Ways to bring in new players?

C’mon community, lets put out heads together and help give Gearbox some ideas to help entice players to play battleborn!

Because as of this post…there are 450 people playing.

So, first and foremost…we need some Free to play Weekends! Let people actually get to try the game before they buy!

And that is my only idea at the moment, outside the idea no one wants to say but everyone is thinking >…>

Single player is /yawn. PVP is awesome but not enough maps or modes. Matchmaking was busted for so long everyone who quit doesn’t know it was fixed. Reviews have been brutally honest and pretty much spot on so it scared new players away.

Gearbox would need to inject a lot of content probably more than what is promised in the DLCs to get anyone to consider playing again. Microtransactions will generate some cash for them however it won’t create any loyalty or draw new players in.

This happened with Battlefront and EA/Dice is basically writing off Battlefront(still releasing very content-light DLC) and have already started working on Battlefront 2.


Well…a lot of these things are true. But we can help can’t we?

Or are we headed for the Free to Play reality, not that it is a BAD reality just…Rocky.

Between the people who already bought but has given up, or people who think this game is too dead to pony up money for, its a tough predicament. Even after the dust has settled, this game is in dire need of some positive press… or a sex scandal. I’m drawing up a blank here, is there anything exciting in the works for Battleborn coming soonish?

I’d love to say to my Australian friends hey buy Battleborn you’ll have fun, but can’t recommend it for the simple fact matchmaking for Australians is non existent or just downright laggy, If gearbox we’re to fix said problems I’d gladly give a glowing recommendation however until such a time has arrived I’ll be telling my friends to stay well clear and they’ll tell their friends the same thing :slight_smile:
Maybe worry about microtransactions after you’ve fixed the big issues gearbox.

Over and out

the only way to get people to play battleborn is if they make it free to play but then they would have to pay back the season pass holders or give them something worthy in return.

I paid full price for the game and season pass and even bought currency and i am not content with what i got in the first place so yeah i do not see clear skies ahead for batlleborn which is a shame because the game had potential but it just did not turn out right.

they should have waited much longer to finish the game before releasing it and they should have looked more at winning moba games like lol smite paragon or even plants vs zombies garden warfare for that matter.

it is not too late to do so but i think the big guys (publishers) will not let that happen and i think they are to blame for the marketplace and the crappy recolor skins that are in it. if you have to make recolor skins then at least make it so the abillitie colors match and put some effort in it for crying out loud.

I play a lot of smite and if you see what kind of skins they offer (even if expensive) you will agree that the battleborn skins are weak to say the least.

This game should not have been released in the state it is/was in.

well if they would offer us a system like smite does give us all the content that has come out and will come out in the future and a lot of ingame currency then they could pull it off.

however the game has to be a stable build and decently filled with content first.

And they would have to put more effort in skins and taunts not just recolors also they would need to create and ongoing flow of new characters every 3 weeks to keep the hypetrain going.

either way gbx has its work cut out for them!

I would not want to be in there shoes right now tbh.

News skins are available, premium currency too.

I think sponsorship from players could bring more players. Discount, access code, etc all this sort of thing. Free2Play could be very hard to set now.

You do not need new players.
You have sold (on steam) more than 140,000 copies of the game.
If only 400 are playing, something happened.

I know from talking to many of the CL 100s and the PVE community, we are leaving or reducing our play time on this game because there is little reason to play.

GBX needs to give us a reason to play. At CL100, I get no more XP. It is wasted effort. I can level up characters but at a certain point (level15) that ends too. Then there is PVP lore. We don’t do that.

That leaves farming for good gear. Well they just nerfed that into oblivion. I have no interest in farming for the Epic butter knife of better bread buttering or whatever.

Turn my XP into $$. Give me loot worth farming for. Up the level cap. New character Helix options. Up the character level cap. Something, anything.

Also it wouldn’t hurt to let the PVE community know we are still valued. The last several rounds of changes were all to benefit PVP. I don’t have a problem with that. But these very same changes seriously reduced the quality of PVE gameplay in my opinion (and many others).

You want us back or playing more. Give us something worth fighting for.

On PC they just have to find a way to get the people who bought the game a reason to come back…a little help from us wouldn’t hurt either to let them know the matchmaking is alot better than it was before

Free weekend/week on all platforms, more maps and some kind of prestige system (maybe each time you hit CR100 you get enough premium currency to buy one premium skin). Im CR 100 with no masteries so i still got some progress stuff to do but that wont last much longer.

