Way too bright at certain point in daytime in game, and too dark at night

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. There is a certain point in the in game daytime where it just seems like it’s way too bright, and a point at night where it is too dark. I’ve tried adjusting my TV, and many of its settings(dynamic contrast, black level, etc) to lower the brightness, but then at a certain point in the day/night cycle at night, it’s way too dark to see anything. I’ve tried a different mode on my TV, and tweaked a couple other settings, and it’s ok now, but still difficult to see at night in game sometimes, and a bit too bright at a certain point in the daytime in game.

Anyone else experience this issue? I have an Xbox One X, and am currently playing in Resolution mode. Anyone know if this is a known issue, or just supposed to be like this in the game?

I’ll try to post up a pic or two of what I’m talking about if I get a moment before work.