Way of the Hunter: Borderlands art series by Klopotinsha


-HISSSSSS! (Look at this! I found another piece of a spaceship.)

-Squeak! (It’s like Christmas!)



This illustration was lying for over a year on my hard drive, I planned to use it in the context of large abstruse dialogue about quantum mechanics and multiverse architectonics, where I would have come to some logical explanations about why “Eridians” need help of Humans and other creatures with time perception, and how many variations of Ultimate BADASS Mordecai’s right upper limb got stuck in singularity and why he’s in no hurry to fix it, and why the deal he offered to “Eridians” is so dangerous… Well. No risk, no tequila! Jahaha…

But eventually I decided to not disturb you with mountains of scribbling which you probably won’t even read, so I just show the picture and offer to listen to another music playlist!

By the way, Ultimate BADASS Mordecai sometimes refers to himself as “We” or “some of Us” for lulz.

And this Arch Guardian was named Anticulus (which means “against anus” in latin.)
Hey! Which of Mordecai’s minds come to this idea?!


I absolutely love your artwork and the articles/ concepts /amazing information you write for them. I always look forward to what you post next, thank you for the fantastic work you put into your posts!

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#Undiscovered: Wam Bam Island
(It’s a magical place)

illustrations from the beginning of 2014 related to
“Future Reflections: The Pre-Final Epilogue to Borderlands 2 by Klopotinsha” :

06.2 - Seagulls

Close view on creatures (presumably relatives of Stalkers) that was eating the corpse of Crawmerax’s Son. I decided not to use extra illustrations like this one, as 83.4% of the test subjects does not simply synchronize the pictures with the song and not stare at freaking seagulls for 10 minutes.
I also did not want to show again the views on which not yet ruined contemptible fascist H-station of Babylonian whore was visible to not to spoil the fun.
Silhouettes of these freaking seagulls might be seen on illustration “06 - Followed in its father’s footsteps”

26 - i can’t remember how actually I was going to name this frame.

It has taken place after the very last illustration;
after a short silence the playlist was supposed to play one more music track

Tiny Tina found Mordecai with Talon on the beach.
Ironically, by the end of the day Mordecai was the only sober adult on the island, so Tina called him to show him the castle she built of sand and to play some campaigns in Bunkers & Badasses setting.
Talon played Proto-Hipster-Dragon and Mordecai instinctively became Badass Lich Sorcerer who mispronounces Latin proverbs.
- Asinus iacta est! Jahahahaha!!

All through the night they drew quaint maps of catacombs on the sand, played with bioluminescent waves, caught small crabworms and fried them on a stick.

And it appeared the awesomest fantasy dlc ever, because True Mordecai never was lamer and downer like stinking simulated half-measure “mordy guy” from game-numbered-2 who sounded like horribly dubbed androgynous girls with sore throat from cheap anime for indiscriminate 12 year olds!

Note from the Executor’s diary:
“Future Reflections” epilogue was created before we’ve found the solution. Only a fool wouldn’t notice the progression of the disease that Gearbox has put on Mordecai. If sounds of cheap substitute replaced his Soul Core in minds of the children, Mordecai would be gone for them.
Pale and gaunt, fearless as always though, he was just enjoying every moment of his fragile existence that was slipping like sand through fingers.


BL:CDLV teaser 2

One day I realized that I never tasted taco.
However, I can clearly imagine what it’s like.
Not the taste, but the very essence.

Painted characters can afford taco.
The philosophy of taco.


This time I tease with a little piece from one page of my BL1 graphic novel
and share the songs with the smell of burnt flesh which makes me calm.



Amazing art as always. Love the colors in the second picture.

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Whoa! I am now a @Klopotinsha fan. :astonished:
Mind blown!



Ok, you probably had read in this thread about “reincarnations” and connections.
It’s none of your business.

Multiverse is a dangerous place. We checked. There is nothing interesting, except infinite agony. All gateways must be locked for good.

I must keep on the story in the context of single linear MOST BADASS cycle of sci-fi Mordecai, no matter which continuity defilevelopers from GBX will choose for BL3.
However it doesn’t mean bitches that chronology of narrative in this thread will become less chaotic!

