Way of the Hunter: Borderlands art series by Klopotinsha

It was “go through forum replies” day for me, and got to wondering how you and stuff/artwork/gearbox?/etc. was doing.

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Good time of day my dearest Lords and Ladies!

I’m sorry, was unable to appear here for a long time.
Have been very busy in the last few months. Presented a graduate work in… Think in your language is correct to call it Roerich’s college, received a diploma certifying my badassitude. Then came the long month of exhausting struggle for a place in Repin Institute (aka Saint Petersburg Imperial Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture)
I chose sculpture department. The most versatile, fun and useful in technical sense IMHO
…aaaand i entered! (of course) because i’m badass!
And with the help of this magical place and my infinite labor i’ll become a highest level professional BADASS!! And keep serve through my life to the Art, working hard to RAISE THIS F* BAR!!

What mo’ can I say, I wouldn’t be here today
If da old school didn’t pave the way.

So it goes.

Sooner or later, I will answer to all private messages. I hope you understand that I need time to create stuff that I show in this thread, so I can’t spend a lot of time in internet. But I also really appreciate your attention. Even more than you think. So I highly recommend you to leave your comments right here in this thread. Don’t wait for me, discuss it with each other. I will see it and my heart will filled with the energy of your brain impulses, so i can work it harder, do it faster, better, stronger more than ever, to transmit multiplied energy back to you.
Of course positive energy a thousand times stronger, but negative is also quite edible… just curious if haters could actually explain why do they hated me, lol : D
Come on, don’t be shy! I need MOAR souls to charge my artifacts! :slight_smile:

I see in my PM many questions about “so weird”, “extremely bright”, “psychedelic” colors on my new bleached Mordecai.
Weighing all the rational and irrational reasons why I did it… i say YES he must be painted in dazzling yellow and gray… BECAUSE I SAID SO!
I really care about canon and correctness of all this things, so you have to trust me.
And do not compare his yellow with Hyperion “plastic toothbrush” yellow.
Mordecai’s yellow is hot and full of life like golden sun that breaks the dark clouds and warms the plains.
And the purpose that he must carry obliges him to be bright, lambent and visible from afar.
He will have to play a role of a bait, but too fast and cunning to be caught and killed.
He’s a keeper of the mind blowing knowledge that must be laid in human heads, but gradually and very carefully so as not to cause unnecessary initiative and unforeseen consequences… in such crazy circumstances he will have to show all of his delicate trolling skills to lure people at the right time to the right places…
Just imagined a series of quests where one tribe of savages are going to war with another tribe claiming that the Spirit of Nature is actually painted in blue and black… i mean kinda allusion on this definitely GREEN and RED dress… that’s what i called unnecessary initiative LOL : D


You know, i really like the theme of color perception. And the fact that Mordecai is colorblind is a very interesting detail. I think he’s a classical protanope. I got such a cool experience while was doing these first person view arts… but nobody even noticed… hehehe :Ъ
And also very funny that case that in BL2 Mordecai wears those very colors he actually can’t see the way others do. I think it was Lilith’s idea like “Hey, we are the Crimson Raiders, so we must wear crimson things!”
“Just hold still!”

But in BL3 Mordecai can’t belong to any human organization so he just chooses colors maximally perceptible for his own eyes. And maybe he actually looks as he sees himself, and the others just see excess colors

and his whole appearance is actually designed for expressive blend with the environment, and the first meeting with this character in BL3 (especially for new players) should be like “What the F* was THAT?!!”

And yeah, the hair color! I think it’s awesome to dye latinoterrans in white!

By the way i’m not the only one who think so

(on the picture is Benicio as The Collector from MCU for example)

it looks so sci-fi and exotic and it perfectly fits to Mordecai because it’s quite the thing!
Exotic soigne sci-fi freak in ethnopunk style - that’s what i want!

and it is important to me that Mordecai’s hair become not gray, but unnatural bleached because of genetic bugs most likely caused by interdimensional anomalies, kinda like instant mutation but on Eridian engine…

And yeah… the arm… that’s the cool piece!
What actually happened?
Well, if I was one of the team of GBX scriptwriters, I would suggest at least six very successful and interesting variants and a couple more completely crazy and ridiculous : D

But the main point is that he can’t place there stable cyber prosthesis, because his own hand is not amputated… physically it’s still on the place… sometimes… but sometimes it doesn’t…


And after all I want to say a couple of gentle about Telltale’s Tales… that affected to the way of the Hunter.

SPOILER ALERT for episode four!

In the third episode, I didn’t attach much importance to cameo appearance of True Vault Hunters. They have repeatedly faced with similar situations before… like “Well, let’s quickly finish this short simply quest and go to sleep! …What? There additional character appears! Damn! It could become a long quest chain… Wwhhhyyyyyy didn’t we leave it for tomorrow!? Ugh…I’m already so tired, amigo!”
Anyway it was fun as always… But in this world of double standards, nothing remains without unforeseen consequences… If… I just can’t stop thinking about it… If Mordecai just simply shot Fiona in the 3rd episode he could save his ex-wife’s child…
But such outcomes can’t be predicted in advance, so he can only get drunk.
See You Space Cowboy…

I am very glad that Borderlands series finally received decent antagonists. I mean these Wannabe Vault Hunters from Telltale’s Tales. They are really pleasant, challenging and well developed characters, and their tale is really exciting!
But their motives are immoral, they do not care about the other characters and their actions are DANGEROUS for the whole setting! To open the Vault? Aren’t they heard the old legends? What if they will release the FREAKING FLYING POLYPS??? Or I dunno what is worse… Hope the Great Ancient Ones had time to craft some companion Soul Cubes just in case… and True Vault Hunters will appear when it’s time…

It is important to understand, that “Vault Hunters” is not the ones who open the Vaults, but the ones who appear at the right time in the right place as the guardians of the gates who protect the worlds they love.

