We all just going to ignore infusion not working with cryo on FP?

The cryo action skill element isnt working with infsion or forecul expression with the facepuncher. It really makes me wonder who the hell they are giving this stuff to test and what kind of simple minded feedback are they getting.


Yep, I’ve tested as well and they currently DON’T WORK with the new cryo action skill element. What a joke.


Had a Hard time finding this thread. Haven’t really written anything here but this is the first time I’m pissed enough. Was so pumped for cold meele build. Seriously how could you make a new meele tree and not try the face puncher, and not only that cold doesn’t work with infusion for any gun it seems for me. Reeee :"(



Anybody looking into this? Infusion and forceful expression are both not recognizing cold hearted. It’s not just with Facepuncher. Still works fine with all other elements.

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It doesn’t work with any weapons, not just the Facepuncher.

@Noelle_GBX I have made a video illustrating how the new cryo action skill element is not working correctly with Infusion and Forcerfull expression. There seems to also be an odd interaction between the Facepuncher and Illuminated Fist where the Facepuncher damage is increased but it doesn’t appear as elemental damage, unlike regular melee strikes, which do appear as elemental damage.

Please make the devs aware of this issue so it can be resolved soon.

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