"Way of the Hunter" Borderlands art series by Klopotinsha

(yellow for cyan) #101

If you wanna make a beef pie from scratch, you must first create the universe yo.
It always works so. To capture even a tiny moment, we live da sh~


My little Mordecai: championship is magic.

long story short, I needed to reify teenage version of Mordecai for a little flashback in graphic novel, I described this ruthless arena hustler like “evil twin of sport games dealer from TV show about the dog who likes classic books” dressed up like “larva of typical Epicmegagames character” with elements of “ethno-punk” style and my favorite old sneakers, and here he is - está mi campeón!

Before becoming a freak we know on wild wastelands of margin of the universe, this dark horse with an old revolver and team of other gone rogue kids has kicked everyone’s аss not only in sharpshooting competition. Of course, flawless victory of such exotic would be not beneficial to representatives of stinking corporations…

* * *

In a distant time separated by thousands of years of outer space travel, where Mordecai is already not so young, red-haired lady named Gaige(who likes stroggification porn) volunteered for slave labor on his scythid ranch just to hear some of those tournament stories about people who were dancing instead of looking only at numbers in inventory. Of course, the most exciting for her will be the one about duel with Ga’Gorib. One careless move could leave Mordecai without right eye and with crushed upper limb on the side, so he would have to wear ugly cyber prosthesis like on early concept arts for Borderlands 1, but the hunter turned out to be cunning enough to save all his soft human body parts and defeat the beast with a single bullet.

(yellow for cyan) #102

Rahu’s Polaroid

Apparently this photo was taken in 2290s, and in the 5260s exposed at This Location, between a splendid view of triple eclipse of moons on Artemis (taken by Mordecai at age 11) and spicy pin-up portrait of Moxxi’s boobs (taken by Mordecai at age 40 a couple of thousand years later)

Tiny Mordecai’s teammate and a good friend Rahu abandoned his clan to beat at organized human arenas long before it became mainstream, because according to his insectoid-reptiloid-pacifist logic “it is much more kosher when the prey can remember how its life was taken multiple times”.
Rahu is certainly not one of “those haughty douchebags who came to flaunt superiority in some military conflict ьullshit”. Rahu is a fan of Human Culture, especially thrilled of chewing gum stickers, toothbrushes *, cat’s eye glass marbles and classical music.

*he’s just wild about the look of these weird tools, for teeth cleaning he has a special gland.

Actually I was going to tell a new joke from series “the funniest joke I’ve ever heard” (yeah, that very series with old classic joke about a severed head that flies around in Hell)
So. The joke:
My friend approaches me and says, "hey’yo, rememba juvenile Tony from Cap: Civil War"
And i just start laughing out loud because it is one of the funniest jokes I’ve ever heard!
Got it?
Actually it’s not quite a joke, It’s kinda technical sort of humor.

This picture was causing very strange sensations, not comparable to uncanny valley or something bad, nevertheless I could not understand at all what is happening to my mind when I feel something like that.
And then when I recalled that example with Tony from MCU, I realized that when a character who we accustomed to see adult is needed to be rejuvenated in story to that age when the skull is not yet fully formed and this character being based on his adult actor who was also at that stage a while ago but it was slight different and you also remember it… and yet you just do something with the textures of usual version we accustomed to see adult and, daym, this is really weird! So weird that causes unrestrained fun!

General thread about Immortal Steel Cojones, True Mordecai the Undying, Protector of Jimenez, Sworn Enemy of the Incubus! [In context of THE ENTIRE BORDERLANDS series]
( The Dogs Bollocks) #103

Mord is my favourite character by far so I’m supper impressed with your artwork.