Way to ruin one of the more interesting new annoints(300/90)

This annointment is absolutely garbage now. It was perfect before. Between that and the nerfs to Kaoson and Sandhawk both of which were made a fair bit worse, I don’t even really want to play. Who thought a weapon that already consumes too much ammo fast needed to consume even MORE?

Plus you have the new Takedown which is pretty difficult to complete and takes awhile and the new gear is absolutely terrible? Raid seems cool otherwise but I must admit I’m really not a fan of falling to my death constantly. That plus worthless rewards isn’t great.

The nerfs frustrate me by far the most though.


Titanic nerf to it’s usefulness. Shame. I had a sneaking suspicion this was going to be the case. Basically useless on anything that doesn’t do arse loads of damage in a single shot now, which I guess gives it some use but yea. 300/90 was probably hit the hardest by the nerf hammer compared to everything else and some stuff was hit pretty hard cough kaoson cough yellowcake so that’s saying something. Oh well I’m sure the next DLC will add more new OP weapons, or there will be an event soon enough which uproots the entire meta. Or a level cap increase to even further add chaos to this disaster of a game.


I just get sick of that cycle. Release cool new weapons only to nerf them and ruin them later. They were doing good for awhile.

I skipped the Halloween event and didn’t pick the game back up for quite awhile because I was disgusted with the nerfs in October(still bad and unnecessary nerfs most of them) I came back with M4 and Maliwan Takedown and things were good for awhile, they didn’t do much nerfing.

Between the nerfs and lackluster rewards from the new Takedown, it sort of leaves a sour taste in my mouth and I don’t have much interest in playing now. As much as Mayhem 2.0 was sort of a mess in some ways, I still had an interest in playing because there was new powerful items and gear to obtain and I had fun with it.

Worse I don’t think the bad is over yet. They will probably nerf more stuff later, plus the VH changes coming in patch 2. Its sad that I am more worried what they’ll mess up or change than I am excited about it.



I mean it was obviously gonna be nerfed. This monstruosity game you a x4 damage bonus on enemies, sometimes for their whole duration. How can you balance a game with an annointement like this.


Interesting anoint?

That is a gross exaggeration. It is one of the many uninteresting ways they have expanded the gear progression/anoint system. It is a very unimaginative way to add options to gear. Anyway the “nerf” is fixing the bugs in the way it operated incorrectly when they had released it.


What kind of nerf did 300/90 receive?
Is it a relative nerf that the takedown enemy health is too big and tight after 90%?

It seems that the Anoint now applies to the Flesh bar of enemies where before it essentially cut enemy overall health by 300% (if you landed every shot). It is a dumb idea for an anointment in the first place. It came out like candy, people got used to feeling powerful, and now they’re not anymore and the build they were religiously stuck on isn’t as strong as it used to be.

Gearbox could do a lot better by TESTING these anointments before they publish them to avoid this kind of cycle of giving players extremely overpowered gear and then having to make people feel castrated after every update. Unless that’s part of the marketing strategy?


Here is detailed explanation with examples of how it worked before and how is it working now


I see, so what used to work on the bottom 90% of the bar is now applied to the top 90% of the bar.
That’s why you didn’t feel much of an impact in the small fry fight.
Hmmm… then the dead eye of FL4K, which had the exact same effect, might have been affected as well.

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This annointement was always intended for “one shot” weapon and the such. Never as a flat x4 damage to shield, armor and whatnot.

Crying it is really ridiculous


I think the anointment change is good tbh. It was clearly meant to be a one shot anointment to use with something like the Ion cannon or a hard hitting sniper. As it was before it gave 300% multiplicative dmg without even having to use AS so all the other anointments were just bad by comparison. Now it really relies on specific weapons to work, high pellet count weapons or fast firing ones are not meant for this.


I agree on the fact that it was always intended to work the way it works now, but when you change stuff this way in a game where people spend literally hours to get the combination of stats and anointments they want you’re bound to receive some backlash.

Truth is, it should never have been broken to begin with. In a game like this making players feel like they wasted tenths of hours to farm stuff that doesn’t work after the next patch is going to kill the game imho.