And I repeat once again

“I’ve seen some shiт, amigo.
All those lost gringos who defiled the sacred lands and drowning in their own blood. All this insanity.
I saw how this starts. Many times… always the same picture.
El sueño de la razón produce monstruos…
I almost became one of these monsters.
But… you know what always saves me?
I just can’t stop admire the beauty of this world. This place — is not what it seems…”

I decided to turn time back to the beginning and draw your attention on graphic novel that I’m writing/painting basing on classic BL.
Its plot revolves around philosophical discussion between the man of logic and the weirdo who kisses the bird and tells strange stories about connections with the spirits of the great ancient race.

As a teaser I’ll show you a few illustrations of some memories and metaphors that coming alive in Mordecai’s head and interweaving with reality, while he was trying to articulate his point of view…
I put these illustrations in chronological order with its own independent meaning as a tale about the journey of space cowboy and immortal soul that reaches its own path through legends untold…

The message i spread is clearly explained in each word and each sound of the songs i want you to listen.


if something is not working try this one <-

there must be 7 songs in its own sequence, assembled for the whole stack of illustrations, so you can stare at each picture so long as you like.

Reach out to me, give me your hands
We close the circuits of time

1 - Hide And Seek

2 - Pandora

3 - Old New Friend

4 - The Journey

5 - Bloodwing

6 - Borders

7 - Logical Reason

8 - The Soul

9 - everlasting Icarus

10 - Tales

11 - Bladeflower

12 - Oneness

13 - Cherub

14 - much further than Jimenez

15 - gearbox


Amazing work as always, @Klopotinsha! Can’t wait to see what @Kitty_Jo thinks of this one!


Whyyy did I not receive a notification about being taaaaaggggeeddd? You let me down discourse…

I am soo happy to see you return! And you bring with you more of your beautiful work! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

The picture “Tales” struck me for some reason. Maybe it’s because I usually play Mordy with my friend as Roland. So ive got a special place for those 2 in my heart.

Looking at your work has once again made me forget the struggles of life and transported me to another world…Being Pandora. :heart::heart:


@JoeKGBX, @Kitty_Jo ! Thank you very much! You’re awesome!

And other ones who became even more silent than before are… radishes! КЮ! :Ъ

Kitty Jo, I am very glad that you paid attention to “Tales”, hope you will like it when we’ll tell it.

Btw, we usually play with the same composition, me gusta Morde and my Roman as Roland!

Actually, an idea of graphic novel had come to us this way. We were just playing the game, talking about incredibly awesome stuff… and then something happened and we just went outside and started to stare at the stars and the moon in our own irl sky, keep talking about awesome stuff, comprehending the way of Living Force and synchronizing with the Universe… And then we decided to share this simple short story about things of life we have come up with… and now i’m painting it!

I’m just a tool, because life is short, Art eternal, subjective character of experience, constants and variables, everything is relative, opportunity fleeting, experience perilous and decision difficult…
So it goes!

I’m making it not to make you forget about struggles but to force everyone who will see it to pay more attention to the wonderful moments of life… but you can put accents as you like, just ENJOY IT!

I also recommend you to watch “The Three Burials” a great film masterpiece by Tommy Lee Jones about real border lands on Earth… one of my favorite movies, by the way!.. and after that try to start a new game in Borderlands as Purgatory for Melquiades… and others Julio’s never dying characters… interesting experience guaranteed :}

Oh, and i’m still interesting what you think about all BL3 concept art stuff happend in this thread! =^_^=

Oh I almost forgot my creed “not write here anything without posting pictures”…

Well, it’s just a palette. One does not simply lie on my table not becoming covered with sketches.


As always, your art is fantastic. I really love your style, you’re insanely talented.

I’m also feeling a strong Miyazaki vibe.

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How about this - it is from Borderlands GOTY Guide: Wasteland Wanderers: Indigenous Birds

Pandora’s indigenous birds are commonly called “Wings” by the local population. When asked why, responses range from “because that’s what they’re called” to “because ‘Beaks’ sounded stupid.” Regardless of the name, they are graceful flyers and a beautiful sight to see.

So, will the appellation “Talon” be the final name for the Hunter’s new winged friend?

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You mean this?

Yeah… “the gearbox”… i hope it is the last illustration where it will be mentioned. The most uncanny artifact Mordecai ever seen… looks like it switches the perception of reality of all nearby creatures… or maybe it just switches reality itself, or maybe it just creates false memories about that previously the reality looked someway different… sometimes it causes the effect “Eye of Hayao”, after that head is spinning and nose is bleeding… but it is the best option, because sometimes it involves a vision that simply can’t be correctly displayed by the human brain. It is not Eridian technology; it came from another dimension, very difficult to trace its origin. Mordecai decided to hide it to keep it safe to keep everyone safe from it… О_О

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Talon is a personal name, confirmed in the fifth “Headhunter” pack…
Well, i think it sounds fine: a bit absurdly and pretty BADASS – exact in Mordecai’s style.
Yeah, it fits, and there is already too late to change anything.

Haha… This one is definitely a boy! When you already know how the girl should look like, you can’t get wrong :slight_smile:

About GOTY Guide: I did not read it because I can’t afford to buy everything.
But knowing this manner of narration I advise you not to take everything that is written there too literally.
For example: short background description from the Borderlands manual says that Mordecai travels searching for “everything this freaking universe owes me,” which has defined as a better gun and unlimited cash.
It sounds more like a short interview taken in a hurry and retold by someone who doesn’t quite understand what that freaky Truxican actually had in mind.
So if not get hung up on some words out of context and look at the whole picture like on live action it appears much more interesting and giving the right impulse to understanding the true nature of the character.
It seems Mordecai was confused because he had to say something logical, easily explainable to strangers who don’t really care. Something that just sounds cool.
Well, about insatiable scavenging and looting there is a little element of truth, but it’s more like an unconscious vestigial instinct… looks like in one of the past lives Mordecai was a squirrel XD

Look at that huge pile of money lying on the ground like trash (this illustration shows just a small part of it)
It was very IMPORTANT so his personal Echo-device always was showing the numbers 9999999 for no reason. On this planet he can get anything he wants by his badassitude, and it is much more interesting.
But he got this nervous tic about cash, because humans have a predisposition to this weird disease.

