Ways Wonderlands NEEDS to improve upon BL3, for you?

Just what I was thinking.

Even now, there are audio bugs in ALL the DLC’s. Main quest audio playing anytime you fast travel to certain maps in the dlc’s.

The state in which this game still remains is shocking. Not to mention all the changes we have had to endure since release…

Anyone buying Wonderlands before it’s live-service status has expired is foolhardy. Who knows what will be removed during it’s live-life-cycle.

Separate Banks for each character. Trying another character in BL3 is just a headache.
Proper HUD Scaling… Currently have to use a mod to repair what they removed.

And a myriad of other issues.
Frankly, I’m going to be waiting a long, long while before trying it, if ever.

To me it seems as though this (wonderlands) was supposed to be a BL3 Dlc, and the (so far) characters shown were to be additional Vault hunters.

They expanded on it and are shovelling it out full-price.


“Hear Ye, Hear Ye! The Emperor Ming has issued the following edict as pertaining to improvements regarding the upcoming Wonderlands release.”

Improvements the First - remove Mayhem 2.0 and replace with… something else, preferably a system that generates more powerful, unique NPC’s rather than just scaling their HP or Damage output…

Improvements the Second - remove the Anointments system. Possibly replace with a similar mechanic, but one that is closer to Luneshine in its level of effect and then place these minor upgrades on gear “cosmetics” rather than on the gear themselves. That way the gear is not tied to the benefit and you can swap benefits as you choose. [Also get rid of Anointed enemies]

Improvements the Third - keep the Legendary Loot Pool smaller and more meaningful (i.e. weapons that are actually legendary in their viability to use.

Improvements the Fourth - add Pearlescents back in as an additional tier class of gear above Legendary that comes into play for the endgame experience. I specifically want the term Pearlescent used for the sake of Continuity, which leads us to…

Improvements the Fifth - maintain consistency with BL2: TTAODK in terms of the type of storyline, humor, characters, overall look and feel, etc. For example, if you have Dwarves, then make them look and sound like the original dwarves. If you have Orcs, make them look and sound like the original Orcs. Even reuse actual characters, place names, etc. if the new story warrants it. At the very least, have NPC’s mention Dragon Keep elements in passing, referenced in postings, etc. as Easter eggs, refenced as jokes in taverns, etc. during the course of the game.

And for the greater glory of the great god Dyzan (and our mutual pleasure), have Torgue in there somewhere. Given his obsession with playing the game, it would fit that he wants to participate again.

Improvements the Sixth - get rid of all the other stuff from BL3 that has been complained about in other threads and various media (poor writing, boring bad guys, broken mechanics, overly PC sensibilities, etc.) and add in all the things from BL1, BL2 and BL:TPS that have been asked for since BL3 came out - more Raid Bosses, The Grinder, Pearlescents (again), Additional Vault Hunters, Headhunter Packs (or perhaps in this case, “Side Quest” packs), etc.

Improvements the Seventh - Add in a customizable Player Base / Lair at the Endgame that can be upgraded through Endgame Activities. I picture a single, castle-like structure that would then house all of your VH characters, their gear, their trophies, etc. The castle itself starts out small and grows physically larger (more rooms, wings, sections, towers, battlements and defenses, etc.) as you complete certain missions, tasks, etc. (in some cases, maybe spend whatever passes for “eridium”).

This lair would then provide various upgrade possibilities for the endgame experience through various in-game activities (side-quests, achievements, resource gathering, etc.) such as: Allow for expansion of storage with additional and/or rebuilt, larger “Treasure Rooms”; Allow for expansion of display areas with additional and/or rebuilt “Trophy Rooms” (as well as various places about the castle to hang/display things); Allow for addition of various vending machine mechanics (like adding in a Grinder, or a Pearlescent vendor, or a re-roll machine, or whatever. Some of these could be actual vendors instead of machines for the sake of immersion). The lair could also be a place to gain access to Endgame-Only missions, quests, Easter Eggs and other side content, etc.