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If you wanna make a beef pie from scratch, you must first create the universe yo.
It always works so. To capture even a tiny moment, we live da sh~


My little Mordecai: championship is magic.

long story short, I needed to reify teenage version of Mordecai for a little flashback in graphic novel, I described this ruthless arena hustler like “evil twin of sport games dealer from TV show about the dog who likes classic books” dressed up like “larva of typical Epicmegagames character” with elements of “ethno-punk” style and my favorite old sneakers, and here he is - está mi campeón!

Before becoming a freak we know on wild wastelands of margin of the universe, this dark horse with an old revolver and team of other gone rogue kids has kicked everyone’s аss not only in sharpshooting competition. Of course, flawless victory of such exotic would be not beneficial to representatives of stinking corporations…

* * *

In a distant time separated by thousands of years of outer space travel, where Mordecai is already not so young, red-haired lady named Gaige(who likes stroggification porn) volunteered for slave labor on his scythid ranch just to hear some of those tournament stories about people who were dancing instead of looking only at numbers in inventory. Of course, the most exciting for her will be the one about duel with Ga’Gorib. One careless move could leave Mordecai without right eye and with crushed upper limb on the side, so he would have to wear ugly cyber prosthesis like on early concept arts for Borderlands 1, but the hunter turned out to be cunning enough to save all his soft human body parts and defeat the beast with a single bullet.


Rahu’s Polaroid

Apparently this photo was taken in 2290s, and in the 5260s exposed at This Location, between a splendid view of triple eclipse of moons on Artemis (taken by Mordecai at age 11) and spicy pin-up portrait of Moxxi’s boobs (taken by Mordecai at age 40 a couple of thousand years later)

Tiny Mordecai’s teammate and a good friend Rahu abandoned his clan to beat at organized human arenas long before it became mainstream, because according to his insectoid-reptiloid-pacifist logic “it is much more kosher when the prey can remember how its life was taken multiple times”.
Rahu is certainly not one of “those haughty douchebags who came to flaunt superiority in some military conflict ьullshit”. Rahu is a fan of Human Culture, especially thrilled of chewing gum stickers, toothbrushes *, cat’s eye glass marbles and classical music.

*he’s just wild about the look of these weird tools, for teeth cleaning he has a special gland.

Actually I was going to tell a new joke from series “the funniest joke I’ve ever heard” (yeah, that very series with old classic joke about a severed head that flies around in Hell)
So. The joke:
My friend approaches me and says, “hey’yo, rememba juvenile Tony from Cap: Civil War”
And i just start laughing out loud because it is one of the funniest jokes I’ve ever heard!
Got it?
Actually it’s not quite a joke, It’s kinda technical sort of humor.

This picture was causing very strange sensations, not comparable to uncanny valley or something bad, nevertheless I could not understand at all what is happening to my mind when I feel something like that.
And then when I recalled that example with Tony from MCU, I realized that when a character who we accustomed to see adult is needed to be rejuvenated in story to that age when the skull is not yet fully formed and this character being based on his adult actor who was also at that stage a while ago but it was slight different and you also remember it… and yet you just do something with the textures of usual version we accustomed to see adult and, daym, this is really weird! So weird that causes unrestrained fun!


Mord is my favourite character by far so I’m supper impressed with your artwork.


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Oh hai doggy.

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this thread. Perhaps firstly worth making here synchronization with few other correlative threads that were created while this awhile.
Although it is quite simple to track them all (according to Klopotinsha who writes this) since all my notes obey single narration, I place here links for decency.

In thread about Klopotinsha I suggested G-man style appearances of one of Klopotinsha’s Golems.
Klopotinsha’s Crow Tengu Golem named Klopotinsha, or simply Klopotinsha.
I guess that it’s hard for you to pronounce this name correctly.
There you can read comprehensive description and see more detailed concept-art:

You may notice that in addition to repairing Mordecai and praising all precious things from BL1, we also contribute in demolition of undesirable content brought by BL2.

So if you get tired of Klopotinsha’s complicated parables…

Stay awhile and listen a story about Timmy, or simply T, the most pathetic and wretched creature that your boots can ever kick on Borderlands.

