Way to skip to sanctuary 3 when restarting TVHM

Given how the new DLC requires you unlock sanctuary 3, I think it would be nice if we could have a choice to skip right to Chapter 5 when resetting TVHM for any character. It takes a while to get back to sanctuary from the beginning and if you just want to play through the DLC that can be a pain.


just go back to normal mode. Issue resolved

I don’t think going back to Normal mode wholly resolves the issue. If one wants to replay the DLC and has reset TVHM to do so, at best Normal mode only bypasses the need to play through to Sanctuary for one replay of the DLC.

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You can only play it one time that way. After that you either make a fresh new character or reset TVHM and play for like a hour and a half to get to sanctuary. Having the option to skip to chapter 5 would mean anyone could play the DLCs from the start whenever they wanted. It’d be like Borderlands 2 use to be. Talk to hammerlock at the beginning and then the fast travel would unlock and you could play any DLC you wanted.