To expand the immersion experience as well as provide some additional minor endgame content, this lair could have enemy spawn points nearby that send in occasional waves of attackers. There could even be a trigger inside the lair that can be upgraded as well. The lair defenses can then be upgraded and the waves of attackers can then scale to meet it. Specific side-quests to gain special defense-related objects or bring in support NPC’s (siege engineers, wizards, healers, etc.) would provide additional endgame content. The completion of these activities could then trigger/unlock new and/or more powerful enemies to spawn.

There could even be an attached or nearby mine that you can purchase as an upgrade that unlocks certain other upgrades as it is improved. And the players could go into the mine and explore, eventually uncovering a hidden dungeon that can then be farmed for… whatever.

The overall idea is to give players something to work towards that they can then feel that they earned that will help in the endgame experience without breaking anything in the main game experience. I would even be fine with a restriction that does not allow any new characters access to this, shall we say, “Hall of Heroes” until they complete the main game, or hit a certain level, or complete certain in-game tasks, etc. There could even be Endgame Specific Content DLC that only applies to the “Hall of Heroes”, and still have regular DLC for new storylines, etc. Endless possibilities here. In fact, this whole “Hall of Heroes” could be a DLC add-on, as long as it fully plugged into the game and did not act as an unconnected standalone module.

Improvements the Eighth - include Character-specific quests/side-quests that provide unique gear suited to that character class (could include riding mounts and cosmetics as well as the typical guns, shields, etc.), or unlock certain levels of ability for that class, etc. It could be a string of activities that have to be completed and not just one mission. For example, complete a set of achievements that then unlocks a new area for that character only, that then has a quest giver who sends the character on a set of side-quests and additional class-specific achievements that finally unlocks the main mission, maybe with a boss/raid boss fight at the end. All of this could be part of the base game or geared more for endgame content (or both, perhaps a multi-tiered approach).

In keeping with this idea, there could also be in-game actions required to receive achievement bonuses or cosmetic rewards. In other words, instead of automatically getting some bonus or unlocking a new cosmetic head, you have to travel through the Swamps of Sorrow and seek out the Wandering Witch (or whatever) and then give her a magic token or complete a minor task or whatever to get the prize unlocked by completing the achievement. As with Improvement the Seventh, the idea is to create more endgame content instead of handing things over to players automatically. Each interaction is an opportunity for player participation and environmental immersion.

Improvements the Ninth - create gear sets that provide average bonuses by themselves but additional, powerful bonuses / abilities when used together. These sets could then scale in rarity as does individual gear. In this vein, perhaps create custom cosmetic sets (e.g. Head, Skin, Gear Token) that provide a minor bonus when worn together as well.


Or anything from @GBX for that matter now days.


Best way to improve it is simply dont buy it, definitely dont pre order it. GBX need to learn to make games that work again and stop launching beta tests that they spend the next two years nerfing and patching so much that it becomes an unplayable shadow of the original launch.


Nicely summed up.


Along with all the previous, I think it’s important what they leave out.

Firinstance, any mission that starts with:
Talk to…
Speak to …
Follow …
Return to …

For example. Go back to Sanctuary, so Lilith can tell you to go to the Droughts so you can drive to Devil’s Razor, so you can talk to Vaughn, who tells to go to The Splinterlands. Absolute torture on a PS4. Or go to talk to Jacob’s so he can tell you where to meet Clay, who will take you to… you get the picture.


After BL3, Wonderlands needs to improve it’s difficulty for me. I don’t care if it’s going to be done trough multiple playtroughs or menu options, but I want to hit progression walls where I need to think how to improve my character or approach given situation differently.

BL3 is too easy and I hope Wonderlands won’t go the same route, but I think it will, sadly.