Initially I just wanted to mock on fans of faceless fascist who presume that one Doppelganger might survive, but eventually it turned in pretty cool concept for Borderlands3:

Join the discussion about T and write, for example, how you’d beat up this pitiful creature using a board with rusty nails, or how you’d chain him to the rock and check how fast he’d die of hunger, whatever you want, have fun and don’t forget the meat hook gun!

And now the most important link:

General thread about Immortal Steel Cojones, True Mordecai the Undying, Protector of Jimenez, Sworn Enemy of the Incubus! [In context of THE ENTIRE BORDERLANDS series]


Turned out that it is not quite possible to explain the theme of the thread to «Handsome Jack VIP tour from the fourth episode of TftBL», so firstly I had to defend the thread from mobbing, I was even banned for a few days and have lost «community buttass» title.
But now you can freely join the discussion on-topic and even find there all the «cheat codes» and «walkthrough guides» for understanding of Way of the Hunter series.
Someone may start whining that there is too much text, but I recommend reading all my posts carefully and better several times.
Seriously, I no longer want to be involved in this situation when someone writes to me ‘blah blah blah, love the drawings, i follow the thread n years’ and then when i ask some simple check question, this someone replies ‘who is Julio Cedillo?’ and I can’t understand if it was trolling or dumbassitude, coz i make alludes to the subj in almost each damn post.

By the way, remember sassy fresco which i published as illustration for the story about two tribes? Archaeologists are beginning to slowly guess who depicted on it…

Borderlands 3: Time for a nice, relaxing ride.

I named this painting Ezy Rider, same as Jimi Hendrix’s song,
and made a special thread for it, lot of conceptual stuff to discuss!

Table scene

Klopotinsha presents the homage on scene from Denis Villeneuve’s film Sicario, adapted for setting of satirical cosmic sci-fi western videogame Borderlands.

‘Don’t forget about The Doorbell’ (“The Doorbell” is probably another Eridian artifact)

The idea of such badass combo came to me because «the final boss» of original Sicario, Faust Alarcon, and main protagonist of True Borderlands, Mordecai Neverdying (do not confuse with shoddy Mor-decoy from BL2), were performed by the same ultra-amazing actor, the one and only Julio Cesar Cedillo.

The adaptation required some changes in the plot:

I don’t think that Mordecai would throw a deaf girl into a vat of acid; he’d rather shoot the barrel next to her.

And Borderlands version of Alejandro, besides The Lawyer-Childkiller, should contain details from other Benicio Del Toro’s characters like The Collector from MCU and The Thief from Star Wars. This mercenary is probably working for someone like Mr. Blake, and came to steal Mordecai’s rare pets and Eridian artifacts.

Of course, the son of Bloodwing, Talon, won’t let anyone distract Mordecai from his meal.

Good boy!

By the way, this Alejandro can stay alive after this scene like the one from truly awesome comedy sequel «Wannabe Sicario» (Sicario 2: Soldado), only with holes on other places.
Talon just wants to play with new friend, but first he has to disable the cyber eye with tracking system, as daddy Mordecai taught.

Oh, almost forgot, this happens in location Jimenez. It’s a magical place!

I also picked the song for closing credits:


I haven’t seen Sicario but your art (and the way you convey a story through it) is always amazing.

Is Mordecai getting fatter with each subsequent drawing?

it’s strange for me why in the context of Borderlands people usually say only about conceptually not related post-apocalyptic Mad Max film series (only because of some superficial visual design elements), while there’s so many good films purely about BORDER LANDS (especially those that starring the actor of our favorite Mordecai)
Since the image of “Mordy” from BL2 not only hasn’t shown evolution of Mordecai character, but also fundamentally contradicted and was antipode to all key subtleties of it, the only opportunity to observe possible evolutions of this image – is to take a closer look at its source. Algorithms of Mordecai’s evolution can built through observing other Julio Cedillo’s characters.

On this homage to Sicario i wanted to emphasize the expressive features of elegant character who is already looking more like high rang commander of strategy than simple protagonist of shooter.

