WB making Fury Road game

So I have heard from a good source that WB is developing a game based on Mad Max, Fury Road. So, I wonder how this is going to impact BL3 (if at all) since the visual look at least will be very similar to the franchise. I imagine it might be kind of an open world Rage which would be great. However, where does GBX take this franchise from there?

There are lots of games that look like Borderlands. I dont think a Mad Max game will have any impact at all on the Borderlands franchise.

In my opinion games based on movies generally suck anyway

No impact. It shouldn’t at least.

I believe Mad Max the game is going to be a 1 player game. For me that makes a huge difference as I prefer games that allow me to go coop. I sometimes run solo in coop games but I often prefer to be in coop. Also, I doubt the Mad Max game will have all the other charm and mechanics present in the Borderlands series.

Still, I will certainly try Mad Max.

RAGE made me think of Mad Max a lot!

Damn decent game, very much in the vein of Mad Max / Fallout / Borderlands.