They will once additional content is released. I’m talking the free and/or season pass content. I do fear though that the cash shop is going to turn off a few of them, but that is what it is. And I’m also not talking one new map. I’m talking new game mode with 2 new maps and possibly a new map for one or two (or all three) of the current PvP modes.
It has to be worth people stepping away from whatever they’re playing. How GB/2K handles this will say a lot about this game’s population sustainability.

Week. Free to play week. Sunday to Sunday kind of thing. Along side another deep discount. I’m not saying give the game away, but 40-50% off is what’s needed to bring people in.

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F2P is not inherently bad also this game won’t see many more sales just because the people that wanted it bought it. People are more inclined to try free samples then pony up for something they didn’t want. The reason they would have to pony up to Season Pass Holders is promised DLC that is now free. The current model is unsustainable as is going F2P with currency at its current price unless you buy 50 bucks worth you get gouged. Who knows what tomorrow bringso only Odin all hail Odin.

Ways to bring new blood in the game:

  1. Content. The game isn’t bad, the gameplay is fun and a good amount of people bought it. First step if to have them back on playing and adding content will do the trick. New maps and game modes for pvp and, until we have dlc stories, some challenges for pve with events like some ‘Play pve with people in a random mission to get your daily what-ever’ and that what-ever could be from a random faction pack or, if they want to get on the good side and also solve a little the burnout of the microtransaction, a ridiculous amount of platinum.

  2. Give veterans ■■■■ to do. When you reach commander lvl 100 and lvl 15 with a character, that’s it. You have little motivation to touch those characters (and if you level them first, sure you like them). The game needs to have infinite levels for commander with things to gain and something to do with leveled characters. We players, like it or not, need a carrot in front of us to move, without said carrot pure will can only move you so far.

  3. The game needs a free weekend with a good sale to get players to play it and good intentions and a good game isn’t gonna do enough, not with a monster as Overwatch casting a shadow over our game.

  4. 2k needs to get in the game and hard. Right now they are only asking for more money from actual players (microtransactions) and little less… If they want real money, they need to get some advertising, Youtubers playing the game, Twitch streams and hype on the characters so fans start to create fan-art. That is way of advertise a game that Blizzards got too well. We need vids with cinematics about every character, even with simple in-game graffics. Something like Oscar Mike’s vid on the factions and character but with a story, something funny. I know that is time and money but I know it has a good benefic in the end.

  5. Gearbox needs to step on the gas. I know they had a schedule with things planned and all but right now the game, specially on pc, is in the intensive care unit and needs ■■■■ done, like fixing legendaries, get the first dlc, modes and so on, fast as they can. They can’t sleep in clouds right now or the boat is going to sink, fast.

Those are things that I think could help the game.

Also some way to get platinum in game and good microtransactions (I’ll pay for more worked skins, new taunts and if they include some way to upgrade a normal game with season pass to a digital deluxe edition) could be of help too.

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What about making the PVP F2P and PVE paid but for a much lower price? Say $25? Have the PVE give more XP and coins. PVE being the best way to get legendary gear, and faster character unlocks instead of grinding to whatever level you need. Something along those lines. Not sure if it’ll work but just a thought.

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Free to play Weekend!

Do you mean a refund for the SP content if all content goes F2P including the DLC? If so then yeah I think it would only be fair if the game doesn’t recover to give back something to SP holders. As for a full refund I don’t think its fair to play the game and if it goes F2P later on to ask for a refund, because people already experienced the game played it and got something from that experience. Also people who are playing it are playing it on a server that costs money. This is a weird analogy but I kind of feel its like buying a book and reading it then a few months later the book store starts giving the book away for free. Then demanding a refund when there is no way to give back the words that were read and most likely the words are memories now. I used the product and I should pay for it. I played battleborn for almost 200 hours and thats my $60 I used right there.

I will say that I am worried that without a large influx of new players the SP content might have its budget cut and end up with 3 story missions that are basically Dr. Willys castle, stages with old bosses to supplement content (looking at you heliophage). Or worse more defense/escort missions that extend the mission length to the average of 30 mins by making you wait for waves of enemies and doors that don’t open until a dialogue is completed. Basically missions filled with fluff…ugh.