(daym, I want a prequel about Fausto as Action hero! … What kind of lawyer could make him panic so badly?.. – ♪ One toke, man! One toke over the la-a-a-ine! XD)

New stage of Mordecai looks so wholesome because he probably has more wide scale adventures than running all day like crazy in the wasteland, carrying six bus tires on his back…

I guess you could get a little confused about sequence, because subsequent drawings published here in the latest ~4 posts are about 2290s and 5260s, and Ultra-Thin version from 5250s was shown in previous episodes.

There’s no more reliable indicator of story epoch than size of Mordecai’s waist! ^ _ ^

By the way, thicc versions are much more complex and interesting to draw than bony model he has in released games.

A more voluminous figure, which I consider to be the most harmonious choice for a good BL3, can help Mordecai with getting into Eridians’ trust.
These “seashell golems” wear masks resembling human faces on special mounts, while their real faces seems to be located on torso (the critical point is on torso). Mordecai can get an advantage in dialogues with Eridians causing friendly Pareidolia with his belly.
This can be also a good trolling of stupid Void Lords who hate Life and scorn the Existence :bllol:

Many stages, ages, colors and sizes of Mordecai have already been shown in this thread, but yet the version of just BL2 without DLCs and modifications was skipped. (if not to count first person protanopic picture with polaroid)

I need to finish the thought that started back in 2014 (when i played BL2).

That thing that was presented in videogame Borderlands 2 under Mordecai’s name – it wasn’t just WASTED Mordecai with severe stage of sore throat – it wasn’t Mordecai at all!
After I got a closer look at this thing I no longer feel the “uncanny valley”. Just hope it was buried under the ruins of Helios station along with the rest of harmful lies.

Where was our favorite protagonist in those doubtful times…?

I guess Mordecai himself barely remembers the details, since his problems with alcohol seem to be a true fact.
But one thing I know for sure, he’d never behave like insensate crap.
And he would never try to shove Talon into a cage, and not only because he is not insensate crap, but because this method of transportation technically contradicts to logical variations of safe handling of such kind of flying life forms. Birds of prey of this anatomic design (analogically with known Terran species – something between a raven and secretarybird) are not able to climb and land on perpendicular surfaces same way like parrots or woodpeckers, such design is more set for rapid powerful jumps that, under the conditions of a cage, with hundred percent probability causes injuries of head, tail and other parts, not to mention huge stress. (the safest way is carry the bird on a hand with a special glove.)
Analogically with other Julio Cedillo’s characters who successfully show mastery and techniques of realistic interplay with horses, goats, cows, kids, narcos and other creatures; True Mordecai is able to show a lot of properly adapted details of fascinating falconry in conditions of sci-fi setting, making it Magically Realistic.


…In those doubtful times there was the one indisputable truth – he must feed the baby bird.

(about every two hours!)

And according to canons of the genre in one of such scenes this song played in the background out of an old glitchy ECHO-receiver, which once belonged to Baha’s wife…

I think it also fits for ending credits, since I told and shown all things that i considered important to tell and show here for now (without spoilers).
I always put more energy into this than got back anyway (not counting attempts of energy vampires to take even more each time)

These are my last posts on this forum.

Of course, unless something changes and anyone will find valid reason to convince me come back.

Appreciate True Mordecai and turn Eridium Blight into green fields!


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

Hehe… It so happened that I prepared this post before the release of commercial product titled ‘Borderlands 3’. I was ready for the invasion of hideous monsters from a negative alternative universe … but it turned out to be just an ECHOnet show with cosplayers for stupid kids.

I see now that in the current scenario, my post may seem too brutal and surious (since it was written by an inveterate player of Borderlands 2009).
In order to avoid another misunderstanding, I advise to consider that Klopotinsha sets out her ideas in the manner of New Sincerity (Russian variant of using the term, correlating with metamodernism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Sincerity#Russia)

La fantasía, aislada de la razón, solo produce monstruos imposibles. Unida a ella, en cambio, es la madre del arte y fuente de sus deseos.