I think Mordecai could get this mental disorder not long before BL1 events in some seedy bar in the middle of nowhere.
Mordecai told his true story and sincere motives for traveling and searching to Random Guy.
And this Random Guy answered, “Listen hombre, if you will tell this story to Marcus, he will decide that you’re crazy and put a bullet in your head. You know what? If you want to get on that Bus you have to say something NORMAL, like… you just want unlimited cash and a better gun. Okay? You should act like a NORMAL person to not to scare off people, so people could understand you”.

When Mordecai stepped into The Bus he did everything like he was rehearsing with Random Guy:
Mordecai drew his sword and showed the mastery of using it, bloodcurdlingly screaming,

And that’s how he got the role in Marcus’ story.

But in one of the parallel universes storyline turned in quite a different direction, because in some seedy bar in the middle of nowhere, instead of Random Guy, Mordecai met Tarantino.
I mean exactly the same character from film “Desperado”, who was telling the joke about peeing on everything around.
So Mordecai told his true story and sincere motives for traveling and searching to Tarantino. And Tarantino (I think his full name in Borderlands setting could be Another Beta Roland) understood everything, answered, that Mordecai’s story is really awesome, and offered him to travel together and find his Jimenes, Heaven’s Door, some abstract place at the edge of time and space or whatever… just to stare at it for a while, sitting nearby and having some interesting conversation about life, the universe, and everything…
So Mordecai never stepped into The Bus, he went to the journey with Another Beta Roland.
It was amazing journey, but it ended not so far from where it started. By ironic coincidence of circumstances they both died in horrible bloody agony.
And this universe did not get a long continuation of the story, because Commandant Steele opened The Vault in any case, but Vault Hunters not appeared nearby and The Destroyer came out, and everybody died in horrible bloody agony, and all Pandora turned into Gray Waste.

Well, let’s get back to not so wasted universe and keep trying to make of it the most awesomest one…

Actually i told this tale in some parallel universe with Tarantino just for lulz, but it turned an example to discuss more important things… about constants and variables, about how decisions can change the fate of the character and how the fate of one character can change the whole setting.
Technical evolution of gamedev finally reached the point where games are able to become large and hardcore like in good old days. I mean those days when a lot of people die if the player does not find the water chip on time.
When we was playing Borderlands 1 at first time we postponed all side quests and rushed to the main storyline after Сommandant Steele’s message in Salt Flats because it is logical. But players have technical opportunity to not to hurry, because everyone will wait them until they activate the script. They also can suck and die many times before they reach the point…
But what if to make the game where setting begins to live its own life and the characters and events are no longer just waiting for players?
And so every action becomes a personal choice of each player (because they can’t be in all places at the same time… or maybe they could if to act separate on different fronts), or choice of only one player (that would make others pissed a little), they can even take opposing sides, or act to achieve the same goal but from different directions, and quality of these actions can make the real change, there is even the choice to overcome the temptation and not make some action to avoid some terrible mistake. And the automatically saving system will be a good incentive to be responsible for actions.
So the story could end much faster if to act like a stupid kid.
Or go much further and deeper than anyone could expect, so the player could proudly say, that chose awesome character and led it through unforgettable story, learned so much and with help of friends did some great things…


Hey Gypsy Boy!

I made this painting with direct reference to Nausicaa with the same logic like people who can play music are making covers to songs… I think Mordecai looks pretty badass in this girlish pose :slight_smile: especially in this skirt jajajajajaja XD


If I’ve said here about covers to the songs, I would also like to mention here that I recently found just AMAZING one!! To one of my most favorite songs… EVER!
While i was painting this piece “Si” with Eridian lady, I’ve listened few times it’s original version by my favorite Peter Gabriel (who, by the way, once voiced one of similar to “Eridian kind things” in MYST series) I haven’t shared this song here because it is more appropriate to dreams on real world engine, but this badass cover version by Fever Ray(aka Karin Dreijer Andersson from The Knife), i think, perfectly fits to Unreal engine… :slight_smile:
so i share it here with the next song from her single, and for the mood of the next song i also share another picture with old man Mordecai. Yeah yeah, he looks so old, indeed.
Special link for you, my dearest Ladies - ENTER THE DREAM

Looking down on empty streets, all she can see
Are the dreams all made solid
Are the dreams all made real

All of the buildings, all of those cars
Were once just a dream
In somebody’s head

She pictures the broken glass, she pictures the steam
She pictures a soul
With no leak at the seam

Lets take the boat out
Wait until darkness
Let’s take the boat out
Wait until darkness comes

Nowhere in the corridors of pale green and grey
Nowhere in the suburbs
In the cold light of day

There in the midst of it so alive and alone
Words support like bone

Dreaming of mercy street
Wear your inside out
Dreaming of mercy

never leave me
walk close beside me
your hand my hand
fits so easy

no tomorrow
let us stop here
we did some great things
or didn’t we

dry and dusty
i am a capsule of energy
you speak softly
we are capsules of energy


No, I won’t tell what behind that door. This is too interesting for kids.


Before I’ll tell here the most final epilogue to Borderlands 2, I would like to say some words about Telltale’s Tales, to which I gave my vote on SXSW Gaming Awards for Best Narrative.

This time Telltale had a particularly difficult and responsible task; they had to work with a really big setting, which was experiencing its not best time. They had to clean up all the mess made by some specially invited shoddy comedians and finish social experiment called Borderlands 2, logically leading the series back to healthy and harmonious way, while they also had to tell a spectacular unforgettable authentic story, which would be enjoyable both for a huge biomass of new fans that came after BL2, who interested only in dancing around faceless demon or stupid mating of characters, and both for the old… “weird outsiders”, who considering this series as deep serious Art and observing this setting from long before BL1, interested in science fiction, awesome adventures, great journeys and incredible discoveries.

