Way to experience legendary loadouts

I was curious to experience playing with three legendaries activated. I found that if I did the Archive solo, I could get the three big shards, activate a piece of gear and, since I didn’t have enough shards to activate Chronicle, eventually the three big shards would respawn and could repeat that until all my gear was activated. You won’t get a great score because it takes so long, but it is glorious having super powers!

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And? What’s the point here?

On every mission you can activate 3 legendary items without any problem. Or am I missing something here? :confused:

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This is an easy more pacifistic way to test things out.
Of course, this suggestion came.a bit late when the updates coming so soon. Patch.notes better be on the twelfth Gearbox! :smiling_imp: :grin:

It’s just an easy way to get to try legendaries. Some of us don’t live long enough to collect enough shards without activating lower level gear.

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Fair enough.

I always take three legendaries in PVE, so that i have an excuse to use them. My starting one is always the Veil Manipulater, regardless of my character or the mission. That way, i get my other two legendaries quickly and have shards for buildables, have constantly high health regen because i’m either saving for another legendary or have them all active already, and the skill damage benefits all of the characters i use. Best PVE legendary ever!