Ways Wonderlands NEEDS to improve upon BL3, for you?

So, we know now that Wonderlands is due next year and will be like borderlands but with fantasy elements, most likely in the same engine and using a bunch of the same code.
Given that, I’m curious what improvements you’d like to see?

Note: this isn’t just another place to bash BL3. There’s plenty of posts discussing the many issues, so try to focus on how wonderlands can be better. You can point out issues if they’re relevant, but build on that. Thanks

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borderlands 3 is good in terms of “quality”
the problem is just the balancing


Tolerable characters! Tina, brick and mord are the most least offending part of the cast of BL3 so I’m looking forward to running quests with characters/dialogue that doesn’t make me stare at the wall for 45 seconds until they finish speaking.
Also melee weapons. Melee damage actually becoming melee damage as opposed to guns doing melee damage- That better be fun.
Never forget bear fists.


I’d like to see more interaction between gear slots.

  • I’d like a better bank system. More tabs and a search feature, mainly, for organisation and finding stuff, but also way more space. BL3 switching to one big shared bank was great, but it needs some QoL improvements to make that perfect.
  • I don’t play multiplayer much, but the system really needs a menu, like previous games, so you can see who’s online, what they’re doing and what level they are (or mayhem level). Kind of like how the friends page works, but with strangers too.
  • I’d love to see some new stuff. Like how TPS added slam, oz kits, lasers and cryo. If we’re in a fantasy land, give us cool new ideas. Apparently, we’re finally getting pure melee weaponry, which fits this perfectly.
  • Manufacturer balance. I want to be able to pick up items of the same type and rarity and have them be hard to choose between, not look at manufacturer and know an item isn’t worth using before I see the stats. The manufacturer gimmicks and focus are cool, but some of the manufacturers need more to their gimmick, like how hyperion got gun shields as well as reverse recoil. Maybe bandit (or troll or whatever they’ll be in wonderlands) can get a damage boost based on how empty the mag is, for example, just something more than reloading less.
  • I don’t know what the plan is for endgame is, but MORE OPTIONS PLEASE! Let us pick our difficulty by choosing how much health bloat enemies have AND how many spawn at once AND what rarity gear they can use. And THEN let us throw in silly modifiers for sh*ts and giggles, IF WE WANT TO. Give us rewards to loot drop, xp and currency based on how hard we make it, so there’s a reason to challenge ourselves.
  • Please don’t add a system of weapon leveling beyond the base game, UNLESS necessary to keep endgame buffs from ruining the basegame. The objective of higher difficulty levels should be to make things harder for those that want a challenge, but by adding gear that increases in power as you increase the difficulty (or add scaling on anything) you decrease that very challenge. You also push everyone towards levels of difficulty they might not like, to get better loot. Use difficulty for fun and challenge, not just a way to add more levels without skill points.

Wonderlands is supposed to be a spin-off title so expecting it to “improve upon” anything would be missing the point. The main thing it should focus on is to be different enough from the main games to justify it being its own separate game instead of a DLC.


I’m assuming that there will be a campaign but the bread and butter will be some repeatable dungeon-esque type deal. Kinda like rifts in diablo or something.
Similar to that new 4 player dungeons and dragons game, left 4 dead with loot or something.

I guess there might not be a campaign but I’d hope there would be. Excited for it regardless, just due to melee. Spells replace grenades.
Bank improvement, sort by annoint is really the only thing I’d want added. If those are even a thing.

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I want lots of fun, new playstyles and a return to the quality of writing/humour from Borderlands 3. Doing a whole game in the style of TTAODK automatically raises high expectations, I just hope they can meet those levels.

DLC could be interesting too. I’d love to see a Japanese-style fantasy.


I’m pretty sure it can do both! The games are bound to have to shared elements, it’s worth discussing.

Anyway, I think Wonderlands should improve the skill system in general. It’s been an issue since BL1, but builds boil down to correct answers rather than diverse playstyles. Especially in BL3 where feedback on builds is “your build is not good enough for m11” etc etc. It’s partly a fault of the health bloat, but I’d like the focus to be on skill synergies than raw stats. Sure there should be ways to make the best version of that build, but I just want more choices. Let us get creative! Health increases are a part of difficulty, but absurdly high health values do not encourage build diversity.

Give us more effective ways to build our character too. If there’s a pet-based class, give us ways to upgrade their damage outside of skills! If Gearbox could stray from their classic skill system to remedy this, that would be really interesting. It’d even separate itself further from mainline BL games.


Not really, why would anyone in their right mind hope that Wonderlands improves upon something in BL3 when the thing to hope for is that they improve upon these “shared elements” in BL3 with them then carying over into Wonderlands.

The story? Better post-launch experience? The visibility issues? Better matchmaking? Endgame activities? There are countless things to talk about that could be shared between the games.


What you said in your response either isn’t a “shared element”, is to vague to actually mean anything or doesn’t stand in contrast to what I said.

Hmm, did not understand that last bit tbh, could you clarify?

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Better difficulty scaling, no more weaponscaling and a crap load of weapons :joy:


E.g. both games are expected to have a bank so the “bank feature” would be a “shared element” but one could take issue with the fact that the bank in BL3 doesn’t have a “search function” so instead of hoping that Wonderlands does a better job than BL3 (which in turn would necessitate that BL3 stays inferior in that regard) it would be preferable that they add a search function to BL3 as a QoL update and than have it in Wonderlands by default.

Imagine we can dual wield 1 hand and 2 handed melee weapons or mix and match with guns.
Skill trees could take up melee weapon perks like that, dual wield 2 hand weapons and such. Could take a lot of cool ideas from the AC valhalla skill trees.


Hmmm, saying Wonderlands should have a better bank doesn’t take away anything from that conversation though. We can talk about BL3 getting better bank management at the same time, they’re not mutually exclusive conversations. Both Wonderlands and BL3 need better bank management. And if Wonderlands launches with it but not BL3, that’s fine! If BL3 was made with it in mind I’m sure it’d be very easy to add. Wonderlands has the privilege of hindsight. BL4 can have it instead.

I’m sure the topic is just “what can Wonderlands do better than BL3?”, no need to get too caught up into it. It’s just fun daydreaming/feedback.


Good mellee gameplay, general awesomeness.
And some good balancing, and I’m happy. They normally have pretty good ideas, it’s the execution thats the issue.

  • Stronger focus on UI functionality vs. ‘pretty things’. If your hi-res 3D model makes my inventory screen stutter - hide it somewhere so that I don’t pay the penalty every time I interact with the screen (a lot).
  • Respect couch co-op users - make sure they can read text etc.
  • Put some thought into making additional playthroughs pleasant. Why can’t I enable Mayhem from the beginning for my 2nd character? Or more like 20th at this point
  • Explore more ways for users to control difficulty
  • Given that crafting/enchanting is a staple in fantasy games - experiment with some ideas to bring it into Borderlands


  • Better correlation between effort and reward. If someone slogs through 40+ min of combat and platforming in GTD (not me), rewards should be better than 30 sec Graveward kill. Same with Daily challenges: “Kill 10 ratches” is not the same as “Complete Slaughterstar 3000”, but reward is the same? :man_shrugging:

I hope that this game will be its own game and not a standalone extension or a Bl3.5