I evaluated each episode very critically, and I think Telltale made everything just fine. That was honestly… pretty fun.

You know, actually I expected from TFTB final episode that i would cry like little biach, like after both seasons of Walking Dead Game, so I felt a bit uncomfortable when it happened so calmly and I felt absolutely nothing… I was so indifferent about everything that happened as though I’ve already seen it a hundred times… Then I had watched 10 episodes of Mr. Robot and felt a bit better when I saw so similar situation and feeling… perhaps, it is Okay to be already busy with something more important while Babylon finally falls.
And after a while I realized what actually I felt from the final episode of Telltale’s Tales; it was more adult and complex emotions than I expected, which takes more time for processing… it was real Catharsis.
Woohoo! So I think I even enjoyed that very much! You know, after all, maybe I would even be able to play someday the main storyline of BL2, not just hoping that it would end faster; and even the faceless demon became not so annoying anymore… it became just like it always was – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
I’m still not sure whether it was necessary to irritate players for so long with that stupid thing, or even cause a bad influence on children, who are not able to understand IRONY and even so flat SARCASM, thinking that it is pandering to ignorance;
Anyway, it’s not Telltale’s fault, and they are good guys.

Hey good guys from Telltale, if you read this,
I want to thank you for all great things you did, keeping amazing genre of good old quest and telling amazing tales! And I’m so glad that you did everything that has to be done, restoring spiritual harmony on Borderlands, showing Pandora from points of view of such qualitatively made characters.
Thank you for using polaroids and Shade of Raoul Duke, for stunning song for Rakk Hive, for such a cute flying jellyfishes and decent cameo of True Vaultunters, for correct crack on the moon and for the great view from space, for all unforgettable adventures and, of course, for making right decisions at the end.

Oh, and great respect for the personal ending for Another Troy Baker and Lady Wannabe Vaulthunter… in the best traditions of genre.

If you don’t mind i just put this nostalgic music video here

By the way, for the future, I think it’s not a bad idea to make such additional official videos for keeping order in chronology of Borderlands and just for lulz, besides, recalling How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day, i think Raison Varner have a great talent in writing lyrics and performing songs :slight_smile:

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Oh, and there’s one more thing i wanted to mention about crushing of Helios.
I had forgotten that it was happening on one of my first Borderlands paintings, I did while i was playing BL2 main storyline at very first time. I was absolutely sure that this thing must be destroyed at the end, but the official canon decided that this stinking rotting corpse should hang two more years…

Talon, the Son of Bloodwing had time to grow up into big and strong badass and so many things happened, before rotten Babylon had finally fall.
So I have to make a retcon here to put this painting on the right place.

As you can see, this illustration shows a view straight from Mordecai’s protanopic eyes, personal subjective perception, some intuition and cold-blooded logic softly blurred by alcohol. He could just clearly imagine how it may happen, simply looking at not yet falling H-thing which was doomed from the beginning to do so someday; but not at this night, because it would be too loud and may scare Tiny Talon.

In BL1 the Moon was one of the most important expressive elements of the environment, so alive and mysterious, with its own atmosphere and dynamic lighting… I with my friend sometimes stop just to gaze at it like in real life…

But then appeared this ugly H-construction that was killing the Moon like bloodsucker or cancer, personifying moral and spiritual decay of the whole setting.
I realized that this thing must be destroyed when I just saw it first time at the very beginning of BL2.
It was built only to be demolished.
It would be quite fine to crumble it into a black hole… but Someone suggested a more rational usage of resources. Evil and soulless things never exist for a long time; they just don’t have any logical motive to do so, so they just fall apart from the inside and disappear sooner or later.

Mordecai always knew it, so he could well predict the fall of rotten Babylon, and focus on more important things which deserves his care.

So when the blue-haired lady, whose name he always forgets, said, that the Volunteers finally squeezed out access codes from luckless Hyperion spy and offered to blow the moon base; Mordecai, who has realized the deep significance of ‘Bunkers & Badasses’, said, that just blowing up a base is a stupid idea. And when Tina asked “Why?”, he said, that explosives NOT always funny, and if they just blow the base a lot of innocent civilians could die, and we are not the bad guys to do such stupid things.

But in any case, Volunteers received a few new quests; at first they had to clean up the mess they did downstairs, and then go to the location, map of the road to which Mordecai painted on a napkin, and collect there ten small insects for Tiny Talon.
Someone began to resent, saying that it is boring quest and the road is too long, but when the friends got to this place, the place appeared so beautiful so everyone were very pleased and they realized that the main thing is the journey itself and the time they spent together (and they spent a lot of time on this quest because the insects was not so easy to catch)
I think this painting occurs right after turn in a quest; Mordecai had fed his feathered baby and then as a reward for help, he would tell a lot of stories(mentioning few stashes, of course) about the good times, the great journeys and unforgettable adventures he had with friends, who they would visit at dawn.

Up against the trials of life, sometimes it ain’t right
Through all of my pain and strife, I focused upon the light
Though I may lose my way, I’m up for the fight
In hopes of a brighter day for children of the night…


Prologue to the Most Final Epilogue 2 BL2

It’s time to tell the ending of the Legend about the Elder Mountain;
where Life kicks Evil’s butt and restores badassitude of nature.