As for the talk of Free weekends or Weeks that people are calling for. They might add a few people but the game had A LOT of people buy the game and since stop. I think the best thing is to tighten up was turning people off and push with new content to get the people who already own the game to come back and praise it. The people who haven’t stopped playing and can say how wonderful it is until there blue in the face but thats not gonna retain new players who don’t like what they play. Imagine a big influx of those that already quit but own the game praising it and streaming it. Twitch numbers go up, satire youtube videos crop up, purchasable skins are a common sight in matches encouraging people to buy skins as well and more things you get the idea.

TL DR: There is gonna have to be changes to the game the way it is because I am sure a large portion of people who own the game are not playing it. Thus a free two play weekend will only bring in only a few who are too scared to buy it and end up enjoying it enough to purchase it as it is now.

Ive said this once before on a FB post from GB. There has been little to no advertising to this game. Almost none. In fact, I can only recall an advert for the game about 6 months ago. Overwatch, is still showing commercials pretty much every other one on every channel. I’m guessing they don’t have Blizzard money, but come on. When it came out, literally nobody was talking about it. Critics were going over the “great month of games” and almost nobody mentioned Battleborn had even come out. It’s almost like there was an embargo on mentioning the name. Hell, maybe blizzard paid people to not bring up Battleborn. I could believe that since it seems statistically impossible for that many to not even know it comes out. I think some of the lore challenges are hard, but doable. I’m playing Ghalt and getting 10 first kills is pretty challenging for a guy who isn’t an initiator. Not only that, you have 1 shot at it. You miss, there goes 20-30 mins of gaming before the next chance. I’m 7 in now so I’m moving along. I get a ton of assists or first deaths myself. LOL I think there is tons of content, but the damn items are scarce. You play 30-40 mins on an advanced game and then wipe for almost nothing. Then-IF you beat the guy, you get greens? That’s dumb. There needs to be more random loot drops from other enemies. Also, WTF is it with LVL 2 guys joining advanced games? Advanced difficulty matching should be for people who have gone through the whole campaign on regular mode. I had some dumbass “streaming” person who had just picked up the game on advanced. The level- sabatour… The rest of us are trying to coordinate and this jerkoff was talking to his “people” and had no clue what was going on. I’m yelling on the MIC for people to back out of rooms and for some reason they go in all guns blazing on the hardest effing level of the game. I could see why people would quit on that item alone.

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I’ve posted similar things in the past, and I should be working, so I’ll keep this relatively quick (for me):

One of the big reasons that BB has such a high rate of attrition, and why people have a hard time reviewing it (in my opinion), is that it’s very difficult to pick up, and has a higher than average skill cap.

You see this reflected in Forum posts from new players tired of being killed so often, people with negative impressions of how “chaotic” everything is, reviewers who don’t know if they’re reviewing a MOBA an RPG or an FPS, etc…

I was showing a friend the game over the weekend, he’s a big fan of That Other Game That Will Not Be Named. He liked it a lot, but couldn’t keep track of what was happening in Meltdown.

My point is that in order to keep players, and gain new ones, I firmly believe that there needs to be a more robust tutorial/onboarding process.

The following is just a set of suggestions, clearly some are easier to implement than others, and I think there are better ideas out there, but I strongly believe something like this would help:

  1. Before people can do public matchmaking for PVP, they would need to go through a guided tutorial.
  2. This tutorial would start by walking them through a bot match, maybe with some of the Battleborn narrating. It would be fun to have each of them argue over whose strategy is the best. I’d love to see ISIC and Kleese’s banter over PVP tactics.
  3. After this guided game, the player would need to pass a set of “challenges” against bots in order to enter public matchmaking, here are a few possibilities:
    a. Build a turret
    b. Kill 5 Battleborn
    c. Heal for 1000 damage as a support.
    d. Destroy a Thumper turret.
    e. Kill 50 minions
    f. Build a Super Minion
  4. After this you would earn a title, maybe something like, “Ready for Battle.”
  5. During this tutorial, you should be earning XP/Credits/Maybe even loot. We want the experience to feel rewarding for these new players.
  6. For the first 5-10 battles, maybe after every death, the game would provide a bit of advice on re-spawn, telling you how you might have done better.

The point is to make it fun and easy for new players to learn the ropes, while not feeling overwhelmed. To give them a safer environment to try things out, before they’re thrown to the wolves.

If we want to retain players, and bring in new ones, I think skill cap and onboarding is critical.


Great idea, especially #2. I would have benefitted from this. Also add successful “B for Base” (teleport) to the tasks. And some real snarky dialogue if you chase a kill at low health and die.

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