I’ve seen some sh*t, amigo. Cultivation of pusillanimity and total dehumanization of characters generated a different outcome for Borderlands story.
IN PREVIOUS ARTICLE I have compared the positive and negative endings of BL2. Personally, I finished BL2 with a good ending and I can’t even imagine what needs to be done to lower karma so low that bad one opens, so I’ve watched it at Youtubes.
Apparently, something was broken inside Gearbox judging by the rapid decline in the quality level starting with BL2 (while the games of the series performed by other studios, TPS by 2K Australia and Telltale’s Tales, were slightly better). Maybe this is due to the psychoactive radiation from decaying flesh of the Destroyer… or someone just became too greedy and initiated the replacement of professional talented employees with units, less demanding for good working conditions.
I didn’t expect it would look so… uh, “EA style”.

And yea, now they have abused even a young bird. I gonna call this monster Negatalon. Pitiable embittered result of mindless neglect and cruelty over animal.
The plastic mask hides injuries received due to the fact that Liebretch’s Mor-decoy, who can’t be trusted with anything, shoved his bird into a small cage.
And this nonsense with repaint in red… why? To spread stupid rumors that Bloodwing had sexual relationships with Woody Woodpecker?
Collar with spikes - is f* sadistic torture instrument. Because of this, the bird is not able to take care of its feathers, normally eat, sleep, fly (birds change the center of gravity in flight using their neck), percept the world around and so on … this literally makes the bird unviable.
Such image causes instant association with the problem of nature pollution. Illustrations like - a bird that dies because its neck is stuck in plastic trash - the second most popular version of the illustrations on the subject after a bird that is all smeared in black fuel oil.
Or maybe this wretched design actually does not symbolize anything and was simply created by ignoramuses who know nothing about birds.

Those who are even a little familiar with birds are well aware that their neck is a very important and delicate organ that cannot be limited in motion. Gps trackers can be attached to tail quills. Objects similar by function to dog collars can be dressed on bird’s tarsometatarsus (legs).
However, I refused even such stylish accessories in Talon’s wardrobe (and adapted falconry anklets for Horse’s mandibles)
Smart(but not yet as wise as his mother was), healthy, strong, noble, proud and fearless Real Talon, raised by Mordecai in love and care, always responds to his voice.

Talon vs. Negatalon

Both birds in this illustration symbolize the results of opposite human actions: bird of love and hard work beat the sh*t out of bird of cruel and inhumane treatment.

(Of course, it would be more correct to depict how the person who takes good care of birds punishes the bastard who created this wretched monster. But I decided to depict birds for aesthetic reasons.)

POST MORTEM: screw that sh*t
Klopotinsha not going to play so-called “Borderlands 3” from the creators of Batllborn, because this game looks like, uh, if someone tried to sell Sainsrow under GTA brand title. Nuff said.

Time for a nice relaxing song.

NIИ - The Day The World Went Away (Still)

This story with negative BL2 ending (out of BL1 canons) is somewhat similar to my childhood disappointment with the game ‘S.t.a.l.k.e.r’. When the game was in development (as Oblivion Lost), I’ve read several books written synchronously with the scriptwriters of the game and there was something amazing about it. But then the key part of the developers left the project, the concept of the game was replaced with something completely simple and meaningless, and the game with the final title Shadow of Chernobyl came out, well, how can I put this… it came out ПОЛНЫМ ГОВНОМ.

And a few years later, the developers who left that decaying studio created a real masterpiece - METRO series based on the books by Dmitry Glukhovsky (and he also wrote the script for the games) - and these games realized in the best possible way everything I dreamed about when was waiting for True Stalker. (By the way, Metro even has its own Black "Eridians”, reminding of little guys from Peter Gabriel’s OVO. And even a character who performs the function of local Mordecai. And the protagonist like Russian version of A. Shephard. And the third game of the series - Metro: Exodus perfectly embodies everything that I want from gameplay of good and right Borderlands 3! ЫЫЫ!)

So I better watch for the next adventures of Matthew Armstrong (creator of the original sci-fi Borderlands) and keep enjoy the amazing career development of my favorite actor Julio Cedillo (Mordecai NEVERDYING, PROTECTOR OF JIMENEZ, SWORN ENEMY OF AN INCUBUS!)

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Good reading as always, I’ll give that Metro:exodus a try…

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