The wild beasts were not attacking those, who were unarmed and not resisting.
So not all residents of the town of liars were severed, trampled and eaten, because Hyperion butts were too frightened to act like a decent prey, and it became not interesting very soon.
The survivors most likely have joined Vaughn’s tribe and still trembling in fear telling about the vital importance of good attitude to the animals and respect for planet Pandora, nature and all living things, and that this planet should not be taken for granted.
They tell legends about the asskicking disaster when the animals from all over the valley teamed up as one, like soliton wave of synchronized sentient beings, and wiped all remained Hyperion structures off the face of the planet just in few hours.
Oh and the very Spirit of Nature was there in guise of skinny disheveled hobo, but it was more ferocious than any of skags, more elusive than any of stalkers and strong almost like one quarter of the rakk hive… and, as you can guess, actually it was just awakened Mordecai who talked with the Mountain.
And I would like to tell from center of this event what actually happened.
Because I tell things from Mordecai’s point of view in this thread and he plays the leading role in this event.

Meanwhile Gearbox, 2K Australia and Telltale also made some stories which can be used to clarify the time frame… I’m actually glad that they made such a favorable framing and left the big game for me :grin:

So the events of the legend of the Elder Mountain, the Wild Beasts and Hobo Spirit starts right after Mordecai heard Athena’s disgusting and shameful story and switched to discuss some important matters with Eridian Watcher who once upon a time said “naughty” to demon of decay.
Actually this conversation lasted only a moment. Other humans, who were still mired in senseless disputes, hadn’t even noticed anything, because their minds were blocked. And Mordecai did not even have to say anything out loud, to convey his thoughts to such creature. His physical shell only made a funny face, but his soul was screaming, “That ain’t right! WWHHHYYYYYYY it still happening? I feel so much suffer from everywhere. It drives me mad. People do not understand. They are so desperate and have forgotten who they are. I can no longer watch how these bastards ravage my favorite world! I don’t want to be a monster in a world of monsters… I’m not made for this! I have to DO SOMETHING!”
And the Ancient Watcher answered, “You have to be patient quite a bit. The Evil never exist for a long time. If you want to do something good so the bad story will not repeated, of course, there is someone who needs your help. The Wild Gods can’t properly make the spring when poorly educated humans poison their lands and endanger their children. You should teach these insentient beings some good manners… and try to keep them alive so they could remember this lesson… And don’t forget to eat something, your shell is also must stay alive, because will be lot of things which needs You to turn up the signal and wipe out the noise.”

So Mordecai understood that suffering he felt all this time was actually the call for help. And under cover of night, he went on this quest.

By the way he was so excited that he forgot his big rifle, which very needed in the first point of the big mission. So he had to go through short training mission where he collect it with new friends: Shamil the skag and Jerome the stalker, who would be also co-op players if we imagine this stuff as first-person/third-person stealth action/shooter/quest/real time strategy/ role playing game… and also She the Scythid Chaser appears after some storyline scenes and one of the Younger Hives would be playable as well.
Oh and don’t feel weird that the animals can talk like in magical ethnic legends… the life is full of surprises.
(If you’re slowpoke; animals were not actually talking like humans do, it was all mental connection)

If you missed the long been published parts of this story, you can find it using this two links:

Oh and this one BL3 concept stack#2 (there at the end explained some related thing)

If you are ready to continue ENJOY

The Most Final Epilogue 2 BL2

Oh I’ve been waiting so long to share with you this playlist…
Would you kindly shove your head into your best headphones and


or you may also use THIS ONE
anyway the music must be ON

The dark era is finally over.

As has been said the animals have destroyed wildlife exploitation sadistic labs and the entire town of liars… well, actually the last one just collapsed like a house of cards when heavy rakk hives have come, because it was built so shoddy and irresponsibly, that it was not suitable even for humans. So no one feel sorry that it was completely destroyed and all ugly evil statues crashed and disappeared under the mud. And H-construction that was torturing the moon is also ruined and fell on Pandora like it supposed to happen long time ago… but Mordecai hadn’t even pay attention when it happen; all this time his mind was connected with The Mountain and the most beautiful event he ever seen.

When people of former rotten Babylon learned good manners and was exiled from the valley with kicked butts and badassitude of nature was restored, nothing more threatened to the beginning of spring.

The Elder Hive told his children that his time of existence in such form is finished, like one day he got bored of flying in the sky and decided to land and become the Hive, and now he have to become something else. Things have to evolve and change and become something, because it is so interesting.
With such sense his flesh crumbled to bazillions glowing cyan and green spores and showered the whole valley, and at once plants and flowers began to sprout from these spores, from the bodies of fallen animals, loader bots, ruins of town, everything that lied on the ground became a soil for the future forests and fields.

In that moment Mordecai was so badly wounded and physically tired, but he realized the meaning of SOMETHING he always felt with his heart and it made him the happiest man in the universe.

Giant skeleton of the Elder Hive remained on the top of the mountain to guard the new waterfall which gushed from under the place where whole body was.

After this long unforgettable night full of marvelous adventures Shamil the skag, Jerome the stalker and Anna the younger hive accompanied Mordecai… dragged Mordecai’s bleeding and exhausted body to Sanctuary, where they gave it back to Lilith who kept an eye on Brick, while Brick kept an eye on Tina, while Tina took care of Talon who also had some fun adventures and made quite a mess in Crimson Raiders HQ… That’s my boy! Looks like Talon grown up a bit more while papa Mordecai fought for animal rights.
And when papa Mordecai returned to HQ, he made it even dirtier because he smeared everything around with his own blood, but it smells not bad if compare with vomit when Mordecai was a drunkard, so friends decided that they will do big spring cleaning a little later, after they will have some rest.
Everyone wanted to know what all this has to do with falling of Helios, where did he been and what happen anyway.
About the first thing Mordecai said, “Whaa? Really? Huh… Seems I wasn’t paying attention”, on everything else he answered some mystical delirium, softly chuckling with satisfied grin.
He felt good. Really good! Mosaic was assembled and the pain has gone expelled by great love and compassion.

For the first time in many cycles he became able to truly relax and sink into strong healthy sleep, because he knew that he will wake up in the new era of awareness and incredible discoveries.

