and his whole appearance is actually designed for expressive blend with the environment, and the first meeting with this character in BL3 (especially for new players) should be like “What the F* was THAT?!!”

And yeah, the hair color! I think it’s awesome to dye latinoterrans in white!

By the way i’m not the only one who think so

(on the picture is Benicio as The Collector from MCU for example)

it looks so sci-fi and exotic and it perfectly fits to Mordecai because it’s quite the thing!
Exotic soigne sci-fi freak in ethnopunk style - that’s what i want!

and it is important to me that Mordecai’s hair become not gray, but unnatural bleached because of genetic bugs most likely caused by interdimensional anomalies, kinda like instant mutation but on Eridian engine…

And yeah… the arm… that’s the cool piece!
What actually happened?
Well, if I was one of the team of GBX scriptwriters, I would suggest at least six very successful and interesting variants and a couple more completely crazy and ridiculous : D

But the main point is that he can’t place there stable cyber prosthesis, because his own hand is not amputated… physically it’s still on the place… sometimes… but sometimes it doesn’t…


And after all I want to say a couple of gentle about Telltale’s Tales… that affected to the way of the Hunter.

SPOILER ALERT for episode four!

In the third episode, I didn’t attach much importance to cameo appearance of True Vault Hunters. They have repeatedly faced with similar situations before… like “Well, let’s quickly finish this short simply quest and go to sleep! …What? There additional character appears! Damn! It could become a long quest chain… Wwhhhyyyyyy didn’t we leave it for tomorrow!? Ugh…I’m already so tired, amigo!”
Anyway it was fun as always… But in this world of double standards, nothing remains without unforeseen consequences… If… I just can’t stop thinking about it… If Mordecai just simply shot Fiona in the 3rd episode he could save his ex-wife’s child…
But such outcomes can’t be predicted in advance, so he can only get drunk.
See You Space Cowboy…

I am very glad that Borderlands series finally received decent antagonists. I mean these Wannabe Vault Hunters from Telltale’s Tales. They are really pleasant, challenging and well developed characters, and their tale is really exciting!
But their motives are immoral, they do not care about the other characters and their actions are DANGEROUS for the whole setting! To open the Vault? Aren’t they heard the old legends? What if they will release the FREAKING FLYING POLYPS??? Or I dunno what is worse… Hope the Great Ancient Ones had time to craft some companion Soul Cubes just in case… and True Vault Hunters will appear when it’s time…

It is important to understand, that “Vault Hunters” is not the ones who open the Vaults, but the ones who appear at the right time in the right place as the guardians of the gates who protect the worlds they love.

And I repeat once again

“I’ve seen some shiт, amigo.
All those lost gringos who defiled the sacred lands and drowning in their own blood. All this insanity.
I saw how this starts. Many times… always the same picture.
El sueño de la razón produce monstruos…
I almost became one of these monsters.
But… you know what always saves me?
I just can’t stop admire the beauty of this world. This place — is not what it seems…”

I decided to turn time back to the beginning and draw your attention on graphic novel that I’m writing/painting basing on classic BL.
Its plot revolves around philosophical discussion between the man of logic and the weirdo who kisses the bird and tells strange stories about connections with the spirits of the great ancient race.

As a teaser I’ll show you a few illustrations of some memories and metaphors that coming alive in Mordecai’s head and interweaving with reality, while he was trying to articulate his point of view…
I put these illustrations in chronological order with its own independent meaning as a tale about the journey of space cowboy and immortal soul that reaches its own path through legends untold…

The message i spread is clearly explained in each word and each sound of the songs i want you to listen.


if something is not working try this one <-

there must be 7 songs in its own sequence, assembled for the whole stack of illustrations, so you can stare at each picture so long as you like.

Reach out to me, give me your hands
We close the circuits of time

1 - Hide And Seek

2 - Pandora

3 - Old New Friend

4 - The Journey

5 - Bloodwing

6 - Borders

7 - Logical Reason

8 - The Soul

9 - everlasting Icarus

10 - Tales

11 - Bladeflower

12 - Oneness

13 - Cherub

14 - much further than Jimenez

15 - gearbox


Amazing work as always, @Klopotinsha! Can’t wait to see what @Kitty_Jo thinks of this one!


Whyyy did I not receive a notification about being taaaaaggggeeddd? You let me down discourse…

I am soo happy to see you return! And you bring with you more of your beautiful work! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

The picture “Tales” struck me for some reason. Maybe it’s because I usually play Mordy with my friend as Roland. So ive got a special place for those 2 in my heart.

Looking at your work has once again made me forget the struggles of life and transported me to another world…Being Pandora. :heart::heart:


@JoeKGBX, @Kitty_Jo ! Thank you very much! You’re awesome!

And other ones who became even more silent than before are… radishes! КЮ! :Ъ

Kitty Jo, I am very glad that you paid attention to “Tales”, hope you will like it when we’ll tell it.

Btw, we usually play with the same composition, me gusta Morde and my Roman as Roland!

Actually, an idea of graphic novel had come to us this way. We were just playing the game, talking about incredibly awesome stuff… and then something happened and we just went outside and started to stare at the stars and the moon in our own irl sky, keep talking about awesome stuff, comprehending the way of Living Force and synchronizing with the Universe… And then we decided to share this simple short story about things of life we have come up with… and now i’m painting it!

I’m just a tool, because life is short, Art eternal, subjective character of experience, constants and variables, everything is relative, opportunity fleeting, experience perilous and decision difficult…
So it goes!

I’m making it not to make you forget about struggles but to force everyone who will see it to pay more attention to the wonderful moments of life… but you can put accents as you like, just ENJOY IT!

I also recommend you to watch “The Three Burials” a great film masterpiece by Tommy Lee Jones about real border lands on Earth… one of my favorite movies, by the way!.. and after that try to start a new game in Borderlands as Purgatory for Melquiades… and others Julio’s never dying characters… interesting experience guaranteed :}

Oh, and i’m still interesting what you think about all BL3 concept art stuff happend in this thread! =^_^=

Oh I almost forgot my creed “not write here anything without posting pictures”…

Well, it’s just a palette. One does not simply lie on my table not becoming covered with sketches.