Way to break incursion mode with the new patch

I always use loot pack skins for this reason lol

Very interesting. And concerning. @Jythri, exactly how integral are minions meant to be? There seem to be many a complaint about minions being too strong. Have sentries been buffed to compensate, or at least scale with minions? I imagine the goal would be for minions the have a similar effect on sentries as they used to, but players actually have to focus them. Would this be correct, or am I misinterpreting?

There are also a lot of people saying they enjoy the changes though.

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Change is ALWAYS good, in my opinion.

And frustration generally equals challenge.

Challenge is good.

People will get used to it over time and become better players because of it.

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I think the safest thing they could do is buff the sentry by a reasonable margin.


I do agree with this; look at all the torch and pitchforks when Pendles first came out, before people learned how to easily counter him. If it wasn’t for adaptation, we’d all probably be dead by now…

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Are they enjoying the changes to incursion, specifically? If so, I’d say give it time. Or do you mean in general? Because outside of incursion, the only questionable change is player collision concerning bullets and projectiles. I’m cool if player projectiles don’t collide with npcs, but not with player allies?
The there are some core changes that seem to undermine a lot of the other features of battleborn, especially its flagship mode, incursion.

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Knowing what you can do and what your enemy is a vital point of this game. By just being a higher rank, level, what have you, you have an edge in experience with and against that character. Knowing is half the battle

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Minions being important is good, but Capture and Meltdown still function the same. Suddenly, for Incursion, it becomes WaveClearBorn, which has apparently happened in development once before due to sentry shields being invincible to Battleborn. This would be a similar problem and isn’t something they want for their game

I, personally, haven’t had any problems. That’s just my experience though.

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…did you even read my last post? I just literally gave an example of how one can gain the knowledge they need without being a high rank, but how showing one’s rank with a character is still a better indicater of skill than “just knowing”; because few players are going to pick up a character the first few times and be good with them, even if they “know” how they should be played. If someone could see that i’m rank 3 with Rath when i pick him, that would give a needed morale boost to new players, because picking characters that i’m not familiar with is what i do in those scenarios. CR means little in PVP, because i could have reached it in story mode; character mastery rank is a better indicater of familiarity and skill with a character.

Let’s agree to disagree as far as this goes.

Did you test how fast the sentry went down before this change? How fast do the minions take down the sentry’s shields after the 2 minute mark compared to the start of the match? It would be helpful to know the exact numbers so that we can help GBX.

I’m wondering if the damage minions do to the sentry was supposed to be buffed along with the damage done to players.

Right. CR is just a minor issue. The problem I’d rather focus on is how they’ve essentially deleted mid-late game incursion due to how pitifully weak sentries are vs minions.

Well I thought they were gonna make minions weaker in order to compensate them getting stronger and stronger, with the 10 minute mark being their initial strength. I don’t know where I got that idea from. Still seems like a good idea in my mind though


Fine by me.

… I’ve yet to play. Only played the Thrall Rebellion.

I got that weird idea as well they’d weaken them to compensate, or make the sentry stronger at the start. Go figure we were wrong.

Enjoying it? I think I got to 50 op points before I decided to try the other modes. I plan to play more of it another day.

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