And on the places that have been smeared with Mordecai’s blood, started to grow cyan moss and small delicate flowers. To everyone’s surprise, just a few hours Crimson Raiders HQ turned in wonderful greenhouse and the air became mild and fresh.
On the places that were smeared with blood and overgrown with moss, also appeared small seashells, but it does not explained by plot anyhow, it just contained in the elements of randomly generating texture.
Mordecai suggested that he probably brought some spores of the Elder Hive on his clothes (which turned into rags much more than before, it looked like it had laid in wet soil a few cycles)
But it turned out that the case was in his blood itself.
After the Elder Hive started planting process, all biological creatures who were nearby the Mountain received additional genetic code that converts their remains in superstrong fertilizer.
It is one of Pandora’s natural gears of beautification for the summer season!
And Mordecai is the first man, who became able to serve for the good of the planet that way.
Yup, he can plant flowers just bleeding somewhere, or even peeing on something.
Of course, the flowers start to grow not immediately but after a few hours, but anyway it gives him a great privilege, for example, in using natural Eridian Fast Travel… let’s call it the Talking Stones. A big difference from the human adapted fast travel technology is that they can’t annihilate the previous body, it just drops dead instead (or twitches in convulsions a while), while the new body materializes in some other place. And using these things, you can be sure that they will carefully transport your soul… but mental disorders guaranteed. And I do prefer this. I even don’t mind of using the outdated technology with HELL, but not this sterile synthetic digi-crap, which not designed for creatures with souls! Seriously, in BL2 was the scariest Warp ever!
So Mordecai will use natural Eridian Travel Stones leaving his bodies around, which will turn into… pretty aesthetic flowerbeds.
Many rumors about the man whose blood and flesh turns into FLOWERS quickly spread on the ECHOnet and so the Spirit of Nature became popular object of hunting among mercenaries, bandits, psychos, evil scientists and other interesting people.
Considering the amount of “dietary supplement” accumulated in Mordecai’s body through rich life experience, I’m not surprised that his FLOWERS can deliver so strong psychotropic effects.
So the FLOWERS immediately became the most popular and demanded stuff among the Weedhunters, and it also could not fail to attract the attention of Mordecai’s old friends from Truxican cartels.
Of course they are not the only ones who wish to release his blood; comrades from Vladof Corporation would be glad to take an honor to unwrap his insides for the purpose of scientific advancement. Maliwan designers would also like to take samples for the creation of new biochemical weapons, which may cause agonizing process of germination right on living beings, preceding their horrible deaths…

Remember what yo have to say about such things like The Vault or some legendary mystical creature?
That’s right! IT DOESN’T EXIST!

And Mordecai himself is cunning enough to throw them all off the track.
But by the Murphy’s law sooner or later he will be caught… or maybe not. Mysterious disappearances now usual case in his style. But in one quest will be a suspicion that he disappeared after someone’s violent actions, so friends have to investigate this case. And they will have to earn trust of one suspected Truxican gang through dancing on Low-riders, and then it turns out that these scary criminals are actually very cool homies and they really know the White Raven but they would never hurt him because respect him as a guru, so they join the investigation, helping to establish contact with one Vladof field marshal and the story goes on, and much further than anyone could expected… Oh, seems I got carried away and told the beginning of one of DLC to BL3… never mind!

Let’s get back to The Most Final Epilogue to BL2 that i was telling!

After a good rest and detailed narration about the recent adventure while satisfying returned appetite, and then repeated the story again, because there is a tradition to tell all the stories several times for all Volunteers (i call so the archetype of playable characters of BL2), at the dawn of the new era Mordecai took Talon and along with the group of Ancient Guardians went on a journey to Undiscovered Lands to take care about some Important Things and meet another True Vaulthunter who will come from afar not alone.

Still a lot of grief Mordecai will meet on his Way, as the news from Moxxi about the child who became a star in the sky…
But after sad moments always comes joyful moments, like the spring comes after the winter.

Thus began his awesomest journey and through this journey he heard the echoes of the ancient songs.

Illustration originally published in March 26, 2015 post #47

On the edge of the green valley at the foot of the ruins that fell from the sky, rose a strong tribe calls itself Children of Helios.

According to the legend, Helios was spoiled son of Hyperion.
Hyperion was the one of the Titans like Atlas and Dahl.
But Hyperion became too ignorant and immoral, so he lost his soul, and so from the great creator he turned into stupid and faceless daemon.
Several long cycles he was exuding his stinking senseless evilness to beautiful and mysterious Pandora, as long as his own vileness not burned him from inside.
But strong and beautiful Pandora showed mercy for Children of Helios even after their despicable origins and instructed them to not to be ■■■■■■■■ anymore…

And that’s how the legends come out.


From the pain come the dream
From the dream come the vision
From the vision come the people
From the people come the power
From this power come the change

And how far I’ve come
Since the day I was a bird
A mindlessly chirping bird
Before a thousand births
Long, long ago ?



Headphones still on you? Good.


Turn on the music and stare at this painting for a while. Because I said so.

I made this painting back in summer 2015. Like almost all the previous ideas for BL3 I’ve seen it in playable alpha version in my dreams. This episode took a little more time for logical processing.
But now, my dearest Lords and Ladies, I’m ready to share.

