We all knew it was coming

After the release of the new characters, each of which were overpowered initiatially or are still overpowered, it was only a matter of time until someone said something…


She’s so OP, literally impossible to kill, infecting the forums and the community with cancer (and sometimes hemorrhoids), and her in-game model is so hard to hit she might as well not have a hitbox.

Everytime she gets picked about half the team quits and it makes it really hard to find a match with Beatrix on it.

I am so tired of this and ready for the Beatrix nerfs.


I just don’t like how she inflicts such a long blind that it looks like she’s not even there. Otherwise she’s almost balanced


Haha, i’m surprised it took so long for this thread to be created…

…Because Beatrix is BULLS**T! Seriously, i’m starting to lose faith in Gearbox’s ability to “balance” their characters.


Yeah, that skill is even more OP than that one skills she has that let’s her stun the entire enemy without doing anything. And that one only has a 4 second cooldown.

Edit: (I have the feeling that at the end of this post, Beatrix has 49 different OP skills, 9 OP ults, and 24 OP passives? ;p)

Edit 2: [quote=“HandsomeCam, post:3, topic:1551425”]
Seriously, i’m starting to lose faith in Gearbox’s ability to “balance” thier characters.

I am losing faith in HandsomeCam’s ability to spell properly!
Jk jk


Nah, she’s fine.

This isn’t a painting - this is Overgrowth when Beatrix uses a disease. OP.



She negate everyone shield for 8 sec or more!!

Yeah? Well, i’m ALSO losing my faith in my ability to resist cracking you upside your head!

I’m out of likes, so take this gif of the Scooty-Puff Sr.:


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Naaaaah, she needs a buff: I haven’t been able to get a single kill with her yet.


That’s true, she’s never killed me, but I’ve never killed her. Everybody in this game is supposed to be lethal. I think a rework is necessary

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Beatrix? More like BStrix!


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You’re clearly all wrong, just because Beatrix has never died merely shows that only good players use her, but she’s never gotten a kill either which means she’s grossly UP BECAUSE ILLOGICAL REASONING!



Obligatory post-> Leave Beatrix alone!

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