Way to break incursion mode with the new patch

I wouldn’t be able too. But based on previous experience of a lot of incursion maps, I’ve never seen a shield stripped off a Sentry within 2 seconds without the player battleborn aid, even late game, as I have after the new patch, within 2 minutes of the match start.

What can I say… whoooops, I guess I’m not an oracle ^^, ok then, let’s say it’s 85% probability that they are playing the character for the first time ^^. Hell, even 70% would do just fine and it’s enough for me. :laughing:

Minions hurt you too in you Aggro’d them. Even worse now it seems. Maybe their goal was to make this mode even more similar to a moba? Where you’re at the mercy of minions until a certain point. I’m not sure how well that translates in this one lane with effectively 1 objective to defend/attack.

Minions could always do a ton of damage to a sentry’s shields. This is what made me wonder if players are just ignoring minions like they used to because of how easy they were to kill. I’ve never tested the time it takes to strip a sentry’s shields though.

Edit: I’d say to give everyone a week to adjust to the update before we ask for any changes so we can see if there is anything they need to fix.

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I agree about the minions being stupid easy to kill but it feels incredibly wrong to have your opponent win the fight over mids(dropping let’s say 3 of your team and only 2 of theirs) get mids, escort them into a minion wave with the shepherd and not really being able to do anything about it. If you can get mids at the 5 min mark you have an incredible advantage

Are you talking about the buff to minion damage or the buff to minion health? I can agree the minion damage may be too much, but I like their health where it’s at right now.

Health is fine. I don’t mind them being tougher to kill. Damage may definetly be too high. Throw shepherds in the mix and it’s just a bit much imo

Hopefully we’ll get an answer (and some info on Kid Ultra :relaxed:) this coming Thursday.

People haven’t yet adjusted to the fact that minions are stronger now. It used to be that you could ignore them to a degree and trust your team to take them out. Now everyone just needs to be more mindful of them

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You can still see your team level on the character selection screen by pressing the select/view button (Xbox) and then clicking each of your team members.

Hiding the CR only benefits players that are under level 100 or new to pvp. Devs must have noticed how many level 100’s avoid teaming up with lower level players (myself included).

From my experience any player that is not level 100 tends to be just average or below average skilled players. I’m a strong believer that in order to get highly skilled in Incursion pvp, it takes more matches past level 100.

Yes, there are level 100 complete amateurs that play worse than level 10 but the chances are sill high to find skilled players among those ranks compared to lower levels.

I’m sure the above method to see yor teamates levels will get patched too. If so, then the only method to distinguish if you have experienced/skilled players on your pug team will be by pvp title recognition. Titles like “Medicinal Use Only”, “Bada Bada Boooom”, “Fours Sensitive”, or the title to kill 50 sentries without taking damage (forgot the name) will speak volume on how much experience and skill you might have.

The sentry does go down faster because of how much harder the minions hit now I believe. I hope it teaches players not to play defensively all the time, to spend shards on buildables first before saving them for gears and to coordinate their attacks. If you let those minions bypass you then yes the sentry will go down much quicker. The downside is that I don’t see much of a need to get the thralls. The little and summoned minions are strong enough now

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OR perhaps now the game requires more skill, as you have to actually destroy minions now instead of just ignoring and doing as you please for the duration of the match.

Glass half full :slight_smile:


As a moba player it’s already ingrained in me to care about the minions. But moba games don’t start out with Uber strong minions at the start for a reason. Moba games aren’t also decided by one minor slip of the enemy team 4 minutes into the match.

In meltdown, the minions might he fine as long as people adjust to sticking around lanes and intelligently moving where needed.
In incursion, the minions have broken the mode


You know melee minions fire a beam that takes the sentry’s shield in 3 seconds right? The thing is it only takes 1 surviving melee minion. This has literally been in the game since the start.


There are many terrible and sub par CR100s. It mostly depends on if they are playing a character they are good with or not.

But I agree that a weak CR100 will play much better than a player that is under CR30 just because of experience. Of course there are some exceptions.

A CR100 will have access to more gear and Helix options plus they will be more familiar with all the characters and how they work.

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As I mentioned in a few posts yesterday, I still firmly believe that this is how GBX intended Incursuon to be from the beginning!


We all just need to adapt or die.


Allow me to elaborate.


In Battleborn, anyway :wink:



That IS better!

This isn’t quite true in my experience. As a level 100 player (who is ok some of the time with about 2 characters, and atrocious at PvP otherwise) it can be very frustrating to have players of lower rank leave the queue because they see lots of 100s. I’ve often been beaten by people with a much lower CR than me.

Matchmaking is tough enough as it is, having people leaving the queue once you get a match because of an unverifiable suspicion about how good a player is makes everything worse.

I also don’t mind playing with people who are newer. I’ve found once people are about 15+ they can contribute to the team. So though it’s helpful to know if you’re with a very new player, I honestly prefer not being able to see.

Agreed. I’ve heard suggestions that only minions should be able to take down sentry shields, but apparently that just reduced the game to wave clear. I think the buff makes them more significant though. You can’t just focus on the Battleborn pushing and kick a few minions when they wander past.

Did anyone notice it’s harder to take down a sentry’s shield without minons though? I felt a difference but not sure.


That’s been presented as a possible fix for a long time, and some who disagree with the current changes still think this is the way to go. The problem, some say, is that the minions are too strong, which equates to an emphasis on wave clearing, so a way to fix that is not to make it so that only minions can damage the sentry (or at least the sentry shields) because that equates to an emphasis on wave clear. I’d like it if minions were stronger and only they could damage the sentry’s shield. Backdooring has been a controversial topic since beta, and it’s not something that sits right with me. Everyone wants to win, but I’m against doing it in a seemingly cheap way that only certain characters are capable of. Though the way the minions are now there’s no need to make sentry shields immune to BB damage, if you’re sneaking around trying to backdoor your sentry is probably being attacked.

This is also a fix for healers, instead of making it so that you can’t heal minions, GBX has made it so that healing minions isn’t wasteful, it’s actually a viable strategy now! There have been some questionable changes to this game, but this, IMO, if not one of them.


I’ve heard this opinion before (and I appreciate why people think it) but apparently they did test the strategy of ‘only minions can take shield down’ early on and it really did just lead to players ignoring each other and focusing only on minions, who consequently rarely got through to the sentry.

There’s obviously a great deal more to winning an Incursion match than clearing out minions right now and I wouldn’t want to shift the emphasis so much onto that (it’s not an especially interesting focus to me). I like having to deal with the standard flow of minions but also watching for backdooring - for me it’s a dynamic challenge, and each match will vary.

I think it’s about getting the balance right between minion strength and player capacity for sentry damage. Making the sentry more resistant to player’s attacks so that taking it down without minions is a difficult, strategic act seems a good idea for that. Minions should be a key part of strategy but not the only way to play.