Let’s recall the first meeting with “the Destroyer”…
I can share a lot of thoughts and emotions about this, but in any case not “disappointment” about which many people say, like they expected a lot of loot from this “boss” and got nothing.
Please, leave this honor to Crawmerax.
Playing as the Hunter, I did not feel any sport interest in harming the defenseless creature who got stuck between dimensions.
Right, there was disappointment, but of another kind. Same kind like after murdering the Rakk Hive. And this weird ECHO virus, which appeared like annoying spam with a face of unpleasant woman who was so excited, was signalizing that happened something completely wrong. By the way, it turned out that the virus was a freaking monster, spawn of a faceless demon.
As we know from past lessons; cause senseless suffering to defenseless sentient beings for lack of knowledge – is not cool and shameful.
Do we have to make an exception for the Old Ones in feeling compassion?
They are strange, scary and most of their physical forms are completely unidentifiable for human minds; so simply viewing them renders the viewer incurably insane…
So what?
There are more terrible things like subcutaneous parasites or human ignorance.
And even though Lilith is our friend, the Sirens seem to me very dangerous creatures.
Of course, the Old Ones are dangerous in any case, in the best case they just make you gone mad same way like most of the human population on Pandora, but they can also destroy entire universes, just because our dimensions is simply not suitable for them, but it’s not their problem.
Demons are trying to destroy everything just of principle, simply because they are antipode of those who create. For every action, there is an equal and opposing reaction.
But the Great Old Ones are beyond this. They are seeking to the eternal void.
They do not want to offend anyone, for them any physical condition, existence of space-time, any existence is aberration or just an error. Impossible to imagine what a torment for them to be materialized in the physical world, which can’t even suggest any rational shape to accommodate their minds and display their personalities.

Perhaps Eridians were wrong, that imprisoned them on Pandora… What if the Old Ones will be able to escape?
Of course, they WILL escape sooner or later.
Whether Pandora should sacrifice all new civilizations and sprouting forests and turn into dead wasteland again to capture the runaways or what if the irrational part of the Human Beings will be able to help Them return to… somewhere where They will feel comfortable and where they can do no possible harm.
But what if old man Mordecai won’t…
– Hey, I’m not old!
Of course, you’re not, my precious.

So what would you do when the colors will disappear?


If I were one of scriptwriters of Borderlands 3, each playable character would have a unique personal storyline, point of view and responsible part in one of the campaigns connected with Archetypal Factions and set of choices to play a role in a heck of a big global event in the game where setting begins to live its own life, no longer just waiting for players; so every action becomes a personal choice of each player (because they can’t be in all places at the same time… or maybe they could if to act separate on different fronts), or choice of only one player (that would make others pissed a little), they can even take opposing sides, or act to achieve the same goal but from different directions, and quality of these actions can make the real change, there is even the choice to overcome the temptation and not make some action to avoid some terrible mistake. And the automatically saving system will be a good incentive to be responsible for actions.
Here are some examples:

  • Typical response of typical Axton (looks like the most adequate point of view, by the way)

  • Mordecai as the spiritual guide and Experienced Planeswalker with another One must enter the Warp without bubble to help the Great Tentacles, who squeezes through crack in the sky to pull its congener from bowels of the planet, and persuade them to get back to the Void where they belong.

  • DISAGREEEEE! This freaking old man who’s not actually old is completely insane! One does not simply walk into Warp without bubble, and it’s impossible to find a common ground with the Great Tentacles. Good Soldiers under command of General Badass will not sit back! They will use cool two-legged mecha tanks and will try to shoot the Tentacles of their big cannons.
    (Of course, this is suicide… food for powder, food for powder; they’ll fill a pit as well as better!)

  • Oh shi~, these militarists with their big cannons can ruin everything! If to interrupt the transferring of the Great Tentacles, time will stop forever and the colors will never come back. Join the Ancient Eridian Guardians and Crimson Raiders under command of the Firehawk to show these morons our AMMONITES OF INFINITY!
    By the way Eridians also have their own some sort of mecha tanks, but it’s more like biorobots in the form of giant marine animals.

  • The Slab King in the head of Grand Cartel of Pandora’s Badassest Bandit Gangs provides air support and evacuation of the civilian population… PUNCHING EVERYONE who threaten their safety!
    This side has the coolest air and ground vehicles assembled of trash, stylish high-tech Anshin devices of Space Yakuza, fearless Truxican Wrestlers and explosive masterpieces by Teen Tina & TORGUE.

  • Meanwhile operative strike force of Volunteers takes position on the orbit and tries to interfere with intergalactic military alliance of fools, who decided to blow up the planet. Athena, Out.
    (In perfect it would be a stealth mission… but you know these Volunteers)

  • Meanwhile psychos of Pandora completely flown into a rage and began to carry out macabre rituals with sacrifices, worshiping the Old Gods.
    Ni’thot Mazul ot’che lortf aga’nib pana’htht fhtagn!
    (Of course, perplexed Great Tentacles can’t understand that this horror is dedicated to them)

hmm… I think this line is not bad occasion to sacrifice the blue-haired lady to make a public demonstration of the dark side of Siren’s nature… besides; she uses arcane energy of decay. Yeah, it would be pretty fun to make a raidboss of it …I also had some ideas how to save her and turn it into something worthwhile… I really don’t like random characters which are not a pity to waste, so be careful with your desires. MWAHAHAHA!

  • Children of Helios with the Golden Ranger (LB) will fight against scary decaying Slagged Mutants, who started to show uncanny activity after beginning of tectonic processes on Pandora.
    Appeared that the evil era of Hyperion left on the planet not only piles of useless plastic debris, but also a “rich legacy” of drain buttholes with dangerous toxic substance. Now dear children must pay for the crap left behind by their ancestors. They also will have to deal with Aberrations that came from Atlas Terraforming Facilities.
  • Generous Wild Animals will come to help. When all the colors have disappeared in shadows, their eyes and patterns on skin and other bioluminescent parts are glowing so badass and beautiful like Life itself, restoring hope to all other sentient beings.
    Only together they have a chance to repair and keep the ecosystem.


the story could end much faster if to act like a stupid kid.
Or go much further and deeper than anyone could expect, so the player could proudly say, that chose awesome character and led it through unforgettable story, learned so much and with help of friends did some great things…

    If to interrupt the transferring of the Great Tentacles, time will stop forever and the colors will never come back.