Omg I laugh every time Vaughn says it lol

The minimap, improve the horrible minimap from BL3. (And even the larger map, but it’s less horrible)
And more fast travel points would be nice.

Bring back the quest rewards on acceptance of the quest.

use a blue weapon.

On that note, more involved builds. I don’t want to just get my gear and immediately do damage through WM1 + ASE. I wanna have more mechanics to learn like Zer0 from BL2. You had to learn how to keep your CA stacks and time Decepti0n kills, not just get gear.

It’d bring a ton more longevity.

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The couch co-op better be done properly this time. The game performance during couch co-op in Borderlands 3 on PS4 and Xbox One was unacceptable. It would also be great if we don’t need the eyesight of Superman to be able to see the HUD/MENU elements and icons while playing couch co-op. And for goodness sakes get the crashes fixed before releasing the game. Borderlands 3 on PS4 had way too many crash issues than I care to remember. I never had issues like any of this with Borderlands 2 or the Pre-Sequal.

It would be great if the player characters were to talk more with each other during combat, like they did in the Pre-Sequal. In Borderlands 3 the player characters only talk to each other once in a blue moon.

Larger enemy mob density. This is something that I always find disappointing in the Borderlands games. Especially when playing with more than 1 player, there never seems to be enough enemies. I want less walking from point A to point B and more blowing the hell out of enemies.

Thank goodness we can create our own characters, because holy Hell do the default characters look stupid. What happened here? The player characters always used to look good in the Borderlands games, and now we get these dumb looking characters in this new game. Disappointing.

Take a page from Diablo 3’s book and have enemies always scale to the player’s level at all times. One major problem in the Borderlands games is that enemies have a set level for each area, and you very quickly out level the enemies in all of the games and then it just becomes boring fighting against them. The dev team really need to take a look at current day Diablo III. Make the game like that, where the enemies are always the same level as the player.


Couldn’t be said better. Sadly considering how @GBX went about fixing these issues with BL3 I wouldn’t hold my breath thinking they are going to fix them this time around.

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Don’t pre-order the game. Wait for the reviews before buying anything or blindly throwing money at them.
A few games come to mind. Cod vanguard, BF 2042, Cyberpunk. Those alone should get anyone to not fall for the hype machine. Also don’t fall for youtubers eather. They did it for BF 2042 and look how it ended up. My point is be careful with your hard earned cash. If you don’t then it might end up badly on your end. Don’t fall for hype and all the glitter and glam. Wait it out for the reviews.
Don’t Preorder games period. Its a bad habit to do and many should know better by now.


Sadly I could only click the like button once on your post. I think a lot of us learned that lesson this time around with @GBX.

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my personal hope is one day
randomly generated enemies… with a tier system from comon to pearl, purple enemys are super badass, legendary are bosses or named and pearl enemies are tubbies or other super rare enemies

then have maybe also seraph and thats vermi, godliath, and other stackable / raidboss enemies.

boom 7 tiers of fun that can come with parts and pieces, making each individual run of any activity unique

you can have even event parts for enemies, parts unique to maps, parts unique to mayhem lvls, parts added with dlc or new playthroughs, there is so much oppertunity here

Since Wonderlands is only a few months away now, figured I’d toss my 2 cents.

If the add something similar, better interactive difficulty settings/mayhem customization, with relative reward balance. AKA I wanna handpick my modifiers. If playing M10 with nothing but easy modifiers means I get less loot, I’d be content with that 'cause I’d be having a blast.

More additional quest lines. BL3 through its main campaign and DLCs was pretty light on quest lines, which was a shame.

Skill/Weapon synergy. I like a powerhouse gun as much as the next guy, but it’s certainly satisfying when a gun is made powerful through the class’s stats rather than just the gun itself.

Base game raid boss. C’mon, raid bosses are a staple at this point.

Then of course just better overall polish. Worst thing I tend to experience is audio/subtitle bugs, but I’ve seen enough legit complaints of much worse problems.