Not really, because if that’s what the intention was then GBX should have ensured that’s what it did. I mean, it not like the effect only occurs under very specific circumstances. If they’d even tested the weapon against a single shielded enemy they would have seen that it didn’t do what it was supposed to. And how are players supposed to know what GBX “intended?” We’re mind readers now? The crying is just sheer frustration at the shocking levels of quality control that GBX exhibit. The same goes for the Kaoson. A single 5-minute test would have shown what the damage numbers were, so I find it hard to believe that it wasn’t working how they intended it to work. If that is truly the case then the only possible conclusion is that they don’t test anything, just rely on faith that it all works. Which is a bit shocking, really


While I blame GBX for not testing its product. The amount of reading comprehension needed when you acquire and use this anoint would lead a reasonable person to conclude that the anoint originally was not doing as it is intended by a significant degree.

I mention this from time to time, the anoint system is the worst aspect of this game. It needs its own revamp (Anointments 2.0) more than the Mayhem system ever did. Although seeing how borked the Mayhem system got in its revamp, I don’t know what the counterfactual would of been in a reworked anoint system under their intentions.


I’m not upset one anointment got changed, it was just a symptom of a deeper problem with the game. It is fundamentally unbalanced and GB clearly does not know how to fix it.

If you need to give players a way of doing 200-300% extra gun damage then something is really wrong. The gear and guns should be balanced irregardless of their anointments - not by them.

I haven’t had a chance to get in and try it yet but I’m heating a lot of people saying the new takedown is horribly unbalanced and enemy health is too high. This needs a change to enemy health - not a new anointment that does x1000 damage until it gets nerfed.


I don’t really agree. The word “health” implies the red bar as that’s pretty much always been referred to as the health bar. Shields are normally considered separately.

There’s another anoint which is 200% while AS is active. For Zane that’s pretty much all the time, so when you factor that in 300% while enemy above 90% (pre-nerf) won’t necessarily always be a better choice for Zane players, so it’s not like it’s an obvious outlier, especially for tougher bosses where that 200% will come in handy when that enemy has less than 90% health left.

Agree that the anoint system leaves a lot to be desired, but don’t agree with the implication that the player should have seen this coming. GBX even stated “don’t worry we’re keeping these awesome new anointments” in response to player demand and I don’t recall them saying “but be advised the 300/90 one you’re all excited about will get a serious nerf.” I think with all the noises coming from GBX it was reasonable for people to assume that the anointment would continue as it was.


A good game should make clear sense to every player, not just those using forums or engaging with other players/communities.

Getting a deeper understanding of the mechanics and finding neat exploits is cool but you shouldn’t need to be checking in here or YouTube or reddit or wherever to know what’s working and what isn’t.


300/90 anoint math problem.
Full Life Bar

Is 90%? (This was the original way anoint worked)
Example A

Or this?
Example B

The outrage is from people believing the 300/90 anoint is represented as intended by example A.

By the way the video above mentions enemy life bars sort of looks like this mathematically. (This is my quick back-of-the-envelope calculation of what he was saying)

▣▣▣▣▣▣ (Shield)
▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣ (Armor)
▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣ (Flesh)

So this anoint would work up to this point.

▣▣▣▢▢▢ (Shield)
▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣ (Armor)
▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣ (Flesh)


Flesh is the games term for the Red bar.

It just isn’t communicated well (obviously) in game.

I like your visuals! Great way of showing it. I agree that people expected example A. But I don’t think it’s unreasonable for people to think that. Maybe naive , but I don’t think we as players should be having to second guess the devs intentions with everything?

agreed, but health is generally accepted to be separate from shields, no? So the yellow bar for an armored foe would be their health. We have separate health and shield regen abilities for our VHs, so there are already in-game definitions that separate them out. If they want us to lump them together for enemies they should come up with different naming conventions, or else it gets too confusing.

edit: actually, I believe “flesh” is the way the game refers to the type of health, like yellow is for armor. But both are considered the enemies’ health bars IMO