Way to ruin Alani gearbox

Since day one I have enjoyed playjng with Alani. Great character because she could heal a little battle a little and you disnt have to worry if you got caught out front too much. Now you have nerfed her to a character that i will never play again. She doesnt heal enough to be good support and can no longer fight, so she is just a waste of time. Glad the cry babys won out here, but i shouldnt expect anything less. I am just praying that this doeant become a trend with you as developers. If every character you release gets nerfed a couple of weeks after it comes out i will get rid of my game all together.

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Heyhey! There are many topics online here in which Alanis nerfs get discussed - here the most active atm:

Please continue there to keep all feedback in one place. Thanks!

PS: I´ll move your post there, I´m sorry in advance for any disorientation that might occur.

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