    Happens if the Planeswalkers not entered the Warp/ don’t get in time /get lost in Limbo / gone mad / had been made WHOLE / simply died in horrible agony / had not been enough suave and charismatic to convince the Great Tentacles to not destroy this universe.
    Actions of the physical layer also play a role in this, because if people won’t stop disharmonious war actions AT LEAST FOR A MINUTE, the Great Tentacles can classify them as annoying.

    Careless behavior in Warp may cause opening the red portals… LOL

    Everyone will die slowly and painfully of Eridium Slag.

    That I won’t even tell. Really, don’t ask, you don’t wanna know.

In most of the “bad” outcomes playable characters may stay alive (if you can call it living), but the World itself dies and after a while the game loses all sense.
But so the players were not too much frustrated that they ruined their savegames, I would suggest one more thing, which could help to remedy the situation.


infinite ammonites of infinity!

Eridians made some backup copies of the universe; we need to find the most suitable so we could do everything right.
I think at this moment would be given an opportunity to walk through another versions the universe with different graphic styles; maybe one may look like unpainted sketch, another would be much weirder – with alive actors on a green screen, and few adapted levels of Borderlands Beta would be very much appreciated!
And then the story must return to the current, where Borderlands still trapped in shadows. But now you know how to do everything right with the experience your character received after… whatever it was.

But I’m sure you will not achieve success and on the second try, because this game must be


Brutal but still beautiful. I really hope to see that in a game…

Well, to particularize what I said above about Talon, I did NOT mean his name should’ve come from the guide (I like to mention things from there sometimes because they’re fun to read). It’s just… when Bloodwing’s name wasn’t just simple “Wing”, I expected the new member of the family to be [Something bad]talon. :relaxed: Or… maybe I’m wrong - it is just that BL2 mission Talon of God which was still fresh in memory and disturbed me.

I wouldn’t be that radical because I usually want to do everything… Even still there are couple of once-in-a-storymodetime Challenges that I’ve failed to earn, like “Save the Turrets” in BL2. I mean, when if I’ve failed to do something like that, the second chance will come only when I start the story in the next, harder game mode.
So as a compromise, there would be more missions like A Dam Fine Rescue (in BL2, again): if W4R-D3N wasn’t scrap metal after that four minutes, things got tiresomely difficult when you had to leave Bloodshot Stronghold with empty hands and continue to the splendid Friendship Gulag to free Roland.

Синхрофазотрон! :slight_smile:

Hell yeah, I think beautiful brutality is much better than rotten infantilism!

And I don’t want to see this in the game, if I don’t take part in its development, because I can’t trust to strangers such delicate things. So if the stars will not converge, I don’t mind if Gearbox would make something else so my continuation of story would stay independent (and the idea will continue in another setting). Or if they would take me as a good mercenary, I can paint everything in details…
But first I must complete my audacious unofficial plan.
In any case the wind whispers, that, whatever the circumstances, everything will be AWESOME!

Probably I’ll reveal in my graphic novel one of reasons why Bloodwing’s name is so Bloody and Winged.

I’m sure, Talon’s name has nothing to do with any of BL2 events, because, as you remember, Mordecai was drunk as a lord and missed all this obscene actions as decent lord.
If you’re not satisfied, I think you can call young boy BADASS Talon because he’s a badass and birds of prey usually have REALLY BADASS TALONS, and it’s most likely a reason why he got this name… ouch!

By the way I had assumed the appearance of Tiny Talon long before I saw the picture in BL2 credits to which everyone refers. In this case I can refer again to

Yup! “The egg” was my first thought when Mordecai called Bloodwing “a girl”.
Because corvids (with who Pandorian birds have a lot in common) usually don’t have conspicuous gender differences, so, besides genetic test, gender possible to learn only by comparing facial features of the adult birds, if you’re an expert.
But Bloodwing belongs to very rare kind, so Mordecai most likely wasn’t able to compare her with other ones.

When after the evil story we returned to play BL1 again we automatically have generated funny dialog on this theme between Roland and Mordecai when new friends freshly came out on first quests in Arid Badlands:
Mordecai joyfully shouted, “Ha ha! That’s my boy!” When Bloogwing sank her claws into a face of another bandit.
" Ow, are you sure, man? I think it looks more like a girl…" said Roland, watching how the bird strips the flesh of screaming pieces of human.
“Hey, don’t be ridiculous, Soldier! He’s a badass the same like me!” Said The Hunter with a proud grin, thumbing tip of own beard, “How such a badass could be a girl?!”

But when Mordecai’s feathered elder sister laid an egg, he realized the deepest meaning of badassitude.
It also explains why Mordecai chose in BL2 camper tactics instead of having fun in Truxican wrestler mode. He was protecting (and warming) the precious treasure.
And all this story happened to Bloodwing, besides personal life experience, reminds me of graphic novel “Tommysaurus Rex” by Doug TenNapel.
Recommend to read. It’s very touching (If you’re not unfeeling douchebag, of course)

And I wouldn’t even answer to the last thing @ErikH wrote, if it wouldn’t spread misleading information, tearing my words out of context.
This reply looks like he just hasn’t read the whole text.
Would you kindly, NO CUTS
(Or also seppuku is a good idea)

And I find difficult to understand people who can walk through BL2 more than once. I like to recall the good moments of this story, but it unplayable for me, because… I’d better collect more brains for old buddy T.K.!

“The concept of portraying evil and then destroying it - I know this is considered mainstream, but I think it is rotten. This idea that whenever something evil happens someone particular can be blamed and punished for it, in life and in politics is hopeless.” ― Hayao Miyazaki

BL2 gave a pretty good caricature example of how much this concept is rotten and worthless, and it really has made a correct accent on beauty and value of the original concept of true Borderlands…
At least for me.

I think I would also suggest to shut down the ECHOnet on Pandora.
Enough of these Wannabe Vaulthunters or Pirate Cosplayers… it’s so loud, so angry and so dead inside.
Now I understand more than ever what Helena Pierce was talking about. She was pretty wise lady.
And children